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What's up fraaaandz. Let's talk about routine and change.

Radical change requires rewiring, but don't worry, you can keep your morning latte!

What's your morning look like? You probably wake up and do the same exact things every day.

Maybe it's a routine you put into place, or maybe it's a set of habits that you're on autopilot for.

Mine usually consists of waking up --> stumbling to the kitchen to make coffee --> journaling with binaural beats --> grabbing said coffee and making sure I don't wear it --> reading/researching --> starting the day.

When we fall into the familiar day in and day out, we're essentially letting the past play out and dictate our future without even realizing it.

We surrender to the "normal" and our expectations and actions follow that.

You probably wake up thinking about the same things too.

For example, I'm dealing with something new that's business related and it's been on my mind for the past 2 weeks.

Before I'm actually awake I'll have thoughts rushing into my brain about something that I shouldn't even be thinking so much about.

I'm in an anxious state before I even open my eyes. I'm allowing past emotions and thoughts inform my day before I'm even consciously awake.

This definitely has an impact on my day ahead, so I've been meditating immediately when waking up to reset my brain and get present.

Our brains become neurologically wired to respond the same way to the same things, especially when we're in a heightened emotional state.

We go through the day in a steady state of expectation, anticipation and reaction (good and bad) because: autopilot.

Our brains love the familiar because the familiar keeps us safe.

But if you wanna live a permissionless life, you don't necessary want the same thing every day.

You want change and growth. Change and growth cannot coexist with keeping things the same.

How can we make room for a new unknown future if the brain is continually living in its comfy state of The Known?

I love having a super cozy and slow start to the morning. But the plans for Future Me probably won't involve the same morning routines and rituals.

How can you expect to become Future You if Present You is stuck in Past You?

You can't.

You have to rewire your thoughts, feelings, emotions and actions every day, otherwise you'll be living in a state of repeat.

Look back at last week and list out everything you did on a daily basis.

I bet 90% of those items were the same exact things you do every day, maybe differing in the tasks themselves (if work related).

Now think about something you wanna change and shake your routine up for tomorrow and the next day.

Do things at a different time. Try something new. Do something that's outside of your comfort zone.

Now rinse, repeat, and start the rewiring process. Obvi I'm simplifying it so it's not scary, but it's a good start. :)

Lemme know what you end up switching up!

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,

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