March 2020
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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,

IMPORTANT UPDATE - please read carefully 🙏🙏🙏

In keeping with the government's new health restrictions (1 person per 4 square metres), we will be officially capping our classes to 18 as of Monday. Technically, we have space for 22 plus the teacher, but we are giving a little extra space to ensure appropriate physical distancing.

For most classes, this won't be a problem, as they have been self-regulating to lower numbers anyway. For the few classes that are effected, we are sorry for any inconvenience, and we appreciate your understanding. Passholders will be given priority in those classes (Saturday & Sunday 8am,Wednesday 6pm and Friday & Tuesday Mysore timeslots). We will be activating the book online option with Mindbody. Passholders will be able to sign in before leaving home, and casuals will be able to check the numbers in live time and see if there are any places closer to class time.

1. Download the Mindbody Online app.
2. Create an account with Mindbody Online using the email address we have on file for you (this will link your pass with GCYC into your profile).
3. Search Gold Coast Yoga Centre and add us to your Favourites so we stay on your profile homepage.
4. Click 'View Schedule' and go to selected class - you will be able to book in from 24 hours prior to the class.
5. Click 'Book' and follow the prompts, confirming that you would like to use your existing pass option. Bookings for each class will open 48 hours before the start of the class.
(Casual students will not be able to book online except for Community Classes - you can ring the office or show up to be placed on a waitlist for all other classes. If your pass has run out, please call us on 5534 2883 and we can put through a new pass over the phone.)


***We'll also be adding some extra resources on our website for you to study/practice at home, and will notify of livestreamed classes. We may also offer some guaranteed low number semi-private classes.  Keep an eye on our FB pages, Insta and website “Resources” page. ***

Reluctantly we have to stop all adjustments for now. Mysore will change to Full Vinyasa Primary on Tuesdays and Led Second Series on Fridays.

Other recommendations:

- We'll be removing props for now, so please BYO your own eyebags, blocks, straps if you have them and need them. If you don't have any, we do have a few in stock. Alternately, speak to your teacher, we can sanitise one or two per class, but as sanitizing products are low in stock, we can't do the whole lot every class. 

- Bring a clean towel from home to place on blankets.

- Loan mats MUST be washed and dried before returning (your teacher can assist).

- Regulars – we now need you to take your mats home and also to ensure you are washing them between classes 🙏 Mats need to be washed and dried every 1-2 weeks anyway to keep them fresh under regular circumstances. In the interim, we’ll try and come up with a better mat storage system.

- The bucket we use to clean mats has a disinfectant wash in it, and we change it after classes, but please wash your hands after using.

- We can no longer offer glasses or cups, but we will provide some eco disposable cups. To be even more eco friendly, if you could BYO water bottle that would be wonderful.

- As always, if unwell with any flu/cold/bug please stay at home. We know it's hard, but it helps the health of the whole community. Follow the current guidelines of 2 weeks self-isolation and seek help if needed. Feel free to reach out to the community via our FB page if stuck and need any help (or call 5534 2883 if not on Social Media: or email the centre if you need practice guidance on

- Namaste instead of hugs at the moment. Before hugs became more popular, that was our greeting. It's such a deeply sacred and spiritual practice, and comes from the deepest source of love and connection. I'm enjoying the resurgence, and the awareness of each other that it brings. As well as a greeting, an honouring (literally translates as “I honour you”) and having the spiritual meaning of meeting each other at a soul/divine level; the bowed head and placement of hands indicates a willingness to connect from the heart over the mind, and the two hands coming together represents both the coming together of opposites (which is Yoga), but also that You and I are One.

- We will be observing increased hygiene practices, and following guidelines in the effort to minimise risk to our community, and the community at large. In the same way the virus is effecting most people mildly, and others more severely, so too will different communities be effected mildly, or more severely.

We appreciate your patience as we carry out these extra cleaning duties and make the changes necessary to keep us all healthy. Thank you to those students who have let us know they are being respectful and observing quarantine after travel.

Now is a time to truly remember we are One. That we are in this together.

Even if we are low risk, we cannot sit back and let others do the heavy lifting, we all have our part to play. One of the most important parts Yoga has to play is to help keep us physically well with strong immune function, mentally well and able to manage the anxiety and fear that is normal under the current circumstances, connect us on deep levels, increase our mindfulness of how we live, care for each other, the community and the environment, keep our hearts open and our spirits strong and uplifted. These are all ways to minimise the impact as well.

Remember to eat well, hydrate, rest well and care for yourselves and others. Look for ways to serve, and lift us all up.

Do not listen to rumours and hysteria, stay calm and listen to facts, and take appropriate actions needed for yourself, your loved ones and the community.

Send love and prayers to those in greater suffering than ourselves. Remember and be sensitive to the fact that many have suffered great loss.

Do everything you can to be well, and not burden the system that others may depend on.

Reach out to friends, family, us (GCYC) if struggling.

Although realising the seriousness, find the blessings/humour/kindnesses that help keep us calm and  supports our nervous system and immune function, and focus our mind towards the positive mindset we need for recovery for all.

The air and water is clearing, people are becoming quieter/more aware of each other and their vulnerabilities, people are finding their connection to loved ones and kindness to strangers, they're rediscovering fresh food and nature, busyness is reducing... hopefully we keep some of these habits on when  all of this is over. Being home is giving people a chance to reminisce, talk, meditate, japa, do yoga, get jobs done they never seem to have time for, spend more hours with their loved ones (and pets!).

Seeing this crisis, and suffering invade otherwise comfortable lives, may we be awakened to the compassion and understanding that there are some in the world suffering on a daily basis. Death, tragedy, illness, poverty, war, terror, are part of life. Getting a taste of this, may we be motivated to act to reduce suffering for everyone, on an ongoing basis.

A teacher from a lineage I admire (Ramakrishna Vedanta) also recommended taking time to contemplate death. We are always surrounded by it, but tend to ignore it. I found the article helpful and interesting. Here is the link; and also the message from Pravrajika Gayatriprana (Gayatriprana, President of Ramakrishna Sarada Vedanta Society of NSW)
Much love in this time of turmoil. May we come through this stronger, more awakened, more determined to create a better world for all, and for our Mother, the Earth.

With love,


CD's & DVD's available

Yoga & Meditation CD's & DVD's - yes, it's a little bit old school, but if you are wanting to practice from home at the moment, then these guided practice resources are wonderful while we put together even more at-home resources for you all... 


Easter Timetable Coming Soon!


Healthy Immune System

In yoga, our approach is usually wholistic. Practice benefits our well-being in general. However, there are times when we need to focus on more specific aspects of health.

Our approach to strong immune function (IF) focuses on the following:

Nervous system (NS) function, lymphatic action, organ health, regeneration and healing.

Pranayama is one of the best tools we have for strong nervous system function. The NS and immune system interact through communication, neurotransmitters, hormone release to keep us healthy and capable of fighting infection.

Check out the Links Page under the Resources tab on our website for a short lesson in basic pranayama for immune health:

Other poses that tonify the immune system include balancing postures and forward bends.

Organs that need some extra support during times of stress or illness include the kidney, digestive system, heart and especially liver. Poses like Supta Baddha Konasana (SBK), Upavista Konasana, and Jathara Parivrttasana are especially beneficial to tonify the liver meridien. SBK over a bolster has the added benefit of relaxing the diaphragm and increasing lung capacity. You can also do BK sitting up.

Legs up the wall is great for kidney replenishment and reducing high blood pressure.
Shoulderstand is wonderful for balancing our hormone systems, but if unable to do it safely or on your menstrual cycle, Setu Bandhasana (on a “bench” made of blankets is a great option.

Forward bends calm the nervous system (activate the PNS). They are also restful for the heart, and calm the mind creating surrender and an introspective mindset. It is important to make sure you have length in the front body, even while curving forward so as not to restrict lung function, block energy flow, or put pressure on the lower back or NS. If your hamstrings don't allow you to maintain length in the front body, sit on some blankets to create greater access. Lead with the heart when folding forward and you should also maintain space.

Twists work well both to massage and cleanse organs, and stimulate digestion. When unwell, do not do strong twists, and as always, work with the breath and make sure the spine is aligned.
Sitting in Virasana to meditate can tonify/support digestive system meridiens.

When unwell, everything is done gently, and for longer holds. Make sure you are absolutely comfortable in the pose and work with the breath. Supported forward bends and shoulderstand can be held for up to 5 minutes, while some poses such as SBK or legs up the wall can be held for up to 20 as long as you are comfortable. Twists are usually held for only a minute or so, unless a reclining supported twist such as Jathara Parivrttasana which can be held for 5 minutes each side.

You may wish to finish with a few rounds of pranayama (particulary ujjayi or nadi shodhana) and some meditation before spending at least 10 minutes in Savasana. That is optional, but Savasana is not as it integrates the practice, balances and regenerates the body and mind. If you only have 10 minutes to spare – Savasana is the pose to choose.

I hope you enjoy exploring. I will post notes from my Self-Practice workshop for those practicing from home at the moment.

As always, your teachers can always help if you are unsure of these postures. If you can't come in, feel free to contact us via email or FB.


We are at our best when we are challenged. The present coronavirus crisis is a challenge to the ingenuity and strength inherent in human beings. We can face this challenge with wisdom, wit and farsightedness. If we do it well, we also make ourselves stronger to face even greater challenges ahead. They will surely come and we should be prepared.

- Swami Tyagananda

Hope to see you on the mat!
Love and blessings <3 <3 Suzanne
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