Not All Men: A Brief History Of Every Dude's Favorite Argument via Time Magazine
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Whew--I'm all written out.

I wrote
my second piece for Linked In.  As a non-writer, any extended written piece is a big effort. I specialize more in "phrases" and "sentence fragments" and "birthday cards" rather than cohesive story-telling and narrative arc.

Having only recently joined Linked In, I'm discovering that the environment is a very friendly, supportive one. Folks are sharing and learning and "Influencer-ing" and, I hope, getting jobs since that's what I believe it was created for.

There are extensive comments sections on many of the posts, links, and articles. Again, I'm fairly new to the platform but it is a generally positive place. People embrace learnings that can contribute to their professional success. Most of the pieces written are generally aphorism-imbued types of "Seven Ways To..." do a variety of things. I like it!

One unforeseen benefit of writing a piece about something that happened almost ten years ago was the range of recollections and reactions from so many people who were directly involved in the production. That really contributed to the piece and reinforced the memory of the close team environment we had:
Owner, Barefoot Music LLC
Oh how I remember those days. The beauty of it all was the amount of freedom we enjoyed creating a "sound" for Project Runway that was able to last many seasons. The Magical Elves, Inc. was and is a great company to creatively work with.
4 days ago
Senior Director, Program Scheduling at Participant Media
I knew the Wednesday 10pm would work for us with a little patience. Gotta love the holiday binge viewers!
2 days ago
Of the several hundred very positive "likes" and thoughtful comments, there were definitely a couple of less positive ones:
Business management consultant
All of this (the article above) tells me what we already knew - Television is an ugly business, not about being good or right, but hammering, hammering, hammering people until they surrender and watch the damned show.
Certified MachineTool Sales Engineer/Advanced Machine and Engineering
Did anyone ever watch that show? Fascinated, anyone would even be interested in talking about it.
4 days ago

This Environmental Specialist was even more succinct:

Aviation, Environmental Specialist
waste of time
3 days ago

This fellow delivered what is sometimes known as a "backhanded compliment"?
  • Mechanical Engineer
    Great story! Now please stop making awful shows.
    5 days ago
This HR executive gave me some important feedback--brevity may not be one of my strong suits:
Sr. Recruiter-Talent Acquisition
Story could have been a lot shorter. That was exhausting.
4 days ago
  • Linked In runs their commenting community so that commenters can interact with each other
    and start a conversation, this one providing historical context. Lesson learned!
Consultant for several private institutions at Consulting Co.
The show was pretentious and condescending. Who buys this stuff anyway? Marie Antoinette (one of the original fashionistas) would have had the heads of programming rolling, literally. Everyone else would have cake. Lesson learned and ratings above a gopher's basement.
4 days ago
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Fashion Design Student
"Buys this stuff" - what stuff? If you mean the clothes designed by the contestants, then actually millions. Many of the contestants - not even just the designers - have become very successful businesspeople. Also, I find it highly ironic that you are claiming this show to be pretentious and condescending and then use Marie Antoinette as a reference point. She was probably one of the most pretentious and condescending people in history.

Some comments just plain made me wonder:

Plans and Programs Flight Director at McConnell AFB
...Abe Lincoln failed more than any person I know, only to become a revered President. Stand up for what you believe in, or you will fall for anything. Hawks and Eagles both soar the skies, you can be either, but you must decide.
4 days ago

Some readers simply requested more information:
MBA, MA, IT, Soccer, Improv, Coaching & more...yeah, more
Ok... Anna Wintour? Who the hell is that? 4 days ago

This comment is probably my favorite:
This is cray!!!
4 days ago
Like I say, for the most part, the comments were insightful or at least positive and helped a writer understand what resonated. The LZSunday Paper has not yet figured out a public comments section. Most people just email and say what they think directly. Which, frankly, works very well. Thanks to all of you who do that!

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Don't forget: Order your flowers and make your brunch reservations for next Sunday! (Or remind those in your household/life in a subtle way to do same for YOU!)


P.S.  Did anyone else notice that the director of Spiderman and this weekend's sequel is named
Marc Webb?

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