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What’s up!? Depending on where you are, how is quarantine going? We (in LA) are back indoors for the time being but I’m coo’ with it. It’s given me a lot of time to reflect and take action on everything going on in the world right now, work on new projects, and *breathe*.

With the available time and wealth of available info, a lot of you have been taking on new kinds of work of business ALLTHETHINGS.

(If not, I think it’s wonderful and important to focus on self-care, staying healthy and doing what matters most to you right now. Everyone is handling this time period differently.)

Have you been working on building a new business, starting a side hustle, or pushing forward on creative projects?

Dipping your toes into new things?

I’m not sure if you’re experiencing any kind of struggle with this process, but it’s been helpful for me to remember that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel with whatever I’m doing.

You shouldn’t do that either.

It’s easy to lose enthusiasm when we see a similar business, creation or project that already exists and we feel like we need to do something drastically different (sometimes to our detriment).

But guess what! Success leaves clues. Lots of them.

Seeing their model succeed is a positive sign and you can make tweaks and adjustments so yours stands out to the people you’re wanting to connect with.

If there’s a method out there that works, spend time taking a peek under the hood and learn what made it successful.

Take what you need/what aligns with you, implement that into whatever you're doing, and leave the rest.

If there’s someone out there doing a fantastic job building/creating something that has been successful and shares that freely, listen, learn, implement what works for you... and again, leave out the rest.

Sometimes we shut down and stop learning from others because using the information and what’s available *must be* too easy and can’t possibly work. 

This mindset is a trap.

Things don’t always have to be difficult to be worth it. They can feel easy and effortless. That doesn’t mean *it is* easy and effortless, but we shouldn’t complicate things or make them more difficult for ourselves than they should be.

Use. What's. Out. There.

I’m all for living permissionless and blazing your own path in the world (obvi) but what’s beautiful about the time we're living in is we can do this but also learn and lean into what’s already out there to help us along the way. Free or not.

When I launched Orthris back in 2014, I used my knowledge of what did and didn’t work from my experience working in digital marketing agencies to lessen my chance of failure. I talked with people who started their own agencies or consulting companies to learn what was working for them and what was challenging.

I consumed whatever I could when it came to growing and scaling my business so it could work for me.

I didn't try to drastically reinvent the agency/consulting model from what worked, but I took the base and modified it for my particular focus.

If I went into it ignoring the resources I had available and the proven methods that worked the majority of the time, I would have spent wayyyyy more time trying things and possibly failing. I would have created more of an uphill battle for myself than one should have launching a biz, which is hard enough already.

 You don’t need to reinvent the wheel to be successful. It doesn’t have to be hard.

Use what’s already out there to your advantage and think about how AMAZING it is to have access to so much knowledge from people who have been there and done it before.


  1. Success leaves clues. Follow the footprints.
  2. The hard way isn’t the only way. If a method, framework or blueprint exists for what you want to do, follow what works and modify it to fit your needs. Just because there are successful versions of your “thing” already out there, it doesn’t mean there’s no room for you. It shows that it works.
  3. Just because somebody shares something for free or makes it easily available, it doesn’t mean it’s invaluable.
  4. Learn from the best. Instead of reinventing the wheel and going at it alone, seek out those who have done it before and can help light the path for you.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,

Brain Fuel

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  1. I had a great chat with Alison Clancy last week about her shift from Silicon Valley to the music industry. We talked about boundaries, the importance of asking questions and finding mentors, the benefits of failure, Myspace (!!), ego and more. Give it a listen!


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