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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,
Every now and again I hear people tell me how fast time is going, and I know it's time to share the wisdom of Dr Geoffrey Miller once again. A lovely doctor who also devoted his life to eastern thinking and exploring different philosophies, I went to see Dr Miller about twelve years ago when I wasn't well. I couldn't keep food or water down and I kept fainting. I also felt that time was speeding past - an hour was a minute, a day an hour, a week felt like a day and so on. I felt my life slipping by quickly. Dr Miller's prescription was simple but profound. He simply said to me "you need to stop!" and he prescribed one hour a day of doing NOTHING. No reading, study, music, meditation, talking, NOTHING. So I did. I sat for an hour a day watching the shadows of the trees play on my curtains. And I got well, I could eat again, I felt less overwhelmed, and most importantly time righted itself. Now I know, when time feels like its speeding up - I need to stop. I don't always need to stop for an hour, depending on how out of balance I am, nowadays half an hour can usually bring me back. I also try to include some of that time in my day regularly anyway. Even just 15 minutes a day as I simply drink a cup of tea and admire the trees can do wonders. And if you think you don't have the time? Then you must stop for longer!! Constant activity being more productive is a myth. Studies have shown after a certain number of hours we actually get less productive as we tire, and become more inefficient. That time is best spent replenishing yourself, and staying balanced, so you can get the most out of your day, your time, your life.
Co-incidentally – we have just found out that Dr and Mrs Miller are looking for a caring person to be their part-time carer up at Springbrook. This would be a wonderful opportunity for the right person, preferably vegetarian, non-smoker to enjoy time with wonderful souls, be enriched, live in a pristine environment and have purposeful employment. For more info, email
Namaste <3

With blessings,
Suzanne Gray



I came across a great little article in Australian Natural Health magazine by Janella Purcell outlining good foods to nourish winter skin. The list included organic soy products (tempeh, miso, soymilk and tofu), sea vegetables, vegetables, apples, pears, persimmons, nuts (almonds, peanuts, pinenuts) seeds like sesame and hemp, barley and millet grains, Oils – all nuts & seeds, avocado, tahini, coconut, olives and all types of unrefined cooking oil. These foods are not only good for the skin during winter (providing more moisture and essential oils to hydrate and replenish) but also they provide great nutrients for our joints and tendons that can also dry out during the colder months. According to Ayurveda, the Winter season is Vata – which means its predominant qualities are cool/cold, dry, light, mobile, windy, spacy, unstructured, contracting. To maintain balance in winter, we need to be aware of the right foods and habits that will keep us healthy and happy – this includes warmth, warming/ oily/moist/heavier foods (root vegetables, soups, kidgerees and porridges are great), warm colours and spices, keeping active, routines, plenty of restorative time and keeping organised. Things that aggravate can be too many cooling foods (icecream, yoghurt, salads, cold drinks), being too busy, no structure, excess travel and change, and too much time in the wind. Aggravation can appear as anxiety, poor concentration, fatigue, vagueness, irritablity, dryness, brittleness and even depression if you become too depleted. Of course our individual constitution also comes into it. Our asana practice needs to adapt too – being aware the joints and muscles need more warming up and lubricating than usual. Starting slowly and letting the heat build up. Warming pranayama. Avoid forcing or abrupt movements, especially before being warmed up. Standing poses and flowing salutes are great. You may not follow this completely, but with a little awareness and common sense, you can enjoy the winter months as much as the summer ones!

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Every purchase over $15 in our shop gets you an entry to win this month's $50 Wray voucher. We love Wray organics – organic supermarket, fresh produce, great cafe and fantastic staff! We are a little late with our promo this month, so it will continue til August 15!


We now have the amazing Altereco chocolate in the 80g blocks. These chocolates are not only the most amazingly delicious chocolates, but they are one of the most pure AND the most eco-friendly chocolates you can find. The cacao is sourced from farming co-ops that have enabled farmers to get out of the poverty cycles and protect and replenish the Peruvian Amazon. Over 2000 farmers have regained their livelihoods, over one million native trees replanted so far and 1,250,000 tons of CO2 captured – this chocolate really lives up to the claim that every bar is restoring the rainforest and is good for the Amazon, our planet and our taste buds. More info inside the pack. So as yogis, we know we are going to look for a sweet treat every now and again, or a great gift, why not make it as wholistic and sattvic as possible!!! YUM :)


Friday night meditation is being taken by Suzanne for a little while. Suzanne has a passion for breaking down the practice and providing a wide range of techniques that help access the meditative state. She will also give some of the teaching that supports meditation and information on its benefits as well as an experiential practice. Her first week focused on the place of meditation
in the 8 limbs, the next week had a Pranayama focus – next Friday (July 25) will focus on a chakra meditation. Each week after that will have a slightly different focus/teaching. Join us for an enlightening evening!


Our Parents/kids yoga classes have been going really well, Christine is a natural, and with years of childcare training and experience, they are in good hands! I was reminded recently that sometimes kids need to be guided in their activities. Talking with regular Mum Laura, she told me that she had really noticed some great benefits to her daughter Kiana. But she also told me that at first, Kiana wasn't sure about the class! Here is the story in Laura's and Kiana's own words! Thanks girls!!
Laura : I would like to say a big THANK YOU to Suzanne, Christine and the team at the Gold Coast Yoga Centre. My beautiful 8 year old daughter Kiana and I attend Christine’s Parent s & Kids yoga class. We love it and look forward to it each week.
When we first started, there was some resistance from Kiana, she did not enjoy it. There are not many things that I force her to do but I told her that this was a non-negotiable as I felt it would be wonderful and so good for her. She has a very busy mind and body.  She is so full of energy and doesn’t stop. Sometimes a great thing but sometimes her mind can be too busy and I was hoping yoga could help with that and to direct her energy in a positive way.
After the first few weeks, something shifted and she started truly loving it, to the point that one day she was crying because it wasn’t a yoga day! I was amazed that the change happened so suddenly as she can be very strong-willed at times but I’m so glad with a little persistence, she has ended up loving it so much.
She seems to be much calmer and more focussed since starting yoga and enjoys learning new poses. Of course, there are still challenges like keeping her attention at times during class and working on balance and strength - which are challenges for me also and many others I’m sure but that’s the fun on this life journey. We are constantly learning and adapting and striving for balance.
Thanks again to the Gold Coast Yoga Centre Team for providing such a beautiful service for our community. We are truly grateful. - Love and blessings, Laura
Kiana: “At first before I started I didn’t want to go because at other yoga classes I had been to I didn’t enjoy it but it’s more fun at the Gold Coast Yoga Centre. When I started I begged mum I didn’t want to do it. I thought I didn’t like it but it just took some time and I was begging my mum to take me to yoga class!”
Tuesdays 4pm, first class FREE, then $16 per parent/child, $6 per additional child.


"You should sit in meditation for twenty minutes a day - unless you're too busy. Then, you should sit for an hour". - Zen proverb



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