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Namaste yogis & yoginis,
It's about time I tell my story, as I feel I now have the pieces, and I want to share in case there is someone else out there unable to get their health and motivation on track – that might just have this simple solution. About 7 years ago – I moved into my little house. I was happy and loved it. I could, however smell some mould – I knew what it was like from a previous home. There was water damage on the porch, so I fixed it. I replaced the carpet and had an air-vent put in. These all helped. Then I got my first cold in literally a decade. I was bummed about breaking my “record” but didn't think much of it. Then I injured my hip and could barely walk for 18 months. Pain lowers your immune system. The next year I got another cold, and flu – and this became a common occurrence – resulting in 3 bouts of pneumonia and 1 laryngitis/allergic response that saw me go to hospital unable to breathe within 18 months last year. Each time I was sick it took weeks and weeks out of my life – both while “sick” and “recovering”. I kept getting worse over time. I used all of my knowledge of yoga & diet and tried to heal myself. I could get relief, but it was short-lived. I went to doctors (conventional and alternate) and many kinds of practitioner. I got temporary relief each time, but went down again. Eventually I was fatigued all the time. Everything felt like a struggle. I had brain fog. I had headaches every day (I was disappointed as I had rid myself of daily headaches with yoga years ago), I had pain (random, floating, general pain) in my body almost every day, I had severe joint ache and stiffness. I had ZERO motivation or enthusiasm for anything. I could barely function. I had to get someone to help me clean, and I had to use all of my energy to focus on the essentials and get by. My fitness went out the window, and eventually I was unable to finish sentences/carry on a conversation – I would completely lose track of what I was saying. A friend of mine had told me how she had her house treated for mould. I knew I had mould – even though I had cleaned and cleaned, and thrown out so many things that had mould on them – I thought I had it under control. I bought a de-humidifier and a machine that put salt in the air of my room. But I couldn't get well. I finally had the specialist she recommended come and check out my house. He said I had the perfect conditions for mould – living on a river (had been flooded out of home twice in the last few years), low to the ground, and no airflow through the house. He tested the humidity in the house – it was high. The quote for remediation was more than I could afford, and he suggested a number of things I could do myself. I went away to Sydney and was gone for a few weeks (I almost always improved when away). When I came back and opened the door – I was nearly knocked over with the thickness of the air – full of mould. I asked him to come asap. Since he has been, and killed all of the mould – I feel as if I have my life back. Although it will take some time for my body to recover from the effects of prolonged exposure (up to 2 years is normal) and I have to make sure my house stays well aired from now on – I feel a million times better than I did. I have won the lotto!! I feel enthusiasm and enjoyment coming back. I am going on a holiday next week that feels like something to look forward to, not get through!  I have regained confidence to commit to teaching again and have started running workshops and the Apprenticeship Program that has been on hold for years. I cannot explain how completely different I feel – daily headaches gone, joint pain gone – body beginning to function again. From walking only 200 steps a day, I have been walking up to 12,000 (and hope to make that my average again!). Yoga teaches us to see the perfection in all things – and the silver lining of the mould is that I have had to let go of a lot of things. Possibly that were distractions on the path in the long run. I have learned that things come and go and not to attach to something, or feel a lack because I miss out on something. I have come to love looking at trees again, and listening to bird call – sending me into naturally meditative states and re-connecting to the deeply spiritual core of Nature. I have had a lot of time to think and process, and not think, just let things process through me – and become clearer on my priorities, vision and direction. I have been incredibly confronted by my ego's ideas of who I should be and how I should look and I have had to let those ideas go and set myself free to be in the moment as I am.  I have been able to finally bring forward a training program that I feel is inclusive, and feels interesting to teach and be part of, and meets the new yoga world without losing the valuable teachings of the old. I have faced my mortality, and realised how precious this gift of life is. Hopefully, you don't have to go through such debilitation to receive these gifts – but if you do – look for them. More importantly – give yourself space and time anyway – and the results will be the same – and hopefully while you're healthy. So if anyone out there is experiencing weird, hard to explain and hard to diagnose symptoms – this is definitely one avenue to consider. Be well, in health, in spaciousness, live true <3
(I used David from Sequiess 0437270 704 for the mould remediation – thank you!)  I have also supported my recovery with yoga, meditation, pranayama, herbs, acupuncture, chiropractic (Zuma – focus on the nervous system), the Salt Room @ Bundall and diet.


Events and Workshops

'AGNI' Ayurvedic Talk
Saturday 3 October // 1.30pm - 3pm
Entry by donation

”Ayurveda is the Vedic science for healing for both body and mind. Yoga is the Vedic science of Self-realization that depends upon a well functioning body and mind.” - David Frawley
Come and learn more about Yoga's sister science at our talk this Saturday, October 3rd. 1.30-3pm, by donation.
The topic for this talk is “Agni – Creating a highly beneficial body & mind by metabolism.”

Upcoming Events & Workshops

Kirtan Concert with Dave Stringer
Saturday 14 November, 2015  6.30pm
Tallebudgera Valley Community Hall

GCYC Bali Retreat, June 2016
Who's coming to celebrate our 20th Birthday in Bali, June 2016?


Quote for the beautiful women who came to our Menopause Workshop:

“the young maiden was seen as the flower; the mother, the fruit; the elder woman, the seed. The seed is the part that contains the knowledge and potential of all the other parts iwthing it. The role of the postmenopausal woman is to go forth and reseed the community with her kernel of truth and wisdom”

- Christiane Northrup.

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