SimplerCloud's Advanced $10/mth Cloud Servers & Updates
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Our $10/mth Cloud Servers keep getting better.

The SimplerCloud commitment is: instant, easy, and reliable.

These are words we don't take lightly.  Our $10/month SimplerCloud concept stuffs the cool benefits of cloud computing into simple, pre-packaged plans so you can order easily and automatically.  We obliterated the cost out of expensive sales administration by making everything super-automated, even live upgrades. Your cloud plan is everything you need to build your business: high-performance SSD servers, high-availability, redundant centralized storage, and more.

Best of all, we are always innovating and evolving to bring you constant improvements and new features.  Here are just a few that we have added in the last 30 days.

Introducing Snapshot Backups

Now every SimplerCloud servelet, even extra-small ones (the XS), has the ability to run their own automatic snapshot backups for redundancy.  For more, visit our blog.

Free CloudFlare Integration

We have integrated Content Delivery Network (CDN) services from the award-winning CloudFlare directly into your cloud management panel.  You can sign up, enable and manage your CDN services, along with DNS services, directly from a single point for greater convenience. Read more..

cPanel and Plesk available

Two of the world's most popular server configuration panels are easily ordered on our automated order system. Most major panels will be available in the near future

2 New OS added: ArchLinux, openSUSE

In addition to Ubuntu, CentOS and Windows, we have added ArchLinux and OpenSUSE as easily selectable OS options for your Servelet, simply click to add from your customer panel. Remember that every SimplerCloud Servelet has its own dedicated kernel, allowing for any OS of your choice to be installed.  We 're continuing to add more OS flavours and if there's something that you want, please send us a request. Find out more..

Want to launch your SSD server in minutes?  Go to : 2-minute Order
— SimplerCloud Team

Why SimplerCloud is not a VPS better than a VPS

Every SimplerCloud Servelet will fail-over in the event of physical node failure. 

Highly Distributed Storage
With centralized, not local storage, your SimplerCloud Servelet allows for significant redundancy as well as auto-scaling.

Every Servelet has a dedicated kernel
True virtualization, with infrastructure resources distributed over multiple physical servers. Get your own OS. 

On-the-fly upgrades and downgrades
Scale your resources according to your needs in an instant, and automatically.

No annual contracts, no bloated sales cycles
Monthly billing from $10/month, with immediate deployment.  Your server is ready in real time.

More Features
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