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Hey <<First Name>>!

I'm coming to from you from the past because I'm currently unplugged for a soon-to-be birthday and end of year refresh. Hello!

I unplug around this time every year and it does wonders for my mental clarity and gives me some much needed perspective. No social input. Limited work input. Lots of roaming the internal landscape. I highly suggest trying it, even for just a day.

2020 has forced a lot of change upon us. Some willingly, and some from external factors that we had no control over, and lots of time to think about it. I know for me, I've been spending a lot of time thinking about my health, happiness, motivation, work, purpose, relationships... you know. Light topics. 😂

I'm sure you've been experiencing it too, right?

I came across something that someone shared (So vague, I know. I really wish I could remember who) that I kinda obsessed over. So, I wanna share it with you too.

They said something to the effect of.... "When making radical changes in your life, work or purpose, it can feel like a completely new beginning and a fresh start. Thinking of it this way adds unneeded pressure to your choices. It makes it dramatic. All you're doing is flowing from one thing to the next on your journey. That's it."

Sit with that thought for a moment.

In all different communities and groups I'm a part of, I've been noticing people using this time to really overhaul and make some big changes in terms of work and where their focus is (again, willingly or by necessity) which is exciting! I'm all for living life on our own terms.

But like any leap, it's not without some hesitation and there's a fright factor to it. It's like standing on top of a cliff ready to swan dive... and yah there's water below that you're jumping into but you have noooo idea if there's rocks under the surface or brain eating amoeba. 🤷🏻‍♀️

So let's reframe the leap.

Starting something new is not a cut off from your old life and the start of a new life. You're merely flowing into a new direction.

It's still you. It's still your life. It's still your journey.

All you're doing is shifting things to support where you want to go and who you want to be. It might be a mental shift, it might be a physical shift, or both.

It was such a refreshing thought when I came across. Isn't it funny how we build things up in our minds to be this huge thing omg when really, it's just one step after the other?

I'm guilty of this. I have to constantly tell myself it's just one step... and another step... and another step...

Even in the cliff analogy I used above - why does the person have to be jumping so dramatically anyway? Why aren't they rappelling down the side of said mountain? Same destination, less dramatic entrance.

If you're thinking of starting something new and you're feeling the pressure to close the old chapter... remember: All you need to do is flow and let things unfold naturally.

Take a step.

I hope this was helpful and takes the stress off if you're in the midst of making some big changes.

PS: I know I mentioned on socialz that there would be an announcement this week, but I'm not quite at the point where I'm ready.

Soon-ish. :)

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,

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