Gold Coast Yoga Centre November 2015 Newsletter.

Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,
What motivates you?

Many people are motivated by security, fear, comfort, pleasure, power. These are considered to be the motivations of Pashus – those who dwell in lower consciousness states. There are others who are motivated by the greater good, well-being for all, integrity, purpose, love etc. These are the Viras – whose consciousness is evolving. Finally, there are the divyas – the realised ones, the buddhas who are no longer motivated, who abide in their truest state of bliss, peace, contentment, knowing, consciousness, liberation. We all live somewhere on the scale.

Some teachers suggest we are born as one of these and can only modify a little. Others believe that through your intention, actions and consciousness you can slide up... or down. The aim is to elevate our awareness to the permanent abiding state of being that the Divyas live in. This can be assisted by practices such as meditation, yoga, right livelihood, generosity, service, study, right knowing, compassion, surrender, keeping the company of those who embody these qualities and more. However, it is easy, especially today, to be distracted with wants, desires and greed. We are constantly told we need more – more money, status, looks, power, fame, and luxury, pleasure and material wealth are constantly being promoted. It is easy to “go with the flow” and end up downstream without awareness!!!

The Pashu does not like to make effort, but effort is what is needed to rise up. The Pashu is self-referent – everything relates to him/herself and his/her wants/needs. If a Pashu makes effort he/she looks for reward. The Vira is willing to go through some discomfort, to make effort, to stand firm in the face of fear. The Vira's reference point is the greater good. The Vira's actions are selfless. The Divya has made effort and now surrenders. The reference point is the absolute, Truth, the Divine. We must be vigilant daily – the choices we make, the motivations that move us, the reference point we focus on can all take us towards or away from our highest state of being and awareness, can take us away from freedom. Even though it might be fun, it might be pleasurable, we might fit in with the crowd.. sometimes we have to turn away.

Even if it is difficult, frightening, even if we are considered outsiders... sometimes we need to act. A perfect example of this right now are the activists protecting land, soil, water and community from CSG. I truly admire these Viras. They are thinking of the greater good – all beings and the land, not just themselves. Of course, there are many ways to be a Vira – speak up when you see someone being vilified or put down, be part of a movement working towards change that will benefit everyone, make sure the dollars you spend & invest go towards companies that contribute to the greater good, not just profit, every dollar – even the food you eat, the clothes you wear. Be willing to be out of fashion if it means not spending excessively. Be willing to do with less variety if it means supporting local farmers. Even something as simple as letting someone else be right, or picking up rubbish on the beach is the act of a Vira – contributing to the environment, the sea-life and the well-being of others.

If you're unsure what is the right action, check in with how an action will make you feel – content, or disturbed, loving or ashamed? Follow the chain of consequence as far as you can – e.g buying new shoes might make you happy – if you find out they came from a company that uses slave labour it might disturb you. It can sometimes be hard to know, you may have to live the repercussions to understand fully, but how we feel after acting (our karma) will give us the insight to be more skillful in future. These are the ways we can move forward. They may not be big or showy, they may be quite small... but they effect the direction in which your consciousness flows.

This is the way in which our actions change us – this is the essence of karma yoga – to act, without thought of reward, doing the best you can, for the greater good of all – this is the path of yoga in actions.


Student Profile.
Getting to know, Lindee. 

How long have you been practicing?
I started practicing when I was 42. My children had become mostly independent and I finally had the time to search out some answers. I found the perfect space on the mat.

What benefits have you received from yoga? Physically? Mentally? Emotionally? Spiritually?
Yoga keeps me steady.The teachings have supported me through the many facets of life's experience. Deep, deep grief, major illness of loved ones...through joy and happiness to deep contentment.

Is there a life lesson you have got from yoga?
Through thick & thin stay steady.

Why the GCYC?
colleagues about the many benefits of yoga. But, really that's what it boils down to...Just get on the mat!

Do you have a life motto?   
I regularly quote the very wise Yoda. He says, "Do or do not, there is no try".  And through challenging moments, Dory from Finding Nemo, "Just keep swimming".

Any advice for someone new to practice?
Just get on the mat. I'm always on my soapbox with work colleagues about the many benefits of yoga. But, really that's what it boils down to...Just get on the mat!

What else is important in your life?
I love spending time with my family. My husband, children and grandchildren. I love being a granny, such freedom and joy with little ones. I especially love to feed them, whether it's a big celebration meal or shortbread at Christmas time, I just love being in the kitchen creating deliciousness. Apart from my weekday office job in aged care, I'm a civil celebrant. I became a celebrant when I recognised a lack of connection that so many people seemed to have. I wanted to facilitate connection for people who want to celebrate and create ceremony and ritual. And I LOVE it!

Is there anything else you would like to add? 
Blessings to Suzanne for creating such a beautiful space for growth and transformation; and to Mark, Cam, Kathy and Danny; and to past teachers, student teachers and students at the centre, all of whom have contributed to my yogic life!





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When we honour the truth of who we are...
we can only be kind,
to ourselves
and all beings.





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