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April 14, 2011

Dear Advocate,

Please join IRMA and AVAC for a webinar that will provide an up-close look at important new microbicide data of relevance for prevention advocates. Peter Anton of UCLA and Craig Hendrix of Johns Hopkins University will review the findings they presented at the recent 18th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections in Boston.

The webinar is scheduled for Monday, April 25, 3-4pm ET (visit for the time in your area)—and click here to register.

Peter Anton will discuss a rectal microbicide safety trial (RMP 02/MTN 006), which showed that the 1% tenofovir gel developed to protect against HIV during vaginal sex (and tested in CAPRISA 004) was readily absorbed by cells in the rectal tissue. As Anton will discuss, participants used the product daily for a week and provided rectal tissue biopsies. The concentration of 1% tenofovir gel in those biopsies inhibited HIV replication. This finding moves the field closer to proof of concept that 1% tenofovir gel could help reduce the risk of HIV infection via anal sex. Anton will also discuss the finding that the vaginal gel formulation was shown to be sub-optimal for rectal use and has since been re-formulated.

Next up, Craig Hendrix will review findings from MTN 001, the first study to make head-to-head comparisons between 1% tenofovir gel and oral tenofovir. The concentration of active drug in vaginal tissue was more than one hundred-fold higher in participants who used 1% tenofovir gel vaginally, compared to those who took a daily tenofovir tablet. Concentrations of active drug in the blood were 20 times higher in participants who took the pill daily, compared to those who used the gel daily. The study also provided initial findings of product preferences in different locations. Craig will review the implications and also discuss enemas and his team's work on the safety and acceptability of three rectal douches/enemas.

(For more on these presentations and other research presented at CROI, visit AVAC’s conference report and the CROI homepage.)

The webinar will be recorded and will be made available, along with the slides, on the IRMA and AVAC websites shortly after its completion. If you are unable to attend the webinar and have a question you would like to pose to our presenters, or if you’d just like to submit your question in advance, please send to us at or

Many thanks in advance for your participation!


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