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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,

I have discovered I need a lot of space. A lot. To dream, to write, to breathe, to heal, to repair, to be creative, to energise, to go deep in meditation, to be vulnerable, to relate fully, to create ties that bond, to create foundation, to be efficient, to think clearly, to be productive, to explore my asana and pranayama practice, to study, to test out all the different ways of doing things, to test out all the different methods of yoga, to digest – physically and metaphysically, to integrate, to be the best person I can be, to be present, to truly feel, to figure out what is real and unreal, to unravel the stories of my mind and come to the truth, to tidy, clean & de-clutter, to gain knowledge, to experience, to turn information into wisdom, to achieve all the things that are important to me.

Now – a lot of you will hear this description of space and think I mean time... but no, I mean space. Space is what we have when we don't fill up our time with things we don't need.

And, it's not just me. I think everyone needs a lot of space. Regardless of who you are, or what you “do” in life. I'm not the only one saying this – life coaches, spiritual teachers, time management experts, business leaders all recommend we get rid of the “clutter” (physical, mental, spiritual) and create space for our best lives. Even the word for the “goal” that everyone seems to be after (happiness) implies this – in Sanskrit the word for “happiness” is “sukkha”, and “sukkha” literally means GOOD SPACE!

We all know we are not meant to pile up our plates with food and shovel it all down as fast as we can, afterwards groaning and complaining we feel ill/can't move/too full. So why in our lives do we pile up the things we have to do – and tear through them – afterwards groaning and complaining that we are time poor/don't have enough time/always tired/ always busy. Even our dessert (rest/play time) is excessive – cramming in hours of TV or Facebook, or partying, or using up every spare moment meeting someone for coffee, attending every event, stretching ourselves thin. Remember what happened to Mr Cresote after just “one more wafer-thin mint” (for those too young- google! Warning – it is a little gross – kind of like the excess some people have indulged in today) .

We have to trim down. If there are 10 things on your to do list today – cross out at least 5. We have lost the capacity to know how much we can do in a reasonable amount of time and have a quality result. It has all become about quantity – not quality. It is hard to stand up against the matrix of “more” but you can do it!! Know who you want to be, know what you want and need to feel fulfilled in life and prioritise your actions and time accordingly. Whatever your goal – to be healthy, a good parent, a dedicated yogi – you need space for this to happen. Practice “viveka” (discernment) to know what actions will take you towards/away from that goal. Try to avoid acting simply out of habit/obligation/because everyone else is. Robert Svoboda suggests we need to be mavericks to truly be on a spiritual path.

Paradoxically – if you create space, you achieve more. You relax, think more clearly, are more present, are more skilful in your actions and efforts, integrate the knowledge you need, expend less energy and follow a more direct path to your goal. Anyone who has had the experience of adding a daily meditation practice to what felt like an overwhelmed life can testify to this. But you can't create space with the intention of doing more – that kind of defeats the purpose – and almosts acts as a barrier to the benefits. You simply need to create space for its own sake, be present, and allow the right actions to flow through you.

This is simple, but not easy. Even though I have attempted to live this way for well over a decade, I constantly get distracted and forget, and have to start over. It is a daily discipline, but one that bears the sweetest fruit. I sincerely hope you give it a try.

p.s sorry for missing my September newsletter – I was creating space for healing! Hopefully have my balance back now and won't miss any more <3

With blessings,
Suzanne Gray



Don't underestimate the simple postures. Tiger & cat, for example, contain within them all the elements you need for more advanced postures like dog pose, handstand, headstand and back bend.

The standing poses help us to develop the skills of clearing the nadis (energy channels) and directing energy flow; as well developing the qualities of the spine, muscles and joints that we need so that our advanced postures ( especially inversions, when we get to them) are light and effortless, reducing both the risk of injury and the amount of energy and strength needed.

The only teaching on asana in the Yoga Sutras is “asanam sthiram sukkham”. The postures should be steady and... although often translated as easy/comfortable... now we know from the editorial “sukkham” means having GOOD SPACE! The posture should be spacious!! The basic postures help us learn how to align well and create that good space.

They are foundation that the advanced postures are practiced on. Stay present with them, and develop the skills within, and your advanced postures will naturally and organically evolve <3


Calendar dates

Sunday November 23rd – Summer Yoga and Food, 1 day cooking retreat. Our Spring day was awesome, we have restructured the day slightly to make it even more enjoyable – yoga, delicious lunch, food awareness and dessert “yantra”. Our dessert session last time was so much fun – creative, meditative, and delicious. We have allowed more space for this part of the day. At a beautiful beachside home in Tugun, 9am-3pm, only $115. Bookings & $50 deposit required. Book at the front desk, email or call 55342883. (pic shows a couple of our dessert creations from the Spring retreat!)

Sunday December 7th – Our annual teacher demo and Xmas party – highlight of our social calendar, a chance to enjoy your teachers in action, connect with your fellow yogis and enjoy delicious chai & cake. From about 4pm (Details to be confirmed – but keep the date!!)

Enjoy a Reminder from last year <3

To keep up to date with events – keep an eye on our noticeboard, Facebook page, and website .



Everyone has a chance to win this month. Simply put your name and phone number on a piece of paper and drop it in the collection box each time you attend a class. The more attendances, the more chances to win.


Thanks to all who came to the recent Meditation nights – We raised $250 to go towards the Africa Yoga Project and will be adding the charity jar this month. There are so many causes that inspire us and need our support. We will continue to run occasional events and fundraise for these causes, as well as supporting our sponsor children and monthly charities. Here is my post about your charity jar proceeds. Thanks for sharing the love <3

You may/may not have noticed our spare change charity jar at the front desk – thought you might wonder where it goes...
During the  winter months – I have been adding it to the “You've got a Friend” charity collection box at my local DVD store – they support the homeless.
We also sponsor 2 children, and donate monthly to Australian Conservation Fund and Wilderness Society. We also occasionally give extra to these charities, either ourselves or via the charity jar.
We make regular donations to other charities such as Rainforest Rescue, Red Cross, Rosie's Outreach, and anytime there is a disaster that calls for support. We add the charity jar money in - your small change goes a long way!
We also support various local charities & organisations through donating yoga classes/passes
On another of our Meditation nights we donated the proceeds to Medicins Sans Frontiers and raised $100.
We hope to do more of this, raising funds and awareness through events, for various groups that work locally and globally to ease the suffering of others, and protect the environment.
Keep your eyes out for some exciting upcoming events
Thanks for helping us spread the love


October is Celebrate the Black Mat Month!

Dear students – October is Celebrate the Black Mat month!!!! Just kidding, but we thought we'd let you know why we offer the black mats to put under your sticky mats. 1- They provide extra stability and more accurate alignment (important for anyone with injuries). 2- they slow down wear and tear on your mats – making them last longer. 3- They help us keep the room tidy for everyone and not have to vacuum too many times a day!! The sticky mats often pill and leave behind little rubber balls from friction on the carpet, making the room quite messy. We understand that some of you really don't like the feel of them, and we know it is a bit more effort, but if you wouldn't mind using them – we'd be very thankful!! Exception is the thick black VB mat – they don't pill, are steady and are apparently guaranteed to last two lifetimes!! :) thank you <3


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