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Digital age transformation is well underway and most people aren’t prepared for the changes taking place. This transformation will force sweeping changes throughout society over the next decade. And these changes will take place at what I refer to as digital fault lines. Grey areas that form from technological and social changes which will cause major shifts in the structure of society.


This weekend, Janet Yellen said the US economy would benefit from an increase in interest rates. The Fed has been struggling to combat historically low inflation. The increase in money supply from last year’s stimulus plus the proposed infrastructure spending should push inflation up. What does it mean for venture capital and Startupland? In short, we should expect some cooling.


Ransomware attacks on the JBS beef plant, and the Colonial Pipeline before it, have sparked a now familiar set of reactions. There are promises of retaliation against the groups responsible, the prospect of company executives being brought in front of Congress in the coming months, and even a proposed executive order on cybersecurity that could take months to fully implement.


For Hardtech startups this is a particularly tricky question because for them everything takes longer: the development process, the sale cycles, booking first paying customers. Hardtech founders can’t easily show the type of metrics that their SaaS counterparts can. Luckily for founders, having traction and getting VCs excited about your startup are not the same thing.


When Eric Bahn, Elizabeth Yin and Shiyan Koh launched Hustle Fund, they felt well-positioned for success. Stanford grads, with  experience from 500 Startups, Instagram and NerdWallet, and their approach — writing $25,000 checks to startups and performing due diligence after the fact — seemed like a novel twist on traditional venture capital. They were in for a shock.
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