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Woah. So, it's the end of a decade.

Soon there's going to be Buzzfeed articles memeing the 2000s, because it'll be the new 90s.

As a quick aside, I know everyone is sharing their highlight reels of the past decade right now which can be both inspiring and frustrating. If you're feeling like your accomplishments aren't good enough or they're diminished in some way: stop that right now. Remember: everything is relative.

I thought about writing a waytoolong post about lessons I've learned in the past decade and blah blah blah. But I don't think that'll be important to you.

What's important is you. This is your journey.

Instead, I'll be sharing methods I'm using for some good ol' introspection and reflection to close out this moment in time a little later in the email, in case you wanna try it out too.

We're closing out a decade friends. I believe every day is a chance to start fresh and we shouldn't wait for the new year to set our intentions, resolutions or however you celebrate, BUT...

This is big.

A lot happens in a decade and it calls for proper celebration and reflection. It's time to think more about how you want to feel and what energy you wanna live in for this new decade, rather than only focusing on what goals you want to accomplish.

Let's jump into the methods I mentioned earlier. (Don't forget to swing by the end of the email for some closing thoughts to to take with you into 2020.)

1) Choose a power word: Pick a word that you'll be embodying the energy of next year. It can be anything. Abundance. Creativity. Expansion. Wealthy. Commitment. Humor. Courageousness. Growth. Strength. Focus. Ease. You get the point. :)

2) Reflect on and write a list for what you want more of in 2020, what you want less of, and non-negotiables. This is something I do every year in place of resolutions because I suck at resolutions and never follow them.

This method helps me define what exciting, thrilling, high energy, intentional things I want in place for the next year, what bullshit, low energy things I simply have no space for, and non-negotiables that take top priority (For example, eating healthy when traveling).

Since we're walking into a new decade, I'm focusing on things that have been a common thread (good or bad) for a number of years, but it'll be just as impactful if you choose to only reflect on 2019 for 2020!

3) Write a list of your biggest accomplishments and celebrate those wiiiiiins! Self explanatory. Celebrate your queen/king moments. 👑

4) Review and update your vision map: You may already do some version of this like a vision board, writing out "this is my perfect day" and so on. Revisit them, refine them, or consider creating one for a longer time-frame if you usually do them for only the year ahead.

I created a process for myself called Vision Mapping where I write the perfect vision for different areas of my life over different periods of time, and things to meditate on. You may have seen glimpses of it on my IG stories in the past.

I'm going to share that process with you this coming year so you can create one and share in its goodness, too.

5) Create a mini video for a decade time capsule: This is a new one for me! Spend 10 minutes and film a little time capsule talking about whatever you wanna from the last decade. Funny things, what sucked, accomplishments, challenges, exciting experiences, and what you want for the next decade.

When you look at this a decade from now, it'll blow your mind because so much will change. Some snort laughs or crying may ensue. This is just for you; you don't have to share it with anyone. If you have a partner/significant other consider doing it with them!

Some closing thoughts:

I hope this inspired some new ways to walk into the next year with grace and power. Hell, even the next decade. Continue working towards the things that light you on fire, even if they're challenging. Spend more time with people you love. Spend less time doing shit you hate.

But more importantly, take each day as it comes and work on continually growing, transforming and reinventing yourself.

BE PRESENT. Isn't that what life is about?

SEE YOU IN 2020!!

PS: If setting resolutions or goals for the new year is your jam, I wanna mention Atomic Habits by James Clear again. It was a game-changer for me in 2019.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS in 2020 and beyond,
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