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June 2015

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June brings us almost to the close of our major fundraising drive. The mercury in our thermometer is now at $3880 of our $10,000 goal. If you have contributed, thank you so very much. You have helped us get our feet on solid ground. If you wish to contribute, you still here. With as little as a $1 donation you will receive a RUP pledge card. This is what it says:

"I pledge to use my personal and professional power with strength and heart. I will endeavor to stay connected, accountable, sensitive and skillful. I know that my right uses of power will help prevent and repair harm, resolve conflict and promote well being."

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We hope you will enjoy this issue of Power With Heart News.

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In this issue you will find:
  • A Tale of Two Cultures by Cedar Barstow. Reading time - 5 minutes
  • Reminder about upcoming workshops
  • CE Credit Hours for Featured Ecourse: Challenges
  • Teacher of the Month - Peg Syverson, Ph.D. - Reading time - 2 minutes
  • The Terranautics Project - by Reynold Feldman, Ph.D.   Reading time - 2 minutes. 
  • What I Was Told: Arabs Hate Jews by Essrea Cherin in The Elephant.  This is another story about two cultures living side by side:  the Israeli's and the Palestinians. Reading time - 5 minutes. 
  • The Pope and Climate Change - by The New York Times Editorial Board. The Pope is a powerful and now very popular world leader.  His strong endorsement calling for significant action to reduce climate change is an example of right use of his power differential role. Reading time - 5 minutes

Featured E-Course

Earn Continuing Education Credits from home! 

Using power wisely and well is full of challenges.  Find out more about the shadow aspects of power and four barriers that interfere with acting ethically.  Begin using the four recommendations for managing your power shadow.

There are many CE E-Courses that you can browse online.

Workshops & Trainings

Boulder, Colorado

Right Use of Power Workshop:
July 25-26, 2015 (Saturday/Sunday)

Teacher's Training:
July 27-28, 2015

Presented by Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T.

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Siler City, North Carolina

Right Use of Power
October 30, 2015

Presented by Julia Corley, LMBT, C.H.T.
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Teacher of the Month

Peg Syverson, Ph.D.
In the life of a spiritual community there are many ethical dilemmas that require care and tact. Relationships between teachers and students, between experienced students and new students, between the Board and the members, all carry power differentials that can challenge our best intentions and spiritual aspirations. Without wisdom, clarity, and compassion, we can be blind to the impact of our thoughts, words, and actions, with devastating effects. 
Our Zen community is called Appamada, which was the Buddha’s last word, and which means mindful, energetic care. We are very fortunate to be guided by our work with the Right Use of Power. As the senior resident teacher, I sought facilitator training, and we use the Right Use of Power training with our emerging leaders in the community, as well as in our one-year Precepts Program. I have appreciated this clear, respectful, and engaging teaching, based on experiential exercises and supportive information, rather than mind-numbing lectures on ethics. Our students love this work as well, and clearly benefit from discovering, in this mindful way, their own power styles and power relationships. 
I feel much more confident in my own ethical foundations and in having a process and method for meeting ethical dilemmas through my ongoing explorations in Right Use of Power. I also love teaching it and using it with other organizations as a consultant. It is refreshing and heartening, even in the midst of very difficult situations, to take this wise and practical approach. Once people realize that they are not going to be blamed or shamed, and that there is a different, wiser perspective and path for addressing the issue, we are able to resolve it much more smoothly and kindly. I am so grateful to Cedar for the work she has put into this wonderful program. 

What I Was Told: Arabs Hate Jews

by Essrea Cherin in The Elephant

Liberal Jewish Upbringing

Growing up in Upstate New York in a progressive Reform Jewish family, I absorbed the understanding that Arabs hate Jews. In fact, I was told they would really prefer to have all Jews pushed into the sea, never to be bothered with again. I am not exactly sure where I heard this. I do not recall a specific individual informing me of this accepted truth or hearing it in my weekly Hebrew school classes or Shabbat services at temple.

Nonetheless, it was a part of me. It was a part of what constituted the challenge of being Jewish in this day and age. Indeed, not only this day and age. Jewish history is rife with Jews encountering irrational urges to eradicate or drive them away, most indelible of these being in Nazi Germany. Thus, the understanding was passed to me that throughout history, it is a Jew’s lot in life to be on the receiving end of hatred and, right now, it is the Arabs in particular who possess the fierce animus toward Jews.

Yikes, the Middle East

You can then imagine my discomfort upon approaching the Turkish-Syria border: what if the Arabs on the other side were to discover my heritage? It won’t be that difficult. I kind of look the part of the classic Jewess: dark kinky-curly hair, blue eyes, swarthy skin tone, “Jew-nose”…what else could I be?

Read the rest of the article here.

Quote of the Month

"We have the stunning opportunity to change Lord Acton's insight from power always corrupts to power can corrupt.  Wisdom, vigilance, and skill can prevent power differences from becoming abusive and keep relationships healthy.  We can restore compassion to the dynamic between up- and down-power roles:  authority with collaboration, strength with heart."     
- Cedar Barstow

A Tale of Two Cultures

by Cedar Barstow

This personal experience of mine in an outback station in Aboriginal land in Australia from about 15 years ago speaks to power misuse and healing between two very diverse races and cultures: white and aboriginal. We dozen “white fellas” had received the personal invitation needed to enter Aboriginal land to visit for ten days. We had driven several thousand miles inland to the river border. On one side of the river, motor boats with ice chests of food and technical fishing equipment, on the other side barefoot aboriginal children fishing with hand held fishing lines wading at the river bank. From the river, we had driven for several days on a rutted, powder dusted, single land road to get to our camp. We had been fishing, we had learned about Tea Tree medicine, we had hunted for bush food, and we had made click sticks. We knew it was a privilege to be there.

For some of us, it had been our third visit. We had been invited to witness ceremonial dances on the first two visits. This time we were invited to join the dance. We ochered our skin with lines of white outlining our bones. We did our best to learn the dance steps. We discovered that dancing involved not just learning the steps, but expanding our field of perception so that we were literally “danced” by our entrainment with the other dancers. We had felt the excitement and energy build as the lights and sounds of the truck entered the ceremonial ground. The truck bringing the boys seemed like a real living being. The boys’ bodies had been elaborately painted with ancestral stories over several days of teachings by their uncles in a sacred and secret enclave. These boys stood tall and proud, receiving the admiration of the entire community as they stepped into this ceremony of boys-becoming-men. We had watched the men accept these boys and the women wail over the loss of their boy children who would no longer be allowed to speak directly to their mothers.

The three day dance had ended in the wee hours of the morning and we had all returned to our sleeping bag “swags” for much needed sleep. The energy was high and sleep had been difficult for most of us.  My experience of the night had been quite strange, especially for one who has little access to liminal information.  I awoke in darkness to a feeling of being watched. I turned my head and saw what seemed like an aboriginal boy on his knees looking at me. Knowing this wasn’t a real person, but truly seeing something, I made up that there was a little bush next to my swag. Others came in for breakfast with their own similar stories. Our guide, James, had been up all night feeling as if a circus had been let out.

Read the rest of the article here.

The Terranautics Project

by Reynold Feldman, Ph.D.

RUPI consultant and co-author with Cedar of Living in the Power Zone (2013) Reynold Ruslan “Ren” Feldman and RUPI sometime assistant Sophia Walder-Hoge have recently created the nonprofit Terranautics Project. Its stated goal is to collect and share ideas on how best to prepare “Terranauts,” persons able to navigate the likely turbulent world of the future with wisdom and skill. Supported by individuals from all over the world, they now have a website ( and a Facebook page (Terranautics). To kick things off, moreover, Ren has just published Terranautics 101: The Basics for Navigating an Uncertain Future. Recently an excerpt from the book on using power wisely was published in this Newsletter. The book contains 55 skills or abilities he and Sophia think Terranauts will need as well as Ren’s suggestions (and lots of other resources) on how to attain each one. In the book he states that human development is a three-legged stool comprised of parenting, formal education, and life experience. He believes that for an individual to become both a good human being as well as one skilled at living effectively in the world, he or she must be holistically developed in body, heart, mind, and spirit. Good parenting and even an outstanding education are not enough. The book of course is just one person’s ideas on the subject. The website will be used to collect and share suggestions and resources from others, possibly even from you. Ren and Sophia hope to initiate a world-wide human-development movement through the Terranautics Project, and you are invited to join them.

Read the rest of the article and more about The Terranautics Project here.

The Pope and Climate Change

An article from the Editorial Board of The New York TImes

The issue of climate change — unlike, say, the economy — may not be a matter of everyday concern to many Americans or most citizens of the planet. The debate is too often clouded by ideology and well-financed attempts to sow doubt about the underlying science. Even among those aware enough to worry, the long-term consequences can seem remote. As one futile international conference after another has attested, the facts alone have not been enough to move world governments to take decisive action.

Enter now Pope Francis with “Laudato Si.” Leaked on Monday, and presented to an expectant world on Thursday, “Laudato Si” is the first papal encyclical devoted solely to environmental issues — and also, Pope Francis clearly hopes, the beginning of the broad moral awakening necessary to persuade not just one billion Catholic faithful, but humanity at large, of our collective responsibility to pass along a clean and safe planet to future generations. In other words, to do the things that mere facts have not inspired us to do.

Read the rest of the article here.
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