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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,

When comforting Arjuna as he is about to go into battle against his kinsmen (Bhagavad Gita), Krishna tells him: “one believes he is the slayer, the other the slain... both are ignorant. There is neither slayer or slain, you were never born, you will never die. As a man abandons worn-out clothes and acquires new ones, so when the body is worn out, a new one is aquired by the Self, who lives within”. Many teachings in the Eastern traditions tell us that we are not this physical body, that there is a part of us that is limitless and eternal, that continues on, even after we die. One of the teachings tells us about the Pancha Maya Kosha – that we are made up of 5 layers, and only one of them is physical – the rest being the energetic, mental, consciousness layers and at our core is bliss (Ananda).  When we discard the physical layer, the energetic and mental may also dissolve, but the consciousness and bliss remain – leaving us in our true state – a being of pure consciousness and joy, without the emotions and thoughts that get in the way of truly being the love that we are. In Christian traditions they talk about us having souls, which continue after our deaths, and it is our souls that are united with God. Other traditions have similar teachings in one form or another.  The atheists may not have a sense of a specific soul or God, but they are often aware of the great mysteries of life and how magnificent it is, and that we are part of that. The truth is, that none of us really knows what the actuality is, we've never been there, but by inference we know from people who have had after death experiences and come back to tell that it involves a level of love, and joy, and freedom, and reunion. It is easier to believe and even be inspired by these concepts when things are going well. There are times when our belief is sorely tested, such as loss of a loved one, or a loss of a dream or a health scare. 

It's at these times we need to try to stay steady; remembering “yoga sametvam” (yoga is equilibrium). We need to hang on to our faith in the true, ongoing nature of who we are, and know the person we have lost is experiencing that now. At very least, we accept this is part of life's great mystery in all its fullness, the joys and the sorrows. I imagine life as a tapestry woven from many threads. Some threads are long and are woven through our entire life. Others are shorter, but every person we meet, every experience we have becomes part of that tapestry, becomes part of the fabric of who we are. Even their loss is part of who we are. We don't necessarily get over it, but we become something more because of it. So in those times of challenge, I encourage you, to the best of your abilities, to remember the mantra “stay steady, stay steady.”                      

Dedicated to Joe Mez <3


From the 25th of April Cameron & Danny will be swapping class times on the weekend.
The class styles will stay the same (Sat Ashtanga and Sun General)  
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How did you come to yoga? 
I first did yoga with my mum when I was a teenager in a hall with my beautiful hot pink lycra tights.  I loved the classes. Later on I attended The Gold Coast Yoga Centre which used to be in Burleigh and I worked at the child care centre just behind the centre, so I tried a class and loved it. My main purpose was to relax as I was a 'stress head' and my favourite pose was/is savasana. I still remember how new all the poses felt in the beginning and really having to think hard about how I was going to get into the twists. It did not take me long to be a regular student and to make yoga a big priority in my life, because I loved my practice so much.     
What benefits have you received from yoga?
Sometimes I forget I ever had major anxiety as I rarely experience these symptoms now, due to yoga. The amount of times I get sick has decreased due to yoga. As a teenager I was told as an adult I would probably need surgery on my spine due to a scoliosis but, again, due to yoga I experience very little pain in my spine and the scoliosis has not worsened. These are just the benefits I have seen within myself. Over the years I have seen amazing results with the other students too. 
What are some of the most interesting experiences you have had through yoga?
The most interesting times in yoga have been when I feel experiences not had in every-day life, such as total bliss and lightness of the body. I am fascinated how each student connects to their yoga practice and what benefits they get from their practice. 
What else is important to you?
 It is important to me that a yoga studio is a community of supportive participants that assist each other to move in the direction of joy and connection. The acknowledgement and gratitude of the lineage of our yoga ancestors is important to me. I also think it is really important to take whatever good stuff you experience on the mat and let it grow. Spread that good stuff everywhere, I say!! xxx 


Ahhhh Savasana - the bliss of well deserved rest! Not only does Savasana feel great (especially after a focused practice) but it has many benefits - it is restorative, it calms the nervous system (after the stimulation from asanas - making it essential), the body integrates all the chemical, physical and spiritual changes that have occurred during practice. However, the greatest benefit is even more profound than that. The translation of Savasana is Corpse Pose. We are positioned as a corpse - motionless, eyes closed, breathing and actions stilled. We let go of the future and past, we give ourselves to the absolute present. Our name, who we are, what we do, our relationships to each other, all concepts of time and space drop away. We dissolve into the ocean of consciousness and bliss. This is deeply healing, it changes our mind, gives us a reservoir of centredness (the more often you practice - the greater the reserve, and the more it stays topped up), helps us detach from the material world, and literally prepares us for the process of dying. At first of course, it is metaphysical death - death of the ego, of our attachments, and the stories which keep us trapped in the cycle of samsara (life/death, craving/aversion, duality). Eventually when we meet our physical death, some of the pain which comes from leaving our bodies, lives and those we love will have been dissolved, and our experience will be peaceful. This is perhaps Savasana's greatest gift <3
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