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Newsletter Creative Hub No. 7 – August 2014


2nd Call Creative Committed Course 

This is our second course and especially suited for designers, who would like to work in a group of like-minded people instead of going it alone. The first year’s designers rated the course as very helpful to understand the business side of their projects or companies. Whoever wants to dig deeper into creating a (new) design venture or expanding an existing one, will have to do some intense thinking and planning. Creative Committed is a hands-on course for (prospective) design entrepreneurs, which extends over a period of 9 months. Each month on Fridays, one workshop takes place leading from the idea to the business plan. In the case of this course, you will be supported by experts from various fields such as design management, business administration, finance, marketing, branding, etc. coaching you. The deadline for the application is the 3rd of October; the start of the programme takes place on 14 November 2014. The course will be held in German!
(If there are any “Romands”, who wish to apply but do not speak German, pls. get in touch with us, and we will try to set up a course in French asap).
More information and download of the application form find 
Atelier volvox, Brüderchen

Workshop 3: Design, Produktion, Qualität, Preis und Nachhaltigkeit in der Mode

Was macht den Preis eines Designerstücks aus? Wie und wo wird produziert? Was sind die Konsequenzen beim Kundenverhalten, wenn ethisch korrekt produziert wird? Wie baut man ein Käuferinnen-Segment auf, das ein Label trotz neuer Preispolitik begleitet? Es geht also um soziale Verantwortung, um Erziehung der Kundschaft, was Kleidung kosten muss und aus welchem Grund. Wer bezahlt eigentlich die Entwicklung und die Designarbeit? Rund 90% der Brands kopieren voneinander! Nur im Hochsegment wird noch entwickelt und geforscht. Diese Arbeit muss in den Verkaufspreis eingerechnet werden, zu oft geht das vergessen. Dieser Workshop wurde vom Juni in den August verlegt. Das Anmeldeformular finden Sie hier.
Dieser Workshop wird von Lela Scherrer, Inhaberin Lela Scherrer, Fashion und Concept Design in Deutscher Sprache durchgeführt.

Bern, Aarbergergasse 46, Freitag, 29. Augustvon 17.30 bis 20.00 Uhr
Anmeldeschluss: Mittwoch, 27. August 2014, 16:00 Uhr
Lela Scherrer, Owner Lela Scherrer, Fashion und Concept Design

Workshop 4: Droits d'auteur – protéger et partager

Qu’est ce que sont les IPR (Intellectual Property Rights)? Quand est-ce que je les protège? Comment et quand puis-je les partager? Est-ce que les IPR sont en accords avec mon business plan? Le formulaire d’inscription se trouve ici.
Luc Amgwerd est conseiller juridique et partenaire chez Creaholic, Biel/Bienne. Workshop en français. 

Renens, chez Studio Renens: 10 septembre, de 17.30 à 20.00 heures
Délai d'inspription: vendredi 5 septembre 2014, 16:00

Our story: Tara Mabiala and Do Ré La Glitz

Tara Mabiala, Do Ré La Glitz

This is a typical story for the Creative Hub and one with a happy ending. In 2013, Tara Mabiala, a young Swiss designer with Congolese roots, was nominated for the Swiss Design Awards for her T-shirt and shirt collection. In August of the same year, she joined the Creative Link programme and ever since put her micro brand with the name of Dorelaglitz ( on more solid business foundations. She looked for and found a wholesaler to provide her with T-Shirts that she later prints with the support of an art collective by hand silk screen printing here in Switzerland; and she produces her shirts with the support of her cousins and a sewing workshop in Congo. She clarified her numbers: the production costs and the sales price. She received advice about shops that might sell her products, and she will start a tour this summer to concretely find these sales channels. Her brand stands for integrity, rarity, and simplicity, she says; peppered with the most interesting fusion of Western and African aesthetics for the young here in Switzerland or in other European cities. At the moment, Tara does not need to make a living from her T-shirts and shirts. However, she enjoys the pocket money she can gain from her business during her education as a fashion designer at HEAD in Geneva and will hopefully expand and live from it afterwards. “There is a lot of competition”, Tara says, “but through the internet and by properly explaining what I do, one can still find a niche in the global economy worth while fighting for.”

Notre histoire: Bertille Laguet et son produit "VentrU"

Bertille Laguet dans son atelier lausannois

Le Migros Magazine a publié l’article: “De designer à cheffe d’entreprise. Afin de pouvoir commercialiser sa production, Bertille Laguet, une jeune diplômée de l’ECAL, a été conseillée par les spécialistes de Creative Hub, un réseau d’experts soutenu par Engagement Migros.”
Vous pouvez trouver tout l’article ici:

Start-up Weekend Creative Business

Startup Weekend Schweiz

Start-up Weekend Creative Business (SW CB) is ready for your subscription. It brings together music, design, fashion, game culture... and business-passionates and creates a vibrant atmosphere of doing creative business. During the three days of the event, young entrepreneurs, students, artists, and other inspiring people will share knowledge and ideas in order to obtain unique business models in the artistic and cultural sector. Experienced coaches and professionals with interdisciplinary backgrounds will support them.
The Creative Hub will sponsor a price for the best team. The winning team will be able to join
Creative Link, our one-on-one coaching programme for the time after the start-up weekend.

Cooperation with SUPSI

In the future, the Creative Hub cooperates with the SUPSI, the Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera Italiana, foremost with the team of MAIND, the Master of Advanced Studies in Interaction Design, and of the research department. Massimo Botta, Serena Cangiano, and Davide Fornari will be part of our team of experts. SUPSI is also connected to Agire, an innovation agency in the southern part of Switzerland. Consuelo Keller, currently in involved in Creative Link with her new company, is an alumni of MAIND. We are looking forward to seeing more interesting projects coming from the Ticino.

Cooperation with Pro Helvetia

In June, Pro Helvetia selected 14 projects for their pilot project of design support. Creative Hub cooperates with Pro Helvetia within its sub-programme “Design Angel” and will support one on the selected projects through its expert team.

The Creative Hub has moved

The office of the Creative Hub is now even closer to the train station. Pls. note the new address:
Creative Hub
Aarbergergasse 46
3001 Bern

Creative Hub on Facebook

You can find us now here on Facebook, too. This will be a space where we mainly publish news and interesting stuff concerning design entrepreneurship. Of course you can „like“ us and ask questions you may have. Please let your friends also know about it. 

Which programme is right for me

For all, who might be wondering whether they fit in with their project: We developed a decision tree that will support you in finding out where you stand and what offer of the Creative Hub is right for you. The tree comes with the typology of the (almost-)determined, the experimenter, the determined, and the professional. Are you – for example – interested in launching a mini series of your product to test the market? If so, you might want to look at the Creative Link programme. Did you already found a company but you feel that there is so much more you could achieve with it? If so, you might be a candidate for Creative Committed, a course that digs deeper into entrepreneurial topics. You can download our decision tree here 
(in French or in German).

Important dates


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