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March 2016

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We are excited to let you know that this month eleven Right Use of Power Teachers met for four days becoming the first Advanced RUP Teachers.  Among the outcomes of this training were the foundation for a list of 20 concepts that are basic to the Right Use of Power model, a series of on-going video-conference calls for this group and for other Guild Members, and "game plans" for each of the 13 to move forward with their right use of power work as part of their income stream.  This group of 13 already has added more stability and depth to the RUP Institute. You can read more about them in the Featured Teaching section of this newsletter.
May you be blessed with opportunities to use your power and influence wisely and well.

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In this issue you will find:


We are very happy to invite you to take the NEW continuing education courses.
We were officially approved by the National Board for Certified Counselors to offer CE credits on February 18th, 2016!  This is the completion of a long process.
These new courses are based on the 10th Anniversary Edition of the Right Use of Power: The Heart of Ethics.  They are now completely on-line.  You can down-load all the material from the book or you can read the assigned pages in your own paper copy of the book.  The assessment questions are also on-line and your certificate can be printed out as well!  

There are six 3 CE hour courses:  Overview Course (1 CE hour)--Power with Heart; Dimension 1--Be Informed and Present, the Guided use of power; Dimension 2--Be compassionate and Aware, the Conscious use of power; Dimension 3--Be Connected and Accountable, the Responsible use of power; Dimension 4--Be Skillful and Proactive, the wise use of power; Course 5:  The More Dimension-- Refining your Personal Impact and Becoming Ethically Proactive. There is enough new material that you can take the courses again!  Try it out!.

Find out more about the E-courses here.

Workshops & Trainings

Boulder, Colorado

Right Use of Power Workshop & Teacher Training
July 16 - 19, 2016

Presented by Cedar Barstow
Register Here


Featured RUP Teachers

Pictured Above (from left to right): Michael Moore, Reynold Feldman, Peg Syverson, Joan Calvert, Deena Martin, Magi Cooper, Amanda Aguilera, Cedar Barstow, Kippi Clausen, Charna Rosenholtz, Uri Talmor and Kathy Ginn. Not pictured: Sallie Ingle and Maya Shaw Gale

Cedar, Magi and Amanda were fortunate enough to facilitate an inspiring and collaborative experience with 11 talented teachers in our first Advanced Teacher training. Each teacher brings a different angle and focus to the Right Use of Power work and are implementing (and making plans to implement) RUP curriculum in their own fields and geographical areas. Here are a few areas of focus for Right Use of Power programs:
Maya, Charna, Sallie, Ren, Uri, Kippi, Mike
Maya, Sallie, Ren, Kippi, Magi
Kathy, Charna, Sallie
Uri, Deena
Kathy, Ren, Uri, Deena, Mike, Kippi
Kippi, Joan, Sallie, Mike, Peg, Deena
Charna, Joan, Deena, Ren, Peg, Sallie

How to Cultivate Humble Leadership

By Vicki Zakrzewski in Berkley's Greater Good

A teacher recently told me that after explaining to her middle school students how their test scores impact the school, one student raised his hand and said, “It seems like we exist for the school rather than the school existing for us.”

How many school leaders and teachers would agree with this statement? And how many would love to reverse the situation?

That’s exactly what one principal did. And it transformed the school culture.

Her secret? Humility.

Read the rest of the article here.

Core Teachings of Right Use of Power

by Peg Syverson

In the RUP Advanced Teacher training we asked each of the teachers to come up with their understanding of the core teachings of RUP, here is one list of concepts from one of our teachers from the Advanced Training, Peg Syverson.

Power is the capacity to have an influence, effect a change, or transform situations.

A common misunderstanding associates power with unwanted oppression, control, and violence. However, power can also be expressed as wanted and enabling responsibility, guidance, support, empowerment of others, and care. It can reflect core values of compassion, wisdom, clarity, and connection. 
Like any form of energy, power can be used skillfully, consciously, responsibly, and with care, or carelessly selfishly, and destructively.  
We are often ignorant of our own power or unskillful in its use because we have not been taught how to use it appropriately. We are also suffering from experiencing or witnessing abuses of power, large and small. This makes us afraid of power, or alternatively, grasping of it. 
We can learn how to use our power skillfully and appropriately. We can learn to meet the power of others skillfully and appropriately. In situations involving power dynamics, we can cultivate more humane and intelligent power relations in the service of the larger good. 
Our clarity around the use of power is often complicated by special, overwhelming mind states, including non-ordinary states and shame. (I would add terror and scarcity to this list of overwhelming mind states.) These mind-states prevent us from accessing either our own wisdom and self-care or the supportive resources around us. They create barriers to connection and care and cloud our judgment. We all need skillful, compassionate help from others when we are captured by such mind states. 
Feedback is a critical component of learning to use our power skillfully and with heart. Without it, we are generally blind to our impact on others. We need to learn how to request feedback, how to integrate it, and how to provide it for others in ways that nourish and support their learning. The capacity to deal appropriately with shame is essential to this work. 
Mistakes in the use of our power or our response to others’ power are inevitable and unavoidable. Fortunately, these mistakes can afford an opportunity for us to deepen trust in the relationship and foster honesty and intimacy through skillful repair. Our mistakes are humbling, but the skills for repair can be learned. 
Our lives as social beings mean that the dynamics of power will always be part of our human experience. We have the power of creativity, courage, compassion, connection, care, wisdom, clarity, energy, generosity, vision, and their opposites. The unskillful uses of power have been abundantly demonstrated over millennia, with each other, with other species, and with our planet. We are in our infancy in studying the appropriate uses of our human power. We have the capacity to evolve more mature and wise uses of power that support all life on the planet and provide care for all beings. But time is running out. We need to learn faster and more comprehensively how to use our human power in globally beneficial ways. We are the seeds of this evolution. 

Synchronicity Disguised as Accident
By Maya Shaw Gale (RUP Teacher)

One day, after years of distraction with should-be’s and wanna-be’s
I opened the door to my life and realized that I was stepping onto sacred ground. 
That the mud puddles I had meticulously avoided were actually reflecting rainbows
and the weeds in my garden were medicinal plants just waiting to be used.
Putting away all my journals filled with self-judgment, I pulled out a clean sketchbook and began to make notes with a purple pen.
All that I have been has helped me to become, I wrote, what I actually AM.
Years of wounds and betrayals the catalyst for forgiveness
and the fertile fodder for a compassionate heart. 
Hundreds of mistakes-- no thousands--the means to creative ends
I might not have chosen if I’d lived within the rules. 
Synchronicity disguised as accident just took off its mask, I scribbled. 
All is unfolding according to some wildly mysterious plan.
Trust the grace of cosmic order, said my fortune cookie message
And I decided to take those words as truth.
The goals that you’ve been seeking
lie just beneath your nose, I added,
Relax and embrace this moment.
Inhale the sweet aroma
of the compost of your life.
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