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Hiiiii <<First Name>>,

When you're working on leveling up and making drastic changes to your life, you may inevitably have doubts or second guess yourself.

Every single guest on the PermissionLESS podcast has talked about different moments where they weren't sure things would turn out the way they thought they would. It might have made them hesitate for a sec, but it certainly didn't stop them.

Ever start working on something new or take steps towards making a massive change in your life and get sneaky little thoughts about failure and 'what ifs'?

Or things are motoring along juuuuuust fine but you're resisting something that could take you to the next level because you're afraid to fail, even though you know you could kill it?

Could you... maybe... have a fear of success and growth? Masquerading as a fear of failure?

Yes, success is subjective and it's never a point we "arrive" at but roll with me here.

(Also, let's all collectively give those thoughts a🖕🏼)

Fear of failure is suuuuch a common thing that people talk about, but what about fear of succeeding? Fear of what happens on the other side of growth?

Often it's not even really success itself we fear. It's the unknown consequences we're afraid of that come with success -  good, bad, and what we perceive as either.

That, my friends, is something we don't realize is the real thing we're afraid of.

Acknowledge that it might be there and give it a name, but don't let it stop you.

You're making breakfast. When you plug in a toaster and put toast in it you expect the toaster to work, right? You don't start worrying that your toast *might actually* toast, or that it'll be *too* good.

Would you talk yourself out of breakfast for that? Wouldn't that be silly?

And if it doesn't toast enough the first time, wouldn't you just put it in again?

We do things hoping success is on the other side like taking a job in a completely different industry, reaching out to chat with a mentor, starting our own business, or even doing something adventurous and radical like stunt driving to kick-start a whole new career. Otherwise, why waste our time, right?

Why do we talk ourselves out of the potential success we can experience?

It's normal to be afraid of the consequences of success. Succeeding at something means things could drastically change. But the beauty is things can change in ways you've only dreamed of.

Of course, there could be some bad that comes with the good and changes you're uncomfortable within the short term, but that comes with growth in general.

Get EXCITED about success and growth! Let yourself try something knowing you could succeed even if you're not sure what the other side will look like.

Some things to consider,

1. Let's get this out of the way first. It's okay to fail.

2. Even when you're successful (whatever that means to you) things will never turn out exactly the way you envision it. But that can be the *fun* part. Get comfortable with the uncomfortable because it's comin' for you!

3. It's normal to jump to the bad parts of success (like the fear of outgrowing your friends, peers, or taking on way more responsibility) but for every bad, there's a good. Focus on those. Even though it can feel scary af, growth can also feel exciting.

4. Ask yourself why you're afraid. Why would it be so bad to grow and succeed? What's the worst and best thing that can happen? Write it down. Usually, it won't seem so threatening when on paper.

5. You can handle anything that comes your way. Know that.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,


PS: If you come across someone who is doing something insanely different, interesting, and unconventional, I'd love it if you shared it with me!

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