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11th December 2020

From The President

From Dream to Reality
An incredibly resolute 2½ year effort by Steve Burdett and his many co-conspirators, colleagues, disciples, donors, contractors and slaves has seen (almost) all the finishing touches put on the Hall Upgrade just in time for our GALA Grand Opening tonight. The project has been completed on budget and on schedule, and is already playing its part in improving our cashflow through more Hall Hire, and making our Club a more attractive venue for members and visitors.
Well done to everybody who contributed. Click here to see the transformation.
Major Credits:
Commonwealth Govt (SportAus) - $200k
Town of East Fremantle - $108k
Our (very humble) Cash Donors – A vital $17k contribution to the budget
Alcoa Community Grant (via Graham Hancock) - $3k towards our embankment planting
Commonwealth Govt - $5k towards our UAT upgrade
Steve Burdett – Project Administrator Extraordinaire
John Chisolm – Building Designer (mates rates)
Janine Ahern – Club Manager and general doer of everything
Sheila Cooksey – Club Financial Manager through a torrid time for the books
Ray and Jacinta Bushnell – Our very-first volunteers, getting stuck into the UAT refurb and tiling
Peter Ross, Kit Leake and friends – Painting, fixing, fixing, and more painting
William Bell and friends – em-Bank-ment Manager and epic story teller
The Capital Projects Subcommittee (Steve, Stuart, Brian, Glen, Janine and myself) – The Dreamers
Construct Perth (Daniel Coleman and Simon Harrington) – The Doers
Julie Bahemia and friends – The party organisers.

And thankyou to all the members who put wind in our sails by saying things like “Well done, you’re doing good, keep going.”.
See you at the GALA Grand Opening tonight - Let’s Celebrate!

Upcoming Dates For The Diary

New Facilities Grand Opening  – 11th December 
UTR Tournament - 17th -19th December 
Community Open Day - 30th January 
100Club Pro-Am - 6th February 

Club News

Calling on Volunteers for the UTR Tournament. 

The UTR Event at East Fremantle LTC runs from midday on Thursday 17th – Saturday 19th December. 

As always this event (the old Junior Classic) requires a little bit of member help to run smoothly. 
We would greatly appreciate if you could put your hand up, even to cover one 2 hr shift. 

CLICK HERE to see the roster and put your name down to help. If you have problems with the roster, please click here to email and register your interest.  
Let the Sun Shine
Thanks to a $7000 grant from the Federal Government Energy Efficient Communities Program, EFLTC now has a 6.6kW solar system.
Kenny and Lewis from SolarGain installed the system this week, which will save us around $2000 in electricity costs per year, and reduce our carbon footprint.

100Club Pro-Am – Save the Date
The next 100Club Pro-Am is now set for Saturday afternoon, 6th February 2021.
If you want to be part of it you must be a current 100Club Member (Membership costs $100, and lasts for one year).
The EFLTC 100Club was established last year to support the top young talent at EFLTC. The funds raised by our generous donors (100Club Members) helps our elite young players chase their tennis dreams, and enhances EFLTC’s reputation as a Club that values, cares for and supports players with elite potential at every stage of their development. With the help of 100Club, we now have a Women’s Open Div 1 team, showcasing young ladies who are amongst the best players in Perth, playing right here at EFLTC.
click here to join 100Club and do your bit for the future of our great game.


Member News

Mount Everest
The 1953 British Mount Everest expedition was the first confirmed to have succeeded when Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached the summit on Friday, 29 May 1953. Base Camp was established at 5455 m on 12 April 1953. A series of advanced camps were created, slowly reaching higher up the mountain, the last was Camp VII at 7,300 m on 17
May. On 29 May, the expedition made its assault on the summit with the New Zealander Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay from Nepal. On returning from the summit, Hillary's first words were "Well, George, we knocked the bastard off”. OK, enough of Hillary and Norgay. Together, we have completed our own momentous achievement. Beginning on 2 September preparations for the assault on our sand bank began with arrangements made for purchase of the Donnybrook Stone. Sand was excavated from the
base of the bank in order set the rocks in their final resting place.

Base camp. 8 October. Arrival of Donnybrook Stone and digging into position.
Camp II. 29 October. Sculpting of bank and shifting of sand from under the club house onto
the bank.
Camp III. 5 November. Further sculpting of bank and shifting of the remaining sand from
under the club house onto the bank.
Camp IV. 12 November. Arrival and digging in of soil conditioner.
Camp V. 19 November. Laying out and burying of drip feed irrigation line. Also, installation of
root barrier.
Camp VI. 25 November. Installation of the galvanized mesh under the balcony and fitting of
water tap.
Camp VII. 3 December. Final assault on the bank. Planting of native flora and spreading of
wood chips.

Well, it’s been a long campaign and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to saying,
“Well, Steve, we knocked the bastard off”.

Contributed by William Bell, Vice President 
Welcome to our newest members! 

A very warm welcome to the following newest members.
Tim O’Leary
 Yanping Yu

We look forward to welcoming you around the club and having a hit soon! 

Safe WA App 
It is a requirement that all that ENTER the premises register their attendance by either downloading the SafeWA app and scanning the QR code or signing an attendance register which will be available at the club. You will notice QR codes at the entrance of the clubrooms, captain's office, hall and toilets.  

SafeWA app can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play

Please do your bit and keep everyone safe. 


Division 1          Sat Women's Open - Yeats -    HOME    LOSS            
Division 1          Girls 18/U - Steinemann      HOME     WON        
Division 1          Sunday Men's 35+ - Rogers     AWAY LOSS   
Division 1          Sunday Men's 60+ - Howard   AWAY    LOSS                            
Division 2          Saturday Men's Open - Crosbie  AWAY   LOSS                   
Division 2          Boys 15/U - Rusiti                  HOME      LOSS                         
Division 2          Sunday Men's 35+ - Smith   HOME   LOSS   Division 2          Wednesday Women's 55+ - Wyatt    AWAY    WON                    
Division 3          Girls 15/U - Fardon              HOME    WON
Division 4          Green Ball 13/U - Cooksey     HOME        LOSS  
Division 4          Mixed 13/U - Marshall            AWAY       LOSS                      
Division 4          Thursday Night Women's - Bushnell      HOME         LOSS     
Division 6          Saturday Men's Open - Lampe              HOME     LOSS           
Division 6          Boy's 15/U - Farquhar               AWAY      LOSS        
Division 8          Boys 15/U - Ristic                  AWAY     LOSS    
Echidna Division   Green Ball 13/U - Griffin         AWAY     LOSS       
Mixed Division A     Mixed 13/U - Dwyer        AWAY     LOSS            

Meet A Member

One minute with...  Mike Mears 

1.    How long have you been a member at EFLTC?   I think about 3 weeks. But I’ve been playing socially for about 3 months on Tuesday nights. 

2.    What’s your favourite tennis shot? Gee. I’d have to say a forehand down the line return, especially in doubles when the net player is creeping away from the tram line haha apart from that, I’m just happy when they go in!

3.    What’s your Achilles heel?  Errrrhhhhh definitely backhand and half volleys

4.    Favourite tennis player?  As an all rounder person and player - King Roger. As a tennis physic to aspire to - Rafa! And purely as a player and on-court talent, The Joker for me hands down.  That said, if any of these guys are playing against each other, I’ll always be gunning for Roger! 

5.    Favourite holiday destination? Anywhere near the coast or theme parks and with people who like to party!

6.    When not playing tennis, we can find you….?  Probably working haha. And if I’m not working I’ll be hanging out with my family, either in the garden, at the beach or at home ordering Uber eats haha 

We love meeting our members, so please don't be shy and introduce yourself by filling out the questions along with a photo.  click here to submit. 

Tennis Trivia 

Tennis is believed to have originated in the monastic cloisters in northern France in the 12th century. Interestingly, the ball was then struck with palm of the hand. At that time it was named “jeu de paume” (game of the palm). Rackets came into use during the 16th century.

Sponsor News & Member Offers 

Liquor Barons East Fremantle
Fermoy SSB 
$17.99ea or 6 for $60

Tyrepower O'Connor
FREE Wheel Alignment with any purchase of two or more tyres.
Contact Lincoln at Tyrepower O’Connor 9337 1019

Spend and Support the Club 

Dine at Sweetwater and support our club!
EFLTC receives a 10% kickback of all money spent at Sweetwater. 

Follow these steps to start supporting your club: 
1. Download the Australian Venue Co App,  to pay on your mobile.
2. Select the drop-down menu, click voucher & enter the code EFLTC 
3. Add a payment method 
3. Start spending with the app and your club will be rewarded. 
Your rewards and credits: 
- $10 Welcome credit for all new members 
- 10% off food and drink at Sweetwater Rooftop Bar 
- Earn 10 points for every dollar spent on the app 
- Every 2000 points converts to $20 credit 

Sweetwater Rooftop Bar - Click here to see inside! 
Phone: (08) 9460 9988
Give back to our club with Containers for Change! 
Don't forget to collect your stubbies, aluminum cans, and plastic bottles to help East Fremantle raise funds.
EFLTC we receive 10c for all eligible drink 
containers donated. We have bins at the club that you can drop your containers into or drop them off at any collection point. If dropping at a collection point please use our unique scheme ID C10291529 and help us get our hardcourts resurfaced sooner.


Hall Classes 

Yoga with Peter Humphry
Every Friday in the hall 9am – 10am cost $15 Book your spot by phoning 0408 088 801.
Pilates with Rhiannon
A full-body, 50 minute Pilates mat class. This class will encourage the freedom of movement while at the same time refining each exercise so you will be sure to feel every muscle in your body.

Pilates props are included to challenge and assist throughout the class.
 For more information, you can head to or email

All ages and levels are welcome.
Riverside Nature Yoga
Rest, reflect, and recharge with riverside body poetry yoga now on at the Tennis Club Hall. Suitable for all levels. 1 hr sessions include breath work  meditation and vinyasa flow and are held Tuesdays at twilight (5.30pm) and Saturday & Wednesday mornings 9.30am.
For more details and to register visit
Martial arts 
Learn self-defence, discipline, and gain fitness in our freestyle martial arts program. Classes available for kids 5 years old and above, teens & adults.  Kids classes on Mondays & Wednesdays 5:45-6:30 pm, Adults & Teens classes on Tuesdays & Thursdays 7:45-8:45pm.
Beginners welcome to attend two free trial classes.
Pilates Matwork Class - Thursday's 5.30pm 
This is a mixed level fun class suitable for all ages and experience, designed to tone and strengthen your entire body.
Our classes include standing Pilates to strengthen the legs and improve balance, as well as Mat work to help strengthen your core and improve flexibility. We regularly include small equipment including light hand weights, resistance bands, Magic Circles, and foam rollers to add variety and challenge.
To book a space call Sue on 0403 784076. Or just drop in! Please bring your own mat, all other equipment is provided


Adult Programs

Adult Coaching
Drop-in drills
Cardio Tennis
More Info

Advanced Junior

Hot Shots Challenges are tournaments for children aged up to 12 years conducted using the same Red, Orange and Green formats as the Hot Shots lessons. 
More Info

Junior Club

Tennis Factory’s highly regarded junior tennis pathway is proven to develop competent and confident junior tennis players
More Info


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