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Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,

There is an old saying about enlightenment that says “that which you can describe, is not it”. This is also the problem with the ultimate state of yoga – it is indescribable – yet, we still feel compelled to try; both to share our experiences and to inspire each other towards experiencing it for ourselves. One of the many ways it can be described in the yogic/Ayurvedic traditions is seeking the state of Sattva – the perfect state of balance. In yoga cosmology, there are three main activating principles (gunas) in the world. The first is Rajas – the activating principle of all movement, creation, action and everything coming into form. It is the energised activating principle. The second is Tamas, which is the principle of inertia, anything that is structure, form, dissolution, heavy or is resistance The third is the perfect balance between the two, the perfect balance between the stop and the start, and that is Sattva. Sattva is the principle of balance or harmony. Sattva can be felt in those moments in life when everything is aligned, when everything is flowing naturally, smoothly, and effortlessly; when you have no anger and no desire. You are almost in a suspended state of time, you are not living in the future or the past, you are simply being in your awareness and true nature. A Sattvic state can come about naturally when Tamas and Rajas are in perfect balance. There are also things we can do to create, or help bring about a Sattvic state. If we have a lot of heaviness or inertia in our life, we can move more, we can act. If we are too busy, we can stop and rest more – so we can try to influence that sliding scale – that seesaw of balance between the Rajas and Tamas gunas. We can try to emulate or bring into our lives things that already have a Sattvic quality. So we try to spend time with people who have transcended the effects of the gunas and the polar opposites and have an illumined mind – these would be the gurus or masters whose texts we read when we can't be with them in person – or those on their way there. There are also foods which are Tamasic such as any fast foods, stale or processed foods. The effect they have on our consciousness and being is heavy & dull. We have Rajasic foods that are stimulating and create restlessness or hyperactivity such as caffeine, excess spices, sugar; and we have Sattvic foods which are wholefoods, unprocessed, nourishing and which leave you feeling light and content. These foods create harmony in our bodies – they don't disturb our bodies or mind. We can surround ourselves with beauty – beauty invokes a state of Sattva – even having plants or flowers in a room can make a difference. Nature is Sattvic, supermarkets with their false lighting and excess stimulation are both Rajasic and lead to Tamas (exhaustion/depletion). Certain activities are Sattvic (meditating, walking in nature, speaking calmly, loving kindness); certain music is Sattvic – anything that induces a state of harmony in body and mind can be called Sattvic and induces a Sattvic state. In the same way, different activities etc can also be Rajasic or Tamasic too. So as you go about your daily life – start to take notice of how the food you eat makes you feel, how the people you spend time with make you feel, how the dialogues you have, the language you use, the work you do, certain places make you feel. All of these things can either bring on agitation/stimulation, inertia/heaviness or bring you into a feeling of being harmonious and aligned with life and your true nature. The beautiful thing is, we actually have some choice in how we want to feel and if conscious, can create our best life.




Ayurveda is truly a unique healing system that covers almost every facet of health. In the last newsletter we talked about how the seasons impact our health and mind, and how Ayurveda can keep you healthy during each season. I would like to now introduce to you the concept of working with the universes’ cycles for specific cleanses or detoxifications to enhance our health.
We are currently moving into the season of Autumn. The seasons are not here because we have reached a certain date, we must learn to feel for the season instead. The Gold Coast is currently still experiencing very hot weather, which creates even more heat or fire in the body, creating greater imbalances due to an excess of fire in the body. Excess fire in the body produces toxins (or Pitta type ama), imbalances & disease. When the element of fire in the environment reduces enough and we are actually at the end of autumn, we can use this very beneficial time of the year to perform strong cleanses to remove the accumulated fire and toxins from the body -  which have accumulated from the hot environment/seasons, food, lifestyle, negative emotions and improper metabolism (imbalances & toxins are not only from the environment!).
We work WITH the universes power of cycles, not against it or in ignorance of it. The strong cleanses are specific to reducing the fire element and its toxins and there are many levels of cleanses to perform, depending on your individual level of health and strength. Not every-one will qualify for a strong cleanse such as Panchakarma (Virechinar) -  which many of you may of heard before -  but every level of cleanse is most beneficial to the individual. As we work with classical Ayurveda, the cleansing protocol is specifically designed for you. Each cleanse given, works on a cellular level, ridding excess fire from each and every one of your cells, which aims to improve an array of health conditions.
Because cleanses eliminate toxins from the body, they also clear the mind, allowing positive changes to occur, and peace & alertness to remain. Many people feel ‘stuck’ or in a haze of ‘brain fog’ and even when they want to change, they feel they can not. Cleanses, especially fire/pitta cleanses allow positive transformation in the mind to occur… which then stems out to your physical health, mental health and all life areas! If you would like to take advantage of this special time of year, please email or call 0415051478 very soon to partake in classical Ayurveda. There is much more information on how to live and eat Ayurvedically on our website which we hope helps!
Jade Ragunathan
Ayurveda Practitioner
Ayurveda Santosha



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March 20 – 22

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March 21 – 4pm
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March 29 
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