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Namaste Yogis & Yoginis,

One day a man walked into a Buddhist Pizza Parlour. He ordered a pizza worth $15 and handed over a $20 note. He waited for his change but the pizza guy just simply started making the pizza. “Hey” the man said, “what about my change?”. The Pizza attended turned and bowed “ah, change comes from within”. As hilarious J as that joke might be, like all jokes there is truth in it. Change does come from within, happiness comes from within, and peace comes from within, most of the good things we aim for on the path come from within! Luckily, we have these wonderful things called emotions to guide us. Our emotions are the signposts to show us whether we are on track or not. Anger, anxiety, depression… these are simply messages we are too engaged in the stories of the outside world and we need to go within!! Joy, contentment and happiness no matter what, show us we are detached from the stories of the ego/mind/world and are abiding in truth. One of my teachers used to say, any decision we made with the ego/mind will always lead us astray, so get quiet, go in and allow the right action to reveal itself. It really is as simple and as difficult as that! Namaste <3

With blessings,
Suzanne Gray



We all enjoy sukha (happiness) or literally – good space, in our lives and our yoga room!! Lately we have been thrilled to welcome students, so we thought it would be a good idea to include some tips on how to co-create a good space in the room we all share. These tips are also great reminders for our regular students!!!
Use a black mat under your sticky mat. Not only does this provide more stability which helps with better alignment (especially important if you have back or knee issues) the black mat also helps slow down wear and tear on your sticky mat so it lasts longer, AND it doesn't pill and break off as easily, which helps us keep the room tidy and clean between classes!! Although not mandatory, for these reasons, the black rubber mat is recommended. After class, a bucket is provided to give the mat a light wipe down before returning. The thick grey VB mats are exempt as they don't pill, are firm and last 2 lifetimes!!!
Fold the blankets neatly. The simplest way to fold the blankets is striped edges together, then striped edges together again, then fold in half. Please place the “closed” edge so it is facing you. This helps not only to keep the blanket pile tidy, but is a courtesy to the next student, making it easy for them to grab the number of blankets they need and enjoy a nice clean edge when using the blankets as props for practice.
Respectful awareness in the space. The yoga room is a place to relax, let go, transform. Sometimes is it a sanctuary from daily life. For this reason, we ask that you maintain a respectful silence before and after class especially while people are relaxing. We encourage you to greet/catch up with your friends/the teachers in the reception area. Place the mats and blankets down mindfully (I know many can relate to a shock of adrenalin when a flicked out mat makes a loud noise when you're in a deep relaxation!). Also be aware of where you place your mat. Whenever possible, stagger the fronts of the mats, so that you can all stand at the front of your mat and extend your arms wide without hitting your neighbour. This is especially important in some of the more cosy classes. Proper mat arrangement means we can all be comfortable and feel spacious even when close to our neighbour!
Scent free zone. Please be aware no strong scents are permitted in the yoga room. This includes strong perfumes, deodorants, after shave lotions and essential oils. This is for the comfort and well-being of everyone, as strong scents are not only overwhelming at times, but can trigger off asthma and allergic reactions. If you are not sure if your scent is too strong or not, ask your teacher. We will (nicely) let you know.
For info on getting the most out of your practice – go to our Guidelines page on the website.
THANK YOU for helping us create a harmonious space that can be enjoyed by all...

“Happiness is when what you think, what you say and what you do are in harmony”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Calendar dates

EasterJune 1 – Winter is here!!! and our June promotion to win a $50 voucher from the awesome WRAY Organics in Palm Beach is for the Earlybirds!! Simply show up to one of the 6am or 6.30am classes and you will be entered into the draw! I know it's a little harder to get out of a warm bed these days, but you know it'll be worth it! Not only will you get to enter the draw, but you'll get to see stunning surnrises, enjoy fantastic classes and feel great all day!!! Enjoy!
Monday June 9 – Queens Birthday Public Holiday – 6am General class is cancelled on Monday June 9,  but all other classes over the weekend are as normal – see you on the mat!!
August 15-17 – Springbrook Winter Retreat. A couple of places have become free for the annual Springbrook Winter Retreat. We are looking forward to lighting the fire, enjoying the pristine air and environment, a weekend of yoga and yogic friends, music and of course.. Marg's delicious vegetarian cuisine! If you would like to join us please book at the desk, or by calling 07 5534 2883,
or email Full cost is $375 for the weekend or the Earlybird special is $350 if paid in full by July 7th. This includes accomodation, meals, yoga and some fun entertainment!


Not So Squeezy

We have been very grateful that some of the classes have been nice and full lately. Big classes provide an energy that can lift you up, and make the practice easier (even if you are tired) giving you a strength you never knew you had! It can also be easier to get in the zone in a larger class as the synergy of many minds focused on one thing can be very powerful!
However, we know sometimes you crave the space, stillness, and access to the teacher that a smaller class can provide. We thought we would list the quieter times, so you can take that option from time to time. All the early morning classes are smaller (and this month is a good month to try with our June promotion!). Also Monday & Wednesday 8am, Wednesday 4pm and the Saturday 4pm Ashtanga Led class. Sunday Beginners at 10.30 is a smaller intro class. Some others that can also be more moderate include Friday and Sunday 4pm and Saturday 8.15.
Whatever the sized class you find yourself in, let go, be present and allow yourself to enjoy the gifts that come from practice...

APPs the way (Uh Huh Uh Huh) I like it!

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is a time for new awakenings – so shed a new light on your practice!! Every time you come to class over the Easter long weekend you get a chance to win a copy of B.K.S Iyengar’s foundation text “Light on Yoga” - a classic for every yoga library.


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