Louisiana Legal Ethics Monthly Newsletter: April 2018

April 2018 Newsletter

Is it Unethical to Use “.25” as a Minimum Billing Increment for Lawyer Time?

Rule 1.5(a), of course, requires that a lawyer’s fees and expenses must be “reasonable.” Are minimum billing increments of six, ten, or fifteen minutes “inherently unreasonable" as this client argued?

Can a Lawyer Be Disciplined for Not Paying a Court Reporter or Expert?

Sounds like a civil matter for civil court, doesn't it? Maybe, but it's also a matter for the disciplinary system, at least according to this opinion from March 14, 2018 (and another from January 2017).

New 2018 Edition of Louisiana Legal Ethics Book

Louisiana Legal Ethics: Standards & Commentary (2018). The new edition of our ethics book in paperback and Kindle editions. What's inside? The Louisiana Rules of Professional Conduct with detailed annotations; selected “professionalism” codes; answers to frequently asked legal ethics questions; and, more.

Bartering with Clients

Atticus Finch accepted hickory nuts, wood, and chickens in exchange for legal fees. My lawyer-father was paid in a poodle (we wanted to name her FeeFee). I wonder if they complied with Rule 1.8(a)?

Google Search Misdirection is a Misleading Advertising Practice

The Florida Bar Association is considering an amendment to the state’s standards of professional conduct that would prevent the unauthorized use of a lawyer’s name in metadata or Google AdWords to drive organic search results to a different lawyer’s website. Is that practice permissible in Louisiana?

New Opinion Advises Against Use of Web Trackers

Another ethics advisory opinion squishes web bugs. Crunch.

Judge Sanctioned for Refusing to Perform Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies

The supreme law of the land as interpreted by the nation’s highest court requires states to recgonize same-sex marriages. A state judge must support and defend the constitution and faithfully apply the law irrespective of the judge’s view of the law’s wisdom or morality. Or else.

This Month in Discipline

Who was reprimanded, suspended, and disbarred last month? You can wait for the next LSBA Bar Journal. Or, you can see right now: This Month in Louisiana Lawyer Discipline.
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