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Dear <<AV name>>,

As you may know, the yearly Participatory Selection Process to select new members for four major working groups (Auroville Council, FAMC, L’avenir d’Auroville/TDC, Working Committee) is scheduled for March 2019. The nomination and participation period is officially over and the feedback process on all registered candidates and participants is going to end soon.

Since the list of candidates and participants was published, the Residents’ Assembly Service has received a petition initiated by Juan and signed by 84 Aurovilians asking to re-open the call for participation. During our meeting with Juan, it was expressed that he, as many other Aurovilians “missed the train” of the closing date for participation. And being aware of the very poor level of participation, he felt, in-tune with many other Aurovilians who signed the petition, that it was needed to give another gate to enter into the Selection Process for those who want to participate in Auroville’s organization.

A part from the petition, considerable amount of feedback coming from many different Aurovilians were expressed to the RAS regarding the way the Participatory Selection Process is organized today.

The Residents’ Assembly Service and the Study Group receive these concerns, questions and doubts with attention, knowing that:

  • Groups urgently need new members to serve and work properly for Auroville;

  • Time is needed to answer with consciousness to the strong and legitimate call for re-thinking and re-designing the Selection Process;

  • Re-opening the Call for nomination could be felt by those who registered in time that they are not valued when it would also allow the latecomers to enrich the Selection Process.

Therefore it has been decided, by the RAS in collaboration with the Study Group, to consult the community at large by taking a pulse of the current situation before going ahead.

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Survey will run until


A General Meeting will also be organized around the 14th of February to allow all interested Aurovilians to come together and share their opinions and perspectives.

We agreed to conduct later, after the ongoing Selection Process, another Survey on the Participatory Selection Process in general (as defined in the ‘Participatory Working Groups’ guidelines) in order to open widely the discussion and take time to welcome new ways for the next round.

~ Much love,

The Residents' Assembly Service and the Study Group


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