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Hi friends. How's your September shaping up so far?

Isn't it crazy how we're reaching the last quarter of the year? So many of us are already starting to think about the holidays... one blink, and they're here. It happens every year around this time. Every. Year.

Which brings me to my quick hit topic for today: Now and later.

As humans, we're used to looking a million steps ahead while being firmly and physically rooted in the now. This can be a good thing, because our future reality is often crafted from the vision we see as our brain explores these future possibilities.

When does it become a (potentially) negative thing? If we're only living for the future and ignoring the importance and good stuff in the now.

Things that really do matter.

I woke up this morning and realized that I'm not in "lack" of anything - I have everything right now that I need, and no reason to complain - yet I was feeling anxious and behind in life. (This is is another topic for another day tho.)

I disconnected for a few and journaled about what I had going on - at this very moment - that was great and aligned with where I'm moving towards in life.

I also took a moment to write down what was frustrating me and why I felt behind; exploring why the gap between now and my future vision felt bigger than normal this morning.

Spoiler alert: The gap is never really as big as you think it is. Your brain can just be an asshole sometimes and make you think it is. ;)

This simple act helped me lessen all the thoughts and feels I had running through my body like electric shocks and put me in a more present state of mind.

I believe in gratitude and its power. It's such an easy thing to overlook, and it becomes basically invisible when we're thinking of what we want rather than what we have.

How come we have a tendency to discount everything we have right now that's actually really damn good? Sometimes it's comparison syndrome, sometimes it's imposter syndrome, sometimes it's anxiety, sometimes it's own our internal pressure and expectations or sometimes it's those same things from others.

And I get it. People like me and you are constantly challenging ourselves to level up and grow. We can feel stagnant if we have to practice patience.

Sometimes though, it's because we're looking so far in the future that we think what's there is better than what's here.

Right now.

And that could be true, even though it's all rmindset. Nothing is ever better or worse. Just different.

We have the power to continually make our experience on this spinning rock extraordinary one day at a time.

Every day can be better than the last, and we can push towards our future being better than today, as long as we realize that today is pretty damn awesome too.

If you don't appreciate today, what makes you think you'll appreciate that future life you're working towards?

Practice it now and it'll be even sweeter when you get there, until you have the next "later" to chase.

I never thought I'd be the person to actually end an email on this note because I also believe in the power of looking darkness right in the face and working through that rather than being all RAH RAH GRATITUDE all the time. we are. So dig deep in there and tell me:

What are 3 things you're grateful for?

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