Louisiana Legal Ethics Monthly Newsletter: May 2018

May 2018 Newsletter

New ABA Opinion Gets it Wrong on a Lawyer’s Duty to Notify Client of Malpractice

Recognizing that “[e]ven the best lawyers may err,” the ABA Standing Committee on Ethics and Professional Responsibility has issued a formal opinion addressing when a lawyer must inform a client or former client of a material error. While the committee gets it right as to present clients, even the best committees may err when it comes to former clients. What is the committee's (bad) advice?

Fifth Circuit Reverses Half-Billion-Dollar Verdict for Lawyer Misconduct

These plaintiffs' lawyers “prevented the losing party from fully and fairly presenting his case or defense.” Their misrepresentations were “individually troubling, collectively devastating,” because they “foreclosed potentially promising cross-examination.” Who were these lawyers and what did they do?

What Practice Area Has the Most Legal Malpractice Claims?

a. Criminal law.
b. Personal injury law.
c. Patent law.
d. I give up tell me.

New 2018 Edition of Louisiana Legal Ethics Book

Louisiana Legal Ethics: Standards & Commentary (2018). The new edition of our ethics book in paperback and Kindle editions. What's inside? The Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct with detailed annotations; selected “professionalism” codes; answers to frequently asked legal ethics questions; and, more.

Yet Another Ethics Opinion Dings Avvo Advisor Lawyer Referrals

In April 2018, another advisory opinion found Avvo Advisor’s lawyer-referral service and its “marketing fee” for that service violates “several ethics rules.” In so doing, it joined a growing list of opinions condemning Avvo’s service

This Month in Discipline

Who was reprimanded, suspended, and disbarred last month? You can wait for the next LSBA Bar Journal. Or, you can see right now: This Month in Louisiana Lawyer Discipline.
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