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“Everything is moving, always.”
My brain's been on overdrive lately. A combination of excitement and the natural (annoying, ongoing) energy my brain tends to have whether I want it to or not.
I was browsing Reddit on my phone a little too early this morning. Like most of us, my screen time has been at an all-time high. I try to spend most mornings tech free, but I’m human and that was deeeeefinitely not how things went down this AM. 🤷🏻‍♀️
I felt that small unsettling feeling that creeps up when you know you’ve been staring at your phone for a bit but need to get moving.
(There’s a point here, I promise.)
So I tossed my phone down on the chair next to me and placed a throw pillow against the arm of the chair. My plan was to spend a few moments gazing out the window and drinking my coffee while letting the anxious energy dissipate so I could clear my head for the day.
It was overcast here in LA. I was watching this one super fluffy grey cloud slowly float by. You know when you stare at something for a bit and your mind starts to wander? 
Then everything kinda gets all blurry and weird as you zone out on it?
That was happening to me, so I let it be. I let the lines of the moving cloud dance a bit and didn’t try to hold on to the IRL image of what I was actually looking at for fear of breaking the relaxation.
All of a sudden, I had this really random thought pop into my head.
“Everything is moving, always.”
Wut. Think about that seemingly obvious statement for a moment. Really think about it.
Everything is moving, always. 
It makes so much sense when you think about it. 

No matter how still things seem, they’re moving. If we’re talking real, tangible objects there’s a lot shifting around that we don’t have the power to detect with our naked eyes.
Sometimes things are moving s l o w l y like the clouds I was staring at, but move they do, even if it’s barely perceptible. 
The majority of what is moving are the intangible, invisible things. Things are always in motion around us.
The same goes for you, your body and your mind. How you feel right this very second isn’t how you’re going to feel a few minutes from now.

Time is passing.

Thoughts are changing.

Opportunities are materializing. 

Things are moving.
If you feel stuck with how things are right now, know there are things constantly shifting and moving around you even if it doesn’t feel like it. 
Even if you can’t see it moving.
I was chatting with my friend Ricardo the other day about how what you do at any moment informs what unfolds for you in the future. It could be nothing, or something, but things are moving whether you realize it or not.
If you can get comfortable with the thought of everything always moving and changing, you can get comfortable with being uncomfortable and know that no one minute will be like the next.

That's a pretty empowering thought, actually.
On that note, I had a great conversation with actor, stunt-fighter and musician Jayme Woj about how creatives can continue to thrive while in quarantine when it seems like everything is weird af and we can't control anything that's happening. 

You can
catch the episode here or on your fave podcast platform!

I'm gonna end this with the cliche I hope you're staying safe and healthy but I really do mean it. Hit me up if you need anything.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,


Brain Fuel

I’ve been prototyping and testing a planner called the MAP Planner for the past year+. I finally decided to release the digital/printable version a few weeks ago so people could use it as a tool to help them manage wtf is going on now in their daily lives, and it's been received really well.

The planner provides a mixture of journaling opportunities, mindset work, daily reflection and methodology to make sure your most important tasks are the main focus on a daily basis. 
If you’re curious about the planner, check it out here:

Action Alchemy will have more tools and mindset work in the future that'll help you get unstuck and 'do the work.'

What does this have to do with PermissionLESS? 🤔 If you can gain control of your inner world, you can excel at crafting your outer world and truly live a permissionless life.

See?! Makes total sense.
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