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Happy Tuesday, friends!

I've been thinking a lot about the idea of "strategic quitting."

When I was practicing Tae Kwon Do, one of the things we had to yell loudly and overly-enthusiastically was "Quitters never win, and winners never quit!"

This motto and mentality is great - especially if you're an athlete - but in some areas of life, quitting is necessary and beneficial for both growth and sanity sake.

We quit things all the time.  Why is it viewed negatively?

It can come from a few places depending on who you are.

Maybe you feel like everyone around you is going to view you as a quitter, a loser, or someone who can't commit to getting things done.

Maybe you put super high expectations on yourself and feel like you're letting yourself down.

Or maybe it's ego or pride.

Sometimes it's some or all.

If we forever committed to anything and everything in our lives, we wouldn't be living life. We'd be trapped in a suffocating bear hug of things we "have" to do.

If we forever committed to anything and everything in our businesses, we'd have a hard time being profitable.

Every high performer, business owner, or successful individual I've known has always integrated some form of strategic quitting in their lives.

For example, if you listen to our PermissionLESS guests, you'll hear them talk about pivotal points in their lives where they had to quit something in order for the next things to flourish; even if that "next" thing was unknown at the time.

It's not about rage quitting or giving up. There's a way to quit strategically so it aligns with your vision when you're ready to move away from an idea, venture, project, or whatever it might be.

My creative coach does a yearly review of the time required for each of her programs, coaching offerings, speaking engagements, masterminds, events etc., how much she makes for that time, her level of enjoyment, then doubles down on where she feels most profitable/impactful/in alignment and cuts the fat elsewhere.

She quits things. I quit things. We all quit things.

Sometimes we just don't quit for the right reasons.

I'm not encouraging you to randomly quit things for the hell of it, or because it became difficult. It's called strategic quitting because there's thought and care that goes into it; it clears out the old and makes way for the new.

Humans aren't static. We're changing every single second that goes by, so it's natural our vision will shift over time.

You can't grow into the new version of you without (strategically) killing things that aren't in alignment with your path.

What are things in your life or business that you can strategically quit? What doesn't fit the vision anymore?

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,

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