February 2019
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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,

February, being the month of love (for a few more hours at least!), is a good time to talk about the Heart Chakra (the Anahata Chakra).

The heart chakra is the middle chakra with the three lower chakras relating to the material world, and the three higher chakras relating to the esoteric world. The Heart chakra is the gateway between these two worlds. To be able to achieve their fullest expression both the lower and higher chakras need each other. If you only focus on the material, then you can become lower-minded and stuck in your desires and struggles for power and so on. If you only focus on the higher chakras, you can become stuck in theory and can lose the capacity to relate or to bring the wisdom and knowledge you may gain at these levels into the world. The Heart chakra raises the vibration of the lower chakras through love, and brings the higher chakras into their capacity to feel and therefore be imbued by compassion.

Kundalini teacher Maya Fiennes says this chakra is “Where me becomes we, and I becomes us”.
It is where we transcend from self-centred seeking = looking for what's good for me and how to raise me up; to looking for what's good for the collective, what will raise us all up. We need both, so there is no judgement one way or the other. Without the higher chakras, the lower chakras are dominated by greed, lust and power. Without the lower chakras, the higher chakras can be ungrounded, lack compassion and be unable to manifest their wisdom. The Heart chakra enables us to reach full expression of all chakras with love, openness, courage and compassion.
The colours of the Heart/Anahata chakra are green (and sometimes pink). The qualities when in balance are joy, peace, love, compassion. balance and connection. When out of balance/depleted we can feel isolated, depressed, fearful or disconnected.  The element is air – which is perfect because love is as essential to life as air! Spend time in a green forest, in fresh air, with people you love, being involved in charity, doing things that bring you joy, wear green/pink, have flowers and items of beauty around the home, forgiving and giving. These things will strengthen your Heart chakra.

Blessings from us all,
Suzanne & the GCYC team


Kali Time Workshop with Katherine
Saturday 16th March at 1pm-3.15pm - tickets $25

Build Your Blood Quality with Ayurveda
Saturday 23rd March at 12.30pm - tickets $25

GCYC Yoga Art Prize
Your chance to WIN 3 MONTHS FREE YOGA!


Inviting all creatives to show us what yoga means to you - beginner artists welcome!!

1. Submit all artwork via the event page on Facebook, entering as many times as you like;
2. At the end of each month, one piece will be picked at random and featured in our newsletter, along with full credit and contact details of the artist;
3. In April 2019, all art work will be deliberated by an experienced panel of judges, and one of the artists will receive the grand prize of 3 months FREE YOGA at Gold Coast Yoga Centre!
4. If you are sharing your artwork for the competition via your own social media channels, please ensure you tag us! To included in the draw for the grand prize, the piece must also be shared to the Facebook event page.

February's winner!
This stunning mosaic table by MaryAnn Cremen. MaryAnn doesn't currently have an artist page to follow but I'll bet there'll be a few yogis and yoginis that would like one just like it!

**Details to follow on our expert judging panel and an exhibition event at the centre**

OTHER UPCOMING EVENTS - stay tuned for details:
Open Way Zen Meditation Day - Sun 14th April 2019
Ashtanga Full Vinyasa Led Class - Second Series - Fri 19th April 2019 (Good Friday)
Easter Timetable - Friday 19th April to Monday 22nd April - class changes will apply
Anzac Day - Thursday 25th April - class changes will apply

Practice Tips - Changing Seasons, Changing Practice

As it’s natural for the colours in our fruit bowl to change with the season, and so it is with our practice.  As Autumn nears, we notice cooler, drier days and nights, and at the moment on the Gold Coast the main element is air/wind stirring everything up.  So our practice at the moment might need to include more stillness, steadying poses and warming flow.
Take more time in and between poses, focus on your feet and connection to Mama Earth...  Make sure you get a nice full belly or kidney breath, and minimise the time you spend in the wind.  Keep the practice room at a nice neutral temperature – no air-conditioning!  It’s a great time of the year to spend time in the greenery of nature.
We try to adapt and adjust to the season, the day, the moment, to live a balanced and healthy life.

Tyalgum Summer Yoga Retreat - A Review...

After a demanding start to the year, I was feeling anxious about leaving my regular routine behind for a few days, even though my heart told me it was exactly what I needed. As I drove to Tyalgum Ridge Retreat, each minute that rolled by brought greener, more open scenery and it seemed to me, more space to breathe. This feeling stayed with me over the whole weekend, as we enjoyed the jaw-droppingly beautiful view over Mt Warning (Wollumbin), the mountainous ridge, and a gorgeous walk to the waterfall. Kath’s yoga classes were heart expanding and paced beautifully for the students who needed to move and the students who needed to restore, assisted by Anita who also held space and gave healing adjustments throughout our practice. The Saturday afternoon brought a chance to explore our rhythm with a drumming circle with Petrina Tonkin, where we laughed, played and connected with each other. On Sunday morning, we experienced the deep vibrational connection of a didgeridoo sound healing meditation with Wantungaa Wantungaa, who blessed us with his song and the words of our ancestors. The combination of delicious nourishing food, spectacular surroundings, Kath’s nurturing presence and teachings, and the space to just ‘be’, meant that I returned from the few days away feeling as if I‘d been away much longer, and issues that I had been worried about on the Friday had melted away by the Sunday. If you have the opportunity to attend a GCYC Yoga Retreat, I would highly recommend it!
Laura Bannerman

Love and blessings <3 <3 Suzanne

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