10-31-2019 UU Church Newsletter
Secretary's office hours are Tuesday 8 AM- 12 PM and Thursday 8:30-11:30 AM. Please send enews information to her at no later than Tuesday morning 9:30 AM
Highlights this week
  • **Daylight Savings Time begins Sunday**
  • RE Volunteers needed for Nov. 3rd - email Steph Markham
  • Rev. Erin welcomes us to the month of Attention with her column
  • New Member Profile: Ana Jofre 

November Services 10:30 AM 
Coffee and Refreshments 11:30 AM
Choir meets 9:30AM, Join any time!

Turn Clocks back Saturday night!!!
November 3, 2019 “Mindful Action” Rev. Erin Dajka Holley
Explore with us the ways in which mindfulness can call us to action for justice.
Music Coordinator, Bob Ford
Hospitality, Barbara & Bob Whitney
Greeters, Allen & Ro Hall

November 10, 2019 “Let’s Talk about Death” Glenn Coin
UUUtica member Glenn Coin will discuss the growing death cafe movement and how it inspires us to lead better lives.
Music Coordinator, Bob Ford
Hospitality, Brenda & Cheryl Torruella
Greeters, NEED 2 volunteers
November 17, 2019 “Practice Paying Attention” Rev. Erin Dajka Holley
For many of us, spirituality is bewildering and mysterious. The traditional spiritual practices feel strange and isolating. By paying attention, we might just touch on the elusive experience of being spiritual.
Music Coordinator, Bob Ford
Hospitality, NEED 2 volunteers
Greeters, John Camilleri & Jerry Reed
November 24, 2019 “Gratitude” Rev. Ed Townsend
Apostle Paul, in his first letter to the Thessalonians, encourages us to “give thanks in all circumstances.” We will be reflecting on that difficult challenge, and will, along with Bob and Ed, be contributing to the composition of a song about the subject. Ed Townsend is the pastor of Three Steeples in Paris, NY, home of the Thursday Dinner and Music program.
Music Coordinator, Bob Ford
Hospitality, Katie Spires & Barb Freeman
Greeters, NEED 2 volunteers

November 3, 2019 “Mindful Action” Rev. Erin Dajka Holley
Explore with us the ways in which mindfulness can call us to action for justice.

A Message from Rev. Erin

Does your soul cry out to be noticed? Does it beg you to pay attention to it? Does it quietly ask to be seen by those around you?

Your soul, and the souls of all of the people you encounter, might feel as though it is lost in a dark place from which it is unable to escape. Lonely. All of these souls wanting care and to gain attention, to be brought into the light.

I’m wondering during this month of attention what it might be to truly pay attention to our souls. I wonder what it might be like to truly pay attention to one another’s souls. Maybe it would be to stop when we greet one another to ask, and respond, how we really are.

Or, it might be to ask more questions than state answers. Maybe, this attention comes through silence, the quietness within or the quietness shared.

It amazes me how infrequently I remember to stop and to notice. What am I missing? I encourage you this month, and longer than this month, to make a practice of stopping. Practice noticing. There is a world to experience through all of your senses, if you choose to notice it. You are surrounded by people who are filled with love, worry, fear, joy, and stories upon stories of their lives. Noticing them, paying attention, may prove a blessing you’d never imagined.

I hope that you will bless me in the coming weeks and months by spending time with me. I want to talk with you, not about anything in particular, but to know you. And, I’m excited to offer a simple way to schedule with me, be it a warm beverage at a coffee shop, a lunch together, talking at the church, or a one-on-one meeting about church business. Simply go to, choose the type of meeting you’d like to schedule, pick a highlighted date from the calendar, and select an available time. The website will add it to my calendar (possibly yours if you keep one online) and send an email to both of us that it has been scheduled. We’ll both have the opportunity to change or cancel the meeting if our availability changes. I genuinely hope that you will make use of this service.

“How to Listen”

by Joyce Sutphen:


Tilt your head slightly to one side and lift

your eyebrows expectantly. Ask questions.

Delve into the subject at hand or let

things come randomly. Don't expect answers.

Forget everything you've ever done.

Make no comparisons. Simply listen.

Listen with your eyes, as if the story

you are hearing is happening right now.

Listen without blinking, as if a move

might frighten the truth away forever.

Don't attempt to copy anything down.

Don't bring a camera or a recorder.

This is your chance to listen carefully.

Your whole life might depend on what you hear.

 Church Activities/Events 
Nov 4th, 11th, 6:30-8:30PM Harvest the Power Leadership Class
Sessions 3 and 4 of the four week course. Contact Melissa Barlett if interested.

Nov 24th, 12 noon, Fundraising Committee
Agenda includes review of the 2019 Fall Festival and planning for the 2020 Stewardship and Pledge Campaign, which Jack Pendrak has agreed once again to chair. If you have an interest in helping out with Fundraising, please feel free to join.

Nov 24th, 4-6PM, Youth Group (ages ~11-14)
UUUtica youth and interested friends should join us to chat about life issues and spirituality with a focus on how our spirituality relates to current events in our world. There will be snacks!
Church Announcements
We NEED RE Volunteers! We need people for Sunday 11/3 to be able to hold class and for dates beyond. If you can volunteer 11/3, please contact Steph Markham by email:
New Member Profile  
Ana Jofre 
Ana Jofre obtained her PhD in Physics from the University of Toronto, did Post-doctoral work at NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) in Gaithersburg Maryland, and taught - and did research - at the University of North Carolina in Charlotte for six years before transitioning her career towards the arts. She then completed her MFA at OCAD University in Toronto, then worked as a research fellow in the Visual Analytics Lab at OCAD University, and at the Institute for Pure and Applied Mathematics Culture Analytics program at UCLA in Los Angeles, California.

Her publications and conference presentations cover a wide range of intellectual interests, from physics to critical theory, and she has exhibited her artwork internationally. Her creative and research interests include figurative sculpture, interactive new media, internet art, human-computer interaction, and data visualization. She is currently an Assistant Professor in Creative Arts and Technology at SUNY Polytechnic, in Utica NY.  To learn more about her work, check out

Ana and her partner John Parsons were also pleased to welcome Maria Anne Parsons into the world on October 15th, 5:45PM. We rejoice with this new family of our church and bestow blessings on all of them.

Our November basket will be for First Aid Supplies - peroxide, alcohol, antibiotic ointment, Band-Aids, gauze, tweezers, nail clippers, emery boards etc. Our goal is 100 items
We always collect non-perishable foods in the kitchen.
See our current items collected here! .

Rev. Erin's "drop-in" hours are
1-4 PM, Tuesdays or 

to make an appointment:

Rev. Erin is off on Fridays. Her unpaid week off is November 4-10
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Our Greater UU World
Click here for information from the Central East Region on other activities available for various aspects of UU life and ministry!

November 23, 10 AM-3 PM Worship Associate training led by Rev. Kimberley Debus at UU Fellowship of Northern Westchester in Mt. Kisco, NY.  During this five-hour session, we will explore the qualities of open-hearted and expansive worship, how to approach the choosing of elements for the service, refine practical skills, and prepare for working as a worship team within your congregation. We'll also talk about expectations for guest speakers. Registration link coming soon.
From Black Lives of UU 

The Harper-Jordan Memorial Symposium is Oct 30 - Nov 2 in Saint Paul, MN. If you've ever been in BLUU space before, you know that magic happens every time.

Follow along on their Facebook Page


From Our Community
Feel free to submit community announcements for local non-profit events or events members are involved in. Send in necessary details of events and links to external sites for more information.
Hatha Yoga will be starting here at the church November 8, 2019 at 7 PM. It will be led by Bill Skinner. If you are interested he can be reached at 315 825-5217 or email:

Melissa Barlett is participating in Extra Life, a 24-hour gaming marathon next weekend, Nov 9-10th to raise money for Children's Miracle Network. Details and online donations can be found here.
See Church Calendar Here 
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Ongoing Church Usage:

   1st week, House Committee meets after service (P)
   2nd week, Social Action/Green Sanctuary 12 PM (P)
   3rd week Small Spiritual Group 12-2 PM (P);
                   Mohawk Valley Lyme Support Group* 2-4 PM (P)
    4th week, Climate Action Sub Committee 11:45 AM (P) 

   1st week, Worship Committee, 6:45 PM (P)  
   2nd week, Communications meeting 6 PM (P)          
   3rd week, Finance Meeting 5 PM (P); Board Meeting 6:15 PM (P)
   Last week, Lunch Bunch 1 PM at different locations

   All weeks, Buddhist Zen Meditation* 6 PM (S)         

   All weeks, (not 5th wk), A Course in Miracles 7-8:30 p.m. (P)

Friday -  Hatha Yoga* will begin November 8th at 7:00 PM 

   All, Heart Rhythm Meditation 8:30 AM with Jack Pendrak
   1st & 3rd weeks, IONS 10-11:30 PM (P)
   2nd week MV Bonsai Club* 1-3 PM (RE); SAGE Pot Luck* 5-9 PM (S)
   3rd week, Caps 4 Cancer* 10:30 AM-12 PM (S)
S – Sanctuary, P– Parlor, RE – Religious Ed Room
*Not church affiliated
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