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May/June 2013

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We are launching a new design for our newsletter! Do you like it? Let us hear from you about what you would like to see in future newsletters. Ren and Cedar are currently in Europe to spread the RUP word. If you are in England this month, check out their workshops

In this issue you will find:

Earn CEUs at Home

Featured Mini-Course:
Codes of Ethics

CE Hours =1
This course will help you become more familiar with the ethical issues and categories covered by professional ethics codes and guidelines.  You will find out more about the purpose and difficulties associated with codes.  You will also get useful information about the relationship between professional codes of ethics and the legal system.  

There are many other CEU Mini-Courses that you can browse online.

Workshops & Trainings

Lewes, United Kingdom

Right Use of Power Workshop: June 11-12, 2013

Facilitator's Training: June 13-14, 2013

Presented by Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T.

Contact: Sue Fleming


Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Power with Heart: An Owner's Guide

October 4-6, 2013

Presented by Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T.

Contact: Esalen Institute

Madison, WI / TIBA

Ethics as Self Care

September 20, 2013

Presented by Kathy Ginn


Book Reviews

Cedar and Ren's new book is receiving rave reviews! See a couple of them below.

Please click HERE to review the book on Amazon - you can also order the book and read other reviews.

"I received this book this morning and thought I would just browse it for a moment today - after reading the Intro and only the first 2 chapters, I have had some incredible inspiration and insights about how relational power improvements - please consider getting yourself a copy - especially many of you out there who play important roles in helping or supervising others. This is a simple but WOW publication."
- Deann

"This book provides a living portal into the world of power, reminding us that we all have it, that its uses (and misuses) are nuanced and multifaceted, and that its mindful application is at the core of ethical and loving engagement. The reader is drawn through the book on a pathway of personal stories, poetic reflections, clearly defined concepts, and words of wisdom. - Rafia

You’re No Dummy:
Abuse of Power toward Children with Learning Difficulties

An Article by Cedar Barstow

Despite all odds, he made it through to a successful adulthood with a career, a loving wife, and two wonderful children. Many remarkable people do. David had loving parents and a caring neighborhood environment. But the web of misuses and abuses of power by adults in authority — teachers, principals, and therapists — that he encountered in his desperate quest for meaning and financial independence is staggering.

Reading my friend David Patten’s book: Dummy, a Memoir, I am truly amazed at the power of his will to create a life worth living in what he experienced as a hostile world. I’m thinking about how he could possibly have gotten such little support.

It was the 1950s. David was born with unusual sensitivity, was slow to talk, and was unable to learn to read or remember names or sequences like months or days of the week.

Read more here.

Deena Martin

Featured Guild Member

My life journey involves promoting belonging in our society and encouraging mindful appreciation of our interconnectedness as living beings.  I have spent over two decades working to promote social justice and develop welcoming communities. 

Professionally, I have enjoyed a rewarding career in human services and have collaborated with colleagues across Canada, U.S.A., Mexico, and Ukraine to build inclusive communities. My ‘front line’ experience includes working in group homes, correctional facilities, employment offices, and offering street-outreach services.

For the past decade, my efforts have been directed towards preparing helping professionals learn about social justice and ethics. I have been working with private organizations as well as with undergraduate and graduate students in academic settings. My intention is to offer courses/training that blends theoretical knowledge with experiential and applied learning opportunities. 

It's Official!

Earlier this year Cedar and Ren signed and submitted the IRS application to make the Right Use of Power Institute an official non-profit! We expect to be "official" some time this summer. The Board of Directors had its first official meeting last month.  If you are interested in seeing the minutes from that meeting, please contact us!
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