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May 2016

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This month's theme concerns challenges to using power wisely and well.  From an article about preparing to repair relationship disconnects, to the need for a national ethics leader to a book on ethical wisdom, a book about doing the right thing, and a poem about "transforming the genetics of power."  There's also a do-it-yourself facebook project called:  Love Thy Neighbor.

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We are very happy to invite you to take the NEW continuing education courses.
We were officially approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors to offer CE credits on February 18th, 2016!  This is the completion of a long process.
These new courses are based on the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics.  They are now completely on-line.  You can down-load all the material from the book or you can read the assigned pages in your own paper copy of the book.  The assessment questions are also on-line and your certificate can be printed out as well!  

There are six 3 CE hour courses: Overview Course (1 CE hour)--Power with Heart; Dimension 1--Be Informed and Present, the Guided use of power; Dimension 2--Be compassionate and Aware, the Conscious use of power; Dimension 3--Be Connected and Accountable, the Responsible use of power; Dimension 4--Be Skillful and Proactive, the wise use of power; Course 5:  The More Dimension-- Refining your Personal Impact and Becoming Ethically Proactive. There is enough new material that you can take the courses again!  Try it out!.

Find out more about the E-courses here.

Workshops & Trainings

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Featured RUP Teacher: Maya Shaw Gale

Maya Shaw Gale is an Advanced Right Use of Power Teacher.  She's excited about working with environmental activist groups, indigenous peoples, non-profit organizations, business people, therapists and life coaches.  Maya's work with clients and groups is mindfulness-based, body-centered, and guided by wisdom from Nature.  She lives in Santa Barbara and has a practice in Transformational Life Coaching, is a Certified Hakomi Practitioner, and does professional writing and editing.  She has a published poetry book and is a produced playright.  She can be reached at and

Situational Ethics

By Maya Shaw Gale

I told a lie on Monday
when the morning sun rose fogless
for the first time in weeks.
I said I was busy, already booked,
seeing emergency clients
who had called the night before,
desperate for light on their situations.
It was almost the truth,
like a half of a moon,
the hidden part being
that I was the one desperate
for light, the one busy
with a need to dream,
my body spread out on the sand
under a tent of blue,
my only appointment
with the ocean herself,
waiting patiently
to cleanse my guilt,
her briny sting forgiving every lie
ever told in the name of saving
oneself from that other deluge
that can drown the soul
if you are not careful,
the tsunami of hours
too generously promised to others
that comes crashing down on your head
when you've left no dry ground
to retreat to, no sanctuary
to call your own.
Tell more lies, I say,
of the half moon kind,
and make more appointments
with your hungry, space-loving self.

Book Recommendation

Ethical Wisdom by Mark Matousek
Greed, corruption, terrorism: These are the headlines of today, and the call to do the right thing has never been louder. Now Mark Matousek analyzes what makes us good... He has written an informed, intelligent, humorous, insightful, and juicy book on ethics. You'll enjoy this book and maybe become a better person because of it. --Thomas Moore

The Power of Preparation in Healing Relationship Disconnects

by Cedar Barstow

Relationships are not always smooth. Our impact doesn’t always match our intention. We have habitual responses that don’t always serve us well. In our rush to get things done, we don’t pay enough attention to our personal and work relationships. We react instead of responding. We avoid conflict and relationship disconnects because these have associations with loss, hurt, frustration, or hopelessness. When we do try to work things out, our efforts often fail.

We wonder why these attempts to resolve and repair so often don’t work out. We say or hear things like, “Well, I tried,” “He just wouldn’t go there,” “Just forget it,” or, “They won’t listen.”

My colleague Rhonda Mattern answers, “The single most important determinant of how well repair of a disconnect goes is the quality of preparation.”

Read the rest of the article here.

Emma Sophia Aguilera

Amanda Aguilera is the Administrative Director of the Right Use of Power Institute. We are excited to announce and welcome her new baby Emma, born to happy parents Amanda and Mario at 2:59 am on 5/17/16.

Love thy Neighbor

By Alicia McBride, Communications Director, Friends Committee on National Legislation

I've been thinking a lot about what it means to love my neighbors.

It's easy to find the fear and suspicion in today's headlines. Anti-Muslim rhetoric grabs attention and draws crowds; some in Congress try to keep refugees out; and our criminal justice system doles out mandatory minimum prison sentences whose effects linger long past the sentence’s end.

I find myself wondering, where is there room for love? And how do I remember that my neighbors are not only those who face discrimination and attack but also the people instigating those actions?

This week, we're launching a new effort, #LoveThy Neighbor, to encourage positive rhetoric and highlight the value we place in one another.

Find out more about how to get involved here.

We Need an Ethics Czar to Battle a Widespread Breakdown in Standards

Few Americans rate highly the ethical standards of executives, lawyers, members of Congress, or stockbrokers

Energy Czar. Health Reform Czar. Technology Czar. Green Czar. President Barack Obama continues to line up an impressive array of policy leaders to tackle our ever-mounting social and economic problems. Tough times call for creative solutions, and the President is right to look for the best and the brightest to heal our battered economy and bruised infrastructure.

But there is one kind of problem the Obama Administration has yet to tackle, even though it may be the most pervasive one of all. It is a distressing issue about which everyone complains but no one has been able to address effectively: The widespread failure of our leaders—and the rest of us—to take ethics seriously.

What we need is an Ethics Czar.

According to the annual USA Today/Gallup Poll, less than one American in four rates highly the ethical standards of business executives, attorneys, members of Congress, or stockbrokers. Bankers had it especially rough in the latest poll: Their approval rating fell from 35% to 23%. Even before the Blagojevich scandal hit the news, only 22% of Americans held state governors in high esteem.

Read the rest of the article here.

Quote of the Month

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man's character, give him power.
-- Abraham Lincoln
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