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Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,
The yogic teachings are both mystical and practical. Some of the more ancient, esoteric texts take great effort to understand – one must contemplate and ruminate. Some teachers of old (and more recently) have done us the great favour of spending that time in study & meditation, and passing on the teachings in a more accessible form – for those of us with households and busy lives, or lacking in the opportunity for study required. Similarly, the results are both m, known of and experienced many amazingly profound, and amazingly practical changes from yoga. Whether it be Namaste Yogis and Yoginis,
The yogic teachings are both mystical and practical. Some of the more ancient, esoteric texts take great effort to understand – one must contemplate and ruminate. Some teachers of old (and more recently) have done us the great favour of spending that time in study & meditation, and passing on the teachings in a more accessible form – for those of us with households and busy lives, or lacking in the opportunity for study required. Similarly, the results are both mystical and practical. Whether we delve into the mysteries, or simply live the teachings – it's all the physical benefits of the asana – less pain, more energy, healing injuries, improving my immune system, regulating hormones, more flexibility and strength and so on – or whether it be the calmness, the greater peace of mind, the ability to detach, or free myself from one of my mind's stories – or even those moments when I feel I know the true purpose of life, when I have experienced love in it's pure form, or seen into the eye's of God... this challenging, mystical, easy, difficult practice has certainly changed my life for the better. We often think that our yoga has to be vast, profound, or accomplished, but any time we increase our skill in any action – that is yoga. Any time we increase our peace even by a few degrees, feel compassion instead of anger this is all yoga. Meditating in a cave away from the world, or being present when someone we love is in pain – it's all yoga. At any given moment in time, there is an opportunity for yoga – the opportunity to be skilful, present, calm and loving. Then next time someone asks you how often do you practice – you can answer as many great teachers have – 24/7. 

Practitioner Article.
A Word on Nutrition, by Sonya Mattiazzi

The practice of Yoga has taught me a great deal. Two key learnings along my journey, mindfulness and listening to my inner intuition have helped me in all aspects of life, and I believe they are vital for digestive and nutritional health.
It can be challenging in our current world to work out what to eat for good health. Social media, government organisations, celebrity chefs and magazines are just some of the sources of conflicting information we are bombarded with. In the midst of this, traditional medicines can provide us with grounded wisdom about eating for health, from a holistic perspective. Modern science, on the other hand, often fails to address the social, emotional and spiritual aspects of health. However our modern world is very different to the world that existed when traditional medicine was developed, with high levels of stress due to Western lifestyles and chronic disease rampant. I believe it is important to integrate traditional wisdom into our modern lives, to provide us with holistic, people-centred guidance, whilst acknowledging modern day issues and new knowledge. This approach can help in navigating through the minefield of modern day nutrition advice.
The stress of our modern world impairs digestion, and chronic stress can cause damage to your gut lining. Sometimes, this can make it difficult for us to digest foods which both modern science and traditional medicines tell us are good for us. Nutrition is one of the cornerstones of health - if you aren't digesting your food properly, this can be a root cause of many diseases. Bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea, foggy thinking and fatigue can all be signs of digestive dysfunction and imbalance. Nutritional deficiencies can develop as a result of digestive dysfunction, along with conditions such as chronic fatigue, female menstrual issues and autoimmune diseases. If you have a severely damaged gut, specific, easy to digest foods may be needed temporarily until your gut heals, along with supportive holistic practices and supplemental support depending on individual need.
Coming back to the key learnings of mindfulness and listening to your inner intuition - these practices can allow you to get in touch with what is really happening in your body, and give you grounding and direction with the healing path that is right for you.
Sonya practices as a Holistic Nutritionist, and is passionate about the difference nutrition can make. Gold Coast Yoga Centre community members can mention this newsletter and receive a 1 hour consultation for the special rate of $65. Consultations include a nutritional assessment based on a whole-person approach, and the collaborative development of a practical eating plan and holistic program to optimise your nutritional health. Contact Sonya on 0402 679 441 or by email
Calendar and Events
The UN have declared June 21 as the International Day of Yoga. To acknowledge this event, Suzanne will be talking to us about... YOGA! If you enjoy Suzanne's voice in here in the newsletter & FB posts - you'll enjoy this great talk- entertaining, challenging and knowledgeable. 

We invite you to join us on Sunday 21st June at 1.30pm for a casual afternoon of chat, chai and cookies! Entry is by donation with all funds raised going to Nepal.

From Monday 1st June, Kathy will be teaching the 8am General classes. Cameron will be teaching classes on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. For more timetable information, click on the link:
Yes, we are still running our sign up for 12 months and receive the first month FREE deal!! This offer is $180 per month and only valid when paying by direct debit.
The August Springbrook Retreat only has 3 spaces left! If you would like to join us for a magical weekend away, you better be in quick! <3
Celebrating Life, Friendships and Yoga!
For those of you who have not met Norma (right), she is one of our very special, very dedicated and much loved yogis, who has been a part of our yoga community or ‘yoga family’ as she likes to call it, for 15 years! That alone is worth celebrating! However, 15 years ago is when Norma  began her yoga journey- she was 65. On Monday this vibrant, healthy and extremely sweet soul turned 80!  So, to celebrate this beautiful occasion, we invited Norma and Betty(left) ( the two have become dear friends through practicing yoga together at GCYC for many years) to morning tea. It was such a delight to hear these ladies laugh and recall their first experience with yoga, how yoga benefits them, and what keeps them coming back to GCYC. Happy 80th Birthday, Norma! Thank you for being a part of our yoga family of all these years. <3

How did you come to yoga? 
Norma: “I was a jogger for fifteen years. My doctor recommended yoga to help increase my bone density. So I followed his advice. I walked into the original GCYC in Burleigh, where, Mark greeted me. I said to him “I’m 65, am I too old to do yoga?” Mark replied, “You are never too old to do yoga. That was 15years ago.”
Betty: “I wanted to try yoga and really felt that I needed yoga. Danny was the first person I met and has been a great teacher over the years... all the teachers are wonderful. We don't want any of them to leave!"

What benefits have you received from yoga?
Norma:  “I find that yoga clears my mind completely, which is very necessary as I have a busy schedule, taking care of older ladies. I have also surprised everyone because I have recovered 2cm height in my spine and I now only go to the doctor once a year for a check up.”
Betty: “Yoga gives me balance in my life which I also need because I am busy, looking after old men. Yoga has brought me out of my shell. There is a serious part to yoga and a fun part to yoga. I feel like a kid again, doing inversions!"

What is it about GCYC that has kept you coming back all these years?
Norma: "There is a great feel about GCYC, it is my ‘yoga family’- the teachers often greet us with hugs – we don’t want any of them to leave!  I would miss them, they have all been an important part of my life- for the past 15 years. Suzanne sets the tone of the school, she has created the right atmosphere to teach us. She has the right teachers- caring teachers. Suzanne is the most spiritual person I know, and she is fun too! She has an aura about her that makes you feel comfortable and she has never changed in the whole 15 years that I have been coming. She is the backbone of the whole place; she is like everyone’s mum. And most of all I enjoy what I do there. Even if I don't think I can do something, often my mind just follows Kath’s voice –it’s very encouraging- it’s wonderful. I love getting up and going to yoga, there's always a happy face."

Betty: "Other yoga schools don't have this feeling or atmosphere that Suzanne has created- it has a wonderful reputation. We have made lovely friends and we often worry when so-and-so is not there, it is a real caring community. My granddaughter now comes to GCYC with me, she is 25. It is so nice to do yoga with your granddaughter. I heard her tell her mother (my daughter) "nanny kicks ass!" 

What's one piece of advice you would give to anyone thinking about starting yoga?
Norma: "You are never too old or too young to do yoga, but you must start as soon as you can."
Betty: " Yoga is a way of life. I see a lot of young people who are stiff and always racing around, if only they could realise the benefits of yoga. It's spiritual and it's active, and anyone can do it! Look at us!"


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