January 2014 Volume 1, Issue 3
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The Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle

Dear fellow Icelanders,

I wish all of you a Happy New Year!
After two years of serving as President of this Club, I am stepping down from this position. I want to work on other projects, near and dear to my heart.
I will continue to put on the bi-yearly President's Tea, as well as working on promoting more activities for our children.
I have been very fortunate to have work with a wonderful group of people. I am very proud of the fact that we were able to put on an absolutely wonderful convention in April. This would not have happened, if we did not have David Johnson to take on this project. He was able to gather many tireless volunteers, who gave their time and their talents to make it all look so effortless.

We are now using e-newsletter to help us get information to our members, in a much more environmentally friendly manor.
There is still a long way for us to go, to increase our membership and to get our members more involved with their club.

Sunday January 12th at 2 p.m.  Nordic Heritage Museum 
We will be having our Annual Membership Meeting.
The first step in becoming involved with the Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle, is to become a member.
We will have membership forms for you to fill out on Sunday.
In order for you to vote, on who you would like to represent you on the board, you must be a paid member.
Please take some time out of your Sunday, no Seahawks game that day, so no excuses.
Come join the ICGS & get involved, you can't complain if you don't Vote!
The current nominees for board positions and trustees for 2014 include:

President - Emily Kristjanson

Vice President - Jens Eysteinson
Secretary - Janice Sigursson
Treasurer - Jon Palmasson
Membership  Secretary- Amanda Allen

Sonna Somerville-Ghilarducci
Henry Bjornasson
Gisli Olafson
Peter Gudmundsson
Brina Iris Hylnsdottir

Thank you all for your support,
Sonna Somerville-Ghilarducci

Scenes from Jólaball 2013
On December 7th at Our Redeemer Lutheran Church in Ballard was another huge success! 
There was a wonderful spread of goodies including Homemade
Vinetarta, Pannakokur, and Kleinur.
Kids and grown ups alike had a great time dancing around the
Christmas tree to some lovely Icelandic language version of traditional carols
performed by our friend Gummi, and making woven Scandinavian
holiday heart baskets at the craft table.
All the kiddos were delighted to receive a personalized gift from Santa as well!

Photos by Amanda Allen

Full Schedule and tickets available here:

Thorablót 2014

 In Memorium:

Joanne Jonsson
Ellen Joanne Jonsson passed away in Seattle on September 27, 2013. She was born Ellen Joanne Sivertsen in Tacoma in 1933. She graduated from Lincoln High School and attended Washington State University. Joanne's father was Norwegian and her mother Swedish. Joanne visited her relatives in Norway and Sweden on several occasions. 
Her husband Jon Marvin Jonsson was appointed Honorary Consul For Iceland in 1965, shortly after they married. She was a member of the Wives of the Consular Corp and served as their Secretary for many years. She visited Iceland on numerous occasions and was a member of the Icelandic Club of Greater Seattle for many years. Joanne was a homemaker and a musician. She played flute with the Seattle Philharmonic and gave flute lessons. She was involved with a variety of musical and cultural organizations, served at Dunn Gardens, the Nordic Heritage Museum, and participated in the publication of two books. 
Joanne is survived by her husband of over fifty years Jon Marvin Jonsson, daughter Bryndis and her daughter, son Geir, his wife and daughter, and her stepson Dwight, his wife and their sons. A Memorial Service has been held.

Full Obituary can be viewed here:


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Amanda at the top of Mt. Esya outside
Reyjavik June 2012