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September 2014

Dear <<First Name>>!

We have exciting news! As of this month, The Right Use of Power Institute is officially a 501(c)3 non-profit organization! This is a significant step forward in our development and we look forward to sharing with you our continuing progress.

We hope you enjoy this issue.  Blessings to you and take some time to rest this summer.  Leisure time and creativity are good friends.

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In this issue you will find:

Earn CEUs at Home

Would you like to go into more depth with any of the Right Use of Power topics?  Taking a mini-course is a way to get more information and self-reflect.  Each mini-course includes reading material, self-study practices, and some questions to respond to.  If you can't get to a workshop, this is a good way to engage more personally.  Try one.
There are many other CEU Mini-Courses that you can browse online.

Workshops & Trainings

Boulder, Colorado

Right Use of Power Workshop:
October 4-5, 2014 (Saturday/Sunday)

Facilitator's Training:
October 6-7, 2014

Presented by Cedar Barstow, M.Ed., C.H.T.

Contact: Cedar Barstow
Tuition:  $225 for Workshop October 4-5 only 

$475 for Facilitator Training October 4-7
Reminder to Guild Members that you can re-take the training(s) for 50% discount at any time!  Great way to update your skills and increase your confidence. Just register and make the $100 deposit at


$100 (refundable less $25 fee)
check to:
           Cedar Barstow,
           1485 Sumac Ave.,
           Boulder, CO 80304

Featured Guild Member

 by Eva Fajardo

It has been a pleasure and an honor to present Right Use of Power to counselors over the past seven years or so. I completed RUOP facilitators training in October 2005. I love this material! I appreciate its brilliance, the spiritual ground from were it emerges and the many experiential options offered to explore and integrate. I appreciate speaking to and exploring personal and collective growth in this area, and I see it as the most critical concern of our time: The Right Use of Power and Influence.

I received an invitation to present at the Texas Behavioral Health Institute in Austin Texas just this summer. 300 came to hear the ninety minute Introduction to Right Use of Power, The Heart of Ethics. It was great to present this new material and see the connections, the awareness and sharing,  as well as the stirring of discomfort often inherent in self-reflection and inquiry. Among those who came to speak to me after the presentation, a young man in the group left me a note on the back of his card. It read: "It's always darkest before the dawn".  I reflect - the revolution of spirit is standing in the wings, growing in consciousness of power and heart. Seeds of the dawn are planted, watered and growing.

Living in the Solution

The Manado Method: A New Film on Reducing Mercury Pollution in Gold Recovery

by Sumali

This YouTube video shows how native Indonesians and an ex-pat have worked together to develop a method of refining gold that doesn't use deadly mercury, is cheaper, uses native materials, AND makes more gold than the mercury method. Sumali is a friend from Ren and Cedar's time teaching in Central Borneo.  It's a good example of the win/win co-creation that can come from working together.

Watch the video here.

TED Talk: I am the son of a terrorist. Here's how I chose peace.

by Zak Ebrahim

Watch Zak Ebrahim’s powerful TED Talk on choosing peace. As the son of a terrorist, he shares his story to help others reject a path of violence and be inspired to choose peace. This moving video is a remarkable real life example of the ideas in Cedar's article in this issue.

Watch Zak's TED talk here

The Shadow Effects of Leadership Power

By Cedar Barstow

Power, the ability to have an effect or to have influence, is our birthright. We all have power and need it to survive, to have relationships, and to be productive. Think how much power a baby has when he or she cries or laughs.

Our lives are full of relationships where there are power differences, and we all move back and forth between being in what I call “up-power” and “down-power” roles. For example, there is a power differential between a CEO and the employees, a doctor and the patients, a clergyperson and the parishioners, a teacher and the students. Both sets of people in these relationships have their personal power, but the person in the up-power role has the additional power that accompanies his/her assigned, elected, or earned role. A therapist moves from up-power with a person in therapy to down-power with a supervisor. A CEO going to the dentist moves from up- to down-power. We make this shift more often than we notice.

Research (Google: Joris Lammers, power; Dacher Keltner, power paradox) is showing that people who have greater power act differently from people who have lesser power. Increased or decreased power has cognitive, behavioral, emotional, and somatic effects. “Good” people tend to have the idea that those who abuse their up-power do so because they are simply greedy, fearful, self-aggrandizing, or power-hungry. However, it turns out that the situation is more complicated. Power affects everyone, and unless it is understood and mediated, very often it results in abuses. In fact, the greater the power difference, the greater and more widespread the harm. The widely held idea (Lord Acton) that “power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely” is largely true.

Read the rest of the article here

Living in the Power Zone

by Cedar Barstow, M.Ed. and Reynold Ruslan Feldman, Ph.D.

A psychotherapist called the other day and asked if he could have some copies of Living in the Power Zone in his office to sell to his clients. 

"I was reading your book and brought up something about power with a client and it turned everything around.  Both I and my client were excited about what opened up through this lens."  

If this resonates with you, perhaps this would be something you would also like to consider.  There is a discount for 5 or more copies.  When you order, just use Discount Code 20OFFRUP when you check out of the on-line store.

Rabia's Riff: "First Principles" for Change

with Elizabeth Rabia Roberts

Rabia works to share her spiritual teaching and international citizen activism. Her lifetime of engagement with justice, peace, and environmental issues has yielded a rich harvest of insights relevant to this time of transformation. Read her words for a reminder to "refresh our commitment to creating a world we all want to live in together."

Read Rabia's Riff here
Learn more at

An Idiot's Guide to Inequality

Article by Nicholas Kristof

This insightful and incisive article by Nicholas Kristof offers a brief look into inequality in America and it's economic basis and manifestations.  He claims that, "Inequality and lack of opportunity today constitute a national infirmity and vulnerability -- and there are policy tools that can make a difference."  Read the article to find out more.  


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