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There's probably something in your life that you're ignoring right now.

A call.

An itch.

A change.

Some ingenious thought you're about to dismiss because who am I to do accomplish something like that?

Our bodies know things before our minds do, and it's not so subtle about making sure we hear it.

You likely have moments throughout the day where you become hyper aware of something you wanna change and think, "Wait. Why am I still doing this?" yet continue to do it anyway.

Oh the flip side, you might have something pop into your mind like a little fireball; reminding you of something you wanna do, change or be.

You think, "Huh. Why NOT me? Why can't I do that?" and then it slowly slips away and no action is taken.

(Or, imposter syndrome sets in, which is a whole 'nother topic for another day.)

This is because change is hard and we often discredit our own intuition in order to resist said change.

No one is immune to these things, but we can get better at acting on them over time.

All of my PermissionLESS guests have this in common: They became aware of a want, need, desire, adventure or challenge... and changed everything to go for it.

This might have been a voluntary or involuntary change, depending on whether it was set into motion from an internal motivation or external situation.

Some started with small changes that added up over time, and some completely overhauled their concept of life as they knew it.

I know there's something big or small that you've been wanting to do or change. So let this be your not so subtle reminder to go make the change and do the thing.

I'd love to know the change you made today (or whenever you end up reading this). I'm always on the other side of this email if you hit reply. 😈

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,

PS: If you're finding it hard to take these steps, listen to your intuition, and get in the right mindset for action, I'm working on a little something to help: Action Alchemy
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