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What vs. how vs. consistency

You're probably asking "wth are you actually talking about Selena?" I assure you - I've had my coffee and there's a fully formed thought coming out of that. 👆🏼

There's a lot of different things to do, and a lot of different ways to do it. It's the same in business, life, relationships. It's kinda like Paint by Numbers vs. free hand drawing. You can get the same result. One just tells you where to fill in the colors for an expected outcome with room to play, and the other is aiming for the expected outcome but being completely free in how you do so.

I had a really fun example here with graffiti, paint by numbers, and a giraffe because that's fun to think about. 🦒👩🏻‍🎨 But since I'm notoriously bad with analogies, let's go with something more "real life."

If you have something to accomplish... doing it perfectly doesn't matter, doing it like someone else has laid out for you isn't always the right way, and really, how you do it doesn't matter either.

What does matter is aiming for an outcome (the what) and consistently using the method that works for you (the how) instead of constantly switching shit up (yes! consistency).

Even if it's not the BEST way to do it or you see other people doing it a different way. There is no best way. Just the constant hunt for it.

You can get lost and waste SO much time always chasing the perfect way or method to doing something. It's Shiny Object Syndrome's annoying brother, but slightly more insidious.

Here's a biz example (even though it applies to almost everything in life):

If you're running a business and trying to streamline operations, you can't keep setting up, tearing down, and changing processes and workflow every few days. You'll feel perpetually up-ended and all over the place searching for the holy grail of systems, on top of managing where everything is now, and who is now doing what.

But guess what! You decide to change things up anyway! You're sick of the Paint by Numbers kit and ready to shake things up with a little free hand fun. Oh, and you change things once every week to try things out because #yolo.

The processes could have been slightly tweaked and made to be better. But nooooo.

Your lack of consistency, focus and weird desire to tinker and drastically change things screwed everything up. Now everything is chaos.

Plus, your team members hate you and will probably turn your face into a dart board at your holiday party.

At this point, you find yourself thinking, "damn. I should have stuck with the Paint By Numbers kit and went rogue testing some new colors, instead of flinging different paint around everywhere and hoping SOMETHING landed on the paper and looked good."

Give things a chance to work.

If you find something that works - even if it's not PERFECT -  stick with that until it's a well-oiled machine and flows nicely in your day to day. You won't be wasting time changing methods, thinking about another new flow, or doing insane busy work for no reason.

Then when you're ready, you can get feedback, look at your "how" and say "Is this working? Is the opportunity cost of changing this up worth it?" then make a decision from there as to what gets changed.

And look! It was less stressful than chasing something perfect, switching to a new method every few days because the Karen inside you said "It's been 3 days and this isn't working! Do something else!" and never getting anything done.

Don't chase the shiny ball. Don't create unnecessary chaos.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,


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