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Everything is figure-out-able.
Erika said this when we were chatting on the podcast, and this it's absolutely true.
We have an unlimited set of tools (mental and IRL) and mentors around us to help us figure out something we can’t.
Would you be inspired by some dude that had a great opportunity drop in his lap, then was all of a sudden like, "Dreams come true y'all, just work hard and you can achieve anything!"

*bro high five*
Maybe some aspect of you think that’s cool, but it sure as hell doesn't inspire you when charting your own path and purposely working towards something.

What's inspiring is someone who wasn’t aware that they had all the tools at their disposal and then discovered how to use them to build something of their own design, or realizing they had access to everything they needed and learned how to use the infinite tools available in the universe to make shit happen.

And even with the dude above, if he took what he had, really made that money work for him and continued to learn, grow and build his empire, then yeah. He's inspiring too.

My point is...
Everything is figure-out-able.
That career change you're wanting? Totes figure-out-able.
The additional cash monies you're wanting? Totes attractable.
The thing you’re trying to create that you’ve never done before? Someone’s done it. Find them.

There’s tools to learn/do/conquer. Find them too.
Life is dynamic and we’re not meant to be static creatures living the same exact life over and over and over again.
You’re always on your way to the next thing, and everything you need to get there is already at your disposal.

Once you find them, it'll be like magic is happening.

Now go figure stuff out and make. it. happen.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,

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