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I've been hitting on the theme of success and failure recently, so it only makes sense to dive into "debt" as well.

No, not financial debt. Not karmic debt. Not technical debt.

Something I've designated as "mental debt."

We accrue a number of things over time that hang around in our brains like little gremlins. They have a tendency to rear their ugly heads when we're trying to make a radical change or grow, to remind us that they're destructive little assholes.

This is mental debt.

It's all the things from the past that take up space in our brain even if we're not accessing or engaging with them at the moment.

They hold a small but powerful amount of influence over our present and future decisions, much like financial debt does.

And everyone has it. It's just that some people identify it and work through it faster to clear it out, and others are at the point in their journey where they're realizing it's actually what they need to destroy to move forward.

For people like you and me who are continually working to level up and chart our own path, mental debt can suddenly pop up like spike strips and pop a tire when we're racing along to get where we're going.

And noooooobody wants to run over spike strips and get a flat tire.

Once mental debt shows its face and you realize it's there, figure out how to dissolve it.

Much like financial debt, the more you ignore it, the bigger and scarier it becomes. The interest that starts to rack up is like the fear, doubt and uncertainty that gets in the way of our next move.

You can deal with the new stuff (interest) but until you get to the principal, you're treading water.

If you get through this email and realize you have mental debt that's preventing you from getting to V2, V3, V4 or V-whatever of *you*, then that's awesome, and you're not alone.

Like I said before, everyone has it in some way, shape or form. The lesson is in clearing it out, not in never having it in the first place.


And then you can continue on the path to being an unstoppable force.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,


Brain Fuel


  by Paulo CoehloThe Alchemist

I feel like maybe I'm a little late to the "The Alchemist" party?!

I've heard so much about this book, and yet had an aversion to reading it because of how highly it was rated. How's that for a psychological mind fuck? I wasn't sure if it just achieved cult status but wasn't *great* or if it was really a "must-read" and deserved the accolades.

I'm here to report back that it's a must read. 🤯

The simplicity in which the story is told makes each lesson and chapter masterful. I finished it in two days because I couldn't stop listening.

Follow along with the main character as he embarks on a journey as he meets a number of interesting peeps and learns to trust his instinct/intuition along the way.
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