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Hey friends,

I know we're all getting blasted with emails and messages around COVID-19 from businesses, family, friends. I just wanted to pop in your inbox to say hi and see how you're doing, since things might seem confusing or hard AF for society at large right now.  Adaptability is one of the tenants of living permissionless and mannnnn are we being forced to do that right now.

Everyone is being affected from local businesses to small businesses, indie creators, large studios, corporations, families, seniors, individuals. It kinda feels like this right now:

But YOU'VE GOT THIS. You are strong, resilient and awesome. If you feel like your hands are tied, you're at a standstill right now, or are super antsy/anxious here's a couple of things that can help:
  • First and foremost, take care of yourself! Mentally and physically. Take a bath/shower, give yourself the king or queen treatment. Take a drive with some good music. Play some games. Watch some good shit. Have a dance party. The whole plane air mask applies here. Take care of yourself so you can be there for others.
  • Check in with friends and family to make sure they're good and maintaining their sanity. Keep the connections alive! Even if you hate phones (like me) texting and DMs can suffice.
  • TAKE THIS TIME TO MENTALLY RECHARGE! Fo' real. The world is being forced to take a break right now. Join in. Have a bunch of books on tap? Read them. Want to catch up on some shows? Do it up. Wanna just slow down and get your life together? Do it. Do whatever makes you feel good.
  • Support a local or small business if you're financially able to. They're suffering a lot right now. You can do this without physically going in. You can even consider donating to food banks. A lot of schools are closing and many homeless or low-income family kids depend on them for meals, so families will need extra assistance.
  • A lot of independent creatives and artists lost their opportunities because of SXSW and other events being canceled. Consider buying merch, music, films or even just sharing some work from indie creators with others that you enjoy. It helps their livelihoods.
  • Instead of the fear inducing cycle of the news, considering watching something entertaining, light hearted and funny, then share it with a friend. There's so much doom and gloom out there right now - do we need to consume more?! If you must have a little dose of realism with your entertainment, a good stand-up special could hit the spot.

I wanted to let you know that I'm here. If you're new to the whole 'working from home' thing and are trying to adapt, or just feel isolated/anxious, send me a message here or a DM on Instagram (@selenavidya). I'm always here to chat if you need me!

The PermissionLESS email is 1 part inspiration, 2 parts sharing ways to take massive action in business & creativity, and all parts curiosity about growth, life and the universe. I love to chat with readers - hit reply and empty your mind into an email. I'm here for it. 🙌🏼

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