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Namaste yogis & yoginis,
I love October. We have come out of hibernation, we've sprung clean and are feeling more active, and we now have a bit of time up our sleeve before the heat of summer and busyness of the holiday season. This time is a gift. We should choose wisely what we do with it. We could take time off and rejuvenate. We could enjoy the simplicity of routine without disruption for a while. I like to take time to contemplate.

One of the things I have been thinking about is the teaching in the Yoga Sutras on techniques to calm the mind – particularly 1.37 “vita raga vishayam va chittam” - contemplation on the mind of the enlightened ones. It is really important to have role models in life. In the age of Google, we have lost touch with this a little, but there is really so much to learn and gain by spending time, talking to, emulating those who have gone before us and have the wisdom of time and experience. When we hike up a mountain, it makes sense to have the guidance of someone who knows the easier paths and the pitfalls in order to reach our destination safely and enjoyably.

One who brings wisdom/knowledge to a situation is considered to be a guru. We can have many gurus – in simple activities, developing skills or qualities, or in a profound sense guiding us to ultimate wisdom and truth. This person could be someone we know, or someone we don't know. When we know them, we have the advantage of direct interaction, the ability to ask questions, to have things demonstrated to us. When we don't have access to them, or if they are deceased, we have to rely on texts, recorded teachings, teachings from their students; or we can meditate on them.

Meditation on an enlightened mind, enlightens our mind. In different traditions they even meditate on deities. In this case, we rely on visual aids like yantras, iconography and teachings describing the deity. In either case – what we are usually meditating on are the qualities of that person or deity, and trying to cultivate them in ourselves. It really works. The more detailed your meditation, the more effective. Choose a teacher, enlightened being or deity whose qualities you wish to cultivate in your own mind. Begin your meditation as usual. Bring that being into your mind, visualising their form in as much detail as possible. Face, eyes, mouth, hair, position, clothing etc. Go further, try to imagine how their mind feels, how their being feels. What would they say or do in this moment. What would they feel about a certain situation. I have had some profound answers come to me this way, and literally have felt as if I have become a different person in that moment.

I have been lucky enough in my life to have spent time in the company of highly conscious beings, and when with them, my consciousness was raised. When they haven't been around, the meditation has truly worked. I, too, get busy and forget, but imagine if we did this regularly, if we spent time in that consciousness more often. Very soon, it would become a habit and our consciousness would literally be raised. October feels like a very good time to give it another go. <3


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GCYC Bali Retreat, June 2016
Only four rooms left! Who's coming!? <3

Kirtan Concert with Dave Stringer
Saturday 14 November, 2015  6.30pm
Tallebudgera Valley Community Hall


Upcoming Events & Workshops

Bits & Pieces ...

*We have more events and workshops coming up so remember to check the notice board before or after class. To really keep in touch, sign up for our monthly newsletter on email, check out our website, or like our Gold Coast Yoga Centre facebook page. This is where the most up to date notices can be found, as well as some teachings and humour. Liking and commenting strengthen our platform, thank you to those who already support us in this way.

*Remember, your spare change goes to a good cause – some of our recent charity jar donations include The Asylum Seeker Refuge Centre and the Nepal Earthquake Appeal. Thank you for your generousity <3

*We now have apprentices observing in class – thank you for your understanding and patience during the transition as we enter this next phase at the GCYC. For those of you who have been with us for a while, it is wonderful having apprentices – it leads to more support and adjustments on the mat after a while, deepening your experience and ease.

*A reminder that the yoga space is a 'ZEN ZONE' please observe mindful silence in the yoga room, including setting up and putting away your belongings (as much as possible). Be aware of the space around you and your fellow practitioners. Please feel free to come in a few minutes early and meditate or relax, but no active stretches pre-class. Passive stretching/release is fine.

*Try to lay out your mat so you are not crowding or clashing with your neighbour (we know this is harder in bigger classes, but even more important – try staggering the mats so you are not in line with the one next to you, and you can stand at the front of your mat and raise your arms to the side easily).

*If the class is crowded, it is even more important to focus inwards and feel into your own practice. The benefit is that you can let go of effort and float on the combined energy of many body/minds moving synergistically in a bigger class. This energy raises everyone up, and you might find your energy actually increases.

*We ask that no strong scents or oils be worn to class – scents are a trigger to many allergic and asthmatic reactions and can adversely effect students who are sensitive to them, particularly in an enclosed space. If you are wearing perfume, we ask that you please wash it off before entering the yoga room, and are appreciative of your kindness and consideration for the well-being of those around you.<3

Summer Intensive  

January 4th -*th January, 2016
Tallebudgera Valley Community Hall


- Ram Dass -

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