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Hope you're OK as we go into week 1 thousandy million of quarantine. I watched two squirrels get into an epic battle on the telephone wire outside my place the other day, so that's how entertainment during the Big Q is going for me.

Since we've been kinda left to our own devices during this 'forced' break from life, I've been having more and more convos with people who are ready for something different in their lives. Change and uncertainty begets... change and uncertainty right?

A number of things might be holding people back right now, but the biggest one had to do with simply not feeling like they could do *this thing* because it was so different from something they're doing now.

When we’re about to do something bold, daring, out of character or different from the norm, a little voice can sometimes pop up in our heads that says “You can’t do that.”
For a brief second, we might believe it. Sometimes that second extends for minutes or hours. Days even.

Or forever.
That small seed of a thought can drastically kick us off the path of what could be because we were so weird about the possibility of just starting.

Your brain isn't always right. Sometime it tests your limits.
When you start to feel the “You can’t do that” narrative coming on, talk back to it and try this on for size: 
“Why the fuck can’t I do that?”
The reality is, nothing is stopping you from doing it. Our brains can just be assholes sometimes.🤷🏻‍♀️

Give that thing a shot.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,


Brain Fuel

Unemployable / 7-Figure Small: I've been a big fan of Unemployable from Brian Clark, and more recently the 7-Figure Small podcast. If you're looking for some inspo while staying super lean, there's some great episodes to listen to! Find it here.

The Mind, Explained (Netflix) - I love things that can teach me about different topics visually in a short amount of time. The Netflix 'Explained' series digs into a bunch of different topics in 20-25 minutes. They also have sub-series (like the one I'm recommending here) so take a look for "The Mind, Explained." There's episodes on Memory, Dreams, Mindfulness, Anxiety and Psychedelics. If you're a curious person these might be interesting to you!
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