1-10-2019 UU Church of Utica Weekly Newsletter
Secretary's office hours: Tuesday 8-12 p.m. & and Thursday 8:30-11:30 a.m. 
Please email her your enews information by early Tuesday morning,
Highlights this week
  • Sign-up for Potluck after the service on January 27th
  • New procedure for service announcements from Worship Committee
  • January collection for "Winter blues and itches!" please donates lotions, soaps, etc.
Choir meets at 9:30AM - Join any time!
 January Services 10:30 AM
Coffee and Refreshments 11:30 AM

January 13, 2019 Celia Bogan, operations director for Hope House, will talk about the organization's mission to feed the hungry in Utica and its move to a new location this year to serve a growing population in need. Hope House has been serving meals to the needy for 26 years, and averages nearly 100,000 meals a year.
Music Coordinator, Bob Ford
Hospitality, Linda Mackos & Mary McGuirl
Greeters, Ken Drake & Ro Hall

January 20, 2019 “Leap” Rev. Erin Dajka Holley                                               The most frightening thing a person can do is to make a choice, especially when that choice leads into the realm of the unsure or unknown.  What happens if you take the leap anyway?
Music Coordinator, Bob Ford

The Cluster Service is January 27th; PLEASE SIGN-UP to help with set up & clean up and to bring something for the potluck after the service.The sheet is hanging on the bulletin board by the sanctuary.

Please sign up for Hospitality/Greeters on the bulletin board by the sanctuary

Want another way to help?
Donate money directly to "Hospiltality" to buy snacks!
Church Announcements

In order to aid the Worship Committee and Sunday service leaders, we are asking that all announcements for Sunday mornings be sent to the secretary by Thursday morning prior to the service to be printed ahead in the order of service. Beginning February 10th, morning service leaders will not be taking extra announcements on Sundays except in extenuating circumstances.

The Stewardship Committee announces the theme of the annual pledge drive will be "Moving Forward". Keep an eye out for a kick-off date and starting thinking about how you can help our church with your time, talent, and treasure.

The House committee is changing the front door lock and issuing new keys after January 8th. The secretary, the Minister,and the House committee Chair will give out new Keys. The Key safe will have the new key for the front door.

Please check out our latest portraits in the Sanctuary done by Mary Lou Rhodes 'Art By Malu'. The art is done as an illustration/pen & ink with colored pencils, acrylic paints, enhanced via computer. The art will be up for 1 month.

Our January collection will be for “winter blues and itches!” Bath and body washes/oils, soaps, hand and body lotions, body scrunchies etc. Our goal is to fill the basket.

We always collect non-perishable foods in the kitchen.
See our current items collected here! 

Rev. Erin's Office hours are 1-4 PM, Tuesdays. Rev. Erin is off on Fridays.

Have a question about a business or procedural issue? Check the FAQ here!

oard Minutes
Committee Minutes 
Our Greater UU World
Registration is Open for Spring Online Leadership Courses
Deeper than a single webinar or workshop, the UU Leadership Institute offers core leadership courses online with on-demand materials.  They are perfect for the congregation who wants to learn together at an affordable cost—only $30 per course per semester. Courses open on January 25, 2019.

Restorative Practices Training - January 19 10Am-4PM at the First Unitarian Society of Westchester, Hastings on Hudson NY. This training gives access to lay leaders, youth, and religious professionals to an introduction to restorative practices to better our communities’ abilities to respond to tension, conflict, hurt and disagreement. Restorative practices, which involve the skilled use of Circles, provide an opportunity to identify and address harms, restore relationships and mend community. Grounded in tools of healthy communication, this training will give an overview of restorative practices, skills and will include hands-on Circle exercises to use what you’ve learned. We especially encourage Youth Leaders, Committees on Ministry and Church Boards to attend. See more at:  

Answering the Call of Love Youth Revival Comes to Central East Region!
Youth Ministry Revivals (YMR) are weekend-long events that seek to inspire, innovate and celebrate Unitarian Universalist youth ministry. Developed in collaboration by the UUA’s Youth Ministry Roundtable and traveling around the country, no two YMRs will be exactly the same as we incorporate the local culture, invite in community partners, and continually adapt to our current social and political climate. The Central East Region is this year’s host! Join us March 1-3, 2019 at Cedar Lane UU Church in Bethesda, MD. Registration is open at

CER Summer Institute Jobs/Camperships:  Apply Now! It takes many hands to create the magic of CERSI and your hands can play a part. That driver who takes you around in the golf cart? Campership. The person who teaches you a new art? Campership. The nurse who patches up your kid? Campership. Tie dye, bookstore, choir, religious education, vespers child care. All those activities are made possible by fellow CERSIers who applied for camperships. Each of these positions comes with a financial thank you. The value of the campership is tied to the actual costs and to the amount of work involved with doing the job. Learn what jobs are available and get links to apply at

UU Buddhist Fellowship Convocation 2019
"Making the Invisible, Visible: A Multi-medial Exploration of Race & Racism in the
U.S. through a Buddhist Lens'. April 25-28, 2019 at Garrison Institute, Garrison, NY. Featuring Dr. Jan Willis Professor Emerita of Religious Studies at Wesleyan University, CT and author of several books on Tibetan Buddhism including "Dreaming Me: Black, Baptist, and Buddhist-One Woman's Spiritual Journey"
For more information and registration visit the UU Buddhist Fellowship at: or On Facebook
The annual Seaway Gathering will be held on May 3-4, 2019 in Ithaca, NY. Our theme is Drawing the Circle Wide and our keynote speaker is CB Beal on the topic of Preemptive Radical Inclusion..
But we need your help with workshops! We want the workshop offerings to fill the needs you have as congregational leaders!

If you have a topic area you would like to see offered as a workshop - something you have found that you need in your work with your congregation please tell us about it here
And if you have a program or skills to share with others, please propose a workshop here
Each year we work with a small committee of volunteers—religious professionals and congregational leaders—to work on the overall event including giving feedback on schedule, selecting workshops, and planning the day. Please send an email to Evin Carvill Ziemer or Renee Ruchotzke if you’re interested in being part of the planning.
And stay tuned for more details - registration will open by the end of February.
From Black Lives of UU

The Co-Editors of #BLUUSupports designee, the #BlackTransPrayerBook are launching a social media campaign to reframe the conversation about trans people in faith spaces next Tuesday Jan 15th and we want your help!

1. Take a photo of yourself with a sign saying one of the following lines: “Transphobia is a Sin”, “Transphobia is Haram”, “Trans People are Divine”, or “Trans People Exist Because Our Ancestors Existed”

2. Use the hashtag #TransphobiaIsASin

3. Post on social media Jan 15th

From Our Community
Feel free to submit community announcements for local non-profit events or events members are involved in here!
ReStore Hours: Monday - Closed
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                          Sunday – Closed
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Rev Erin's Office Hours are now Tuesdays 1-4 PM
Ongoing Church Usage:

  • 1st week, House Committee meets after service (P) 
  • 2nd week, Social Action/Green Sanctuary 12 PM (P) 
  • 3rd week
    • Small Spiritual Group 12-2 PM (P)
    • Mohawk Valley Lyme Support Group* 2-4 PM (P)                           
  • 4th week, Climate Action Sub Committee 11:45 AM (P) 
  • 1st week, Worship Committee, 6:30 PM (P)                 
  • 3rd week, Finance Meeting 5 PM (P)                                                                                                               Board Meeting 6:15 PM (P) 
  • Last week, Lunch Bunch 1 PM at different locations                                                                   
  • All weeks, Buddhist Zen Meditation* 6 PM (S)          
  • All weeks, (not if 5th wk), A Course in Miracles 7-8:30 p.m. (P)
  • All, Heart Rhythm Meditation 8:30 AM with Jack Pendrak
  • 1st & 3rd weeks, IONS 10-11:30 PM (P) 
  • 2nd week
    • MV Bonsai Club* 1-3 PM (RE) 
    • SAGE* 5-9 PM (S)
  • 3rd week, Caps 4 Cancer* 10:30 AM-12 PM (S) 
S – Sanctuary
P – Parlor
RE – Religious Ed Room
* - Not church affiliated
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