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July came in kicking and screaming?! Is anyone else feeling that as well?

A small thought for you to ponder on today:

Success isn't a destination.

Success is relative.

Failure is relative.

Success can't be a destination because success is relative. Here's why: You have no idea what your maximum potential is. You may be gauging your potential off what you see as a realistic possibility, or landmarks you see in friends/peers/family.

You may be gauging success against a past or (perceived) future failure.

Your maximum potential is (almost entirely) limitless, so for you to decide something is a "success" is discounting the fact that it may be a failure compared to what your true measure of success could be. Success is a milestone, not a destination.

Much like day is to night, and happiness to sadness, you can't have success without failure, and failure without success.

Success is only *something* because we have all of these other elements around it to shine a light on it. It's a constant moving target that shifts and evolves over time.

What's an important thing to do is look at every success to see where you could have done better, and every failure to see what you learned.

Cheers to living PermissionLESS,


Brain Fuel

I was gonna share a book this week, but I re-watched this TED Talk and couldn't resist sharing it with you.

This starts out a little slower, but I love it because it really makes you think. If you focus on what he's saying about how reality is a shared hallucination, you'll start seeing everything differently.

It's common sense that no two people view/perceive things the same way, but hearing him talk through how we piece together reality is really fascinating.

Give it a watch and lemme know what you think!
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