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3 February 2015 - Development is the flagship publication of the Society for International Development
This edition of the newsletter is entirely devoted to SID's quarterly journal Development, Volume 57.2 focusing on 'Nutrition'. The issue - co-edited by Stefano Prato and Nicola Bullard - was prepared in the context of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) held in Rome on 19-21 November 2014.
As member of the CSOs Liaison Group of ICN2, SID has actively engaged in the preparatory process towards and during the conference. The articles were completed before ICN2 while the editorial was written in its aftermath and therefore reflects on the outcomes of the process. 'Throughout the journal, many authors underscore food sovereignty as a fundamental paradigmatic shift to address malnutrition in all its forms, but also to support the livelihoods and well-being of peasant farmers, to restore biodiversity and to challenge the agro-industrial complex'.

Development 57.2 'Nutrition'

Volume 57.2 of Development explores the relationship between nutrition, food security and sustainable agriculture.

Contrary to the dominant approach to treat nutrition as a technical matter and delink it from its intimate relations with the nature of food systems and its broader social, economic and political determinants, Development 57.2 argues that nutrition is a profoundly political issue. Not only because of its deep implications on people's rights, livelihoods and health, but also because of the consequences that choosing among alternative paths to nutrition may have on the nature and pattern of globalization.

The nutrition debate reflects in itself a serious struggle unfolding today: on one side a food system dominated by the influence of corporations and international agreements privileging uneven terms of trade and finance, and corporate grabbing of land and other resources, over human rights; on the other side,  a small-scale and family food production system - based on food sovereignty, women's empowerment, biodiversity, ecological principles and  economic pluralism  - that is getting increasingly weakened and impoverished despite it being responsible for feeding the 70 % of world's population.

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Editorial: Re-embedding Nutrition in Society, Nature and Politics

Stefano Prato & Nicola Bullard.
(...) Nutrition is indeed one of the underlying framing issues of our times and the critical battlefield of the struggle between the hegemonic form of economic and cultural globalization and the alternatives offered by the solidarity and social economy as well as the philosophy and practice of Buen Vivir.
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Tackling the Nutrition Challenge: A food systems approach
Jomo Kwame Sundaram: Outlines main priority areas for public interventions and highlights the critical importance of a food system approach

Towards the Full Realization of the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition  
Flavio Valente: Describes the conceptual evolution of the Human Right to Adequate Food and Nutrition in the broader context of the indivisibility of human rights, women's rights and food sovereignty

At ICN2, La Via Campesina Pushes for Food Sovereignty
Interview with Andrea Ferrante: Explores how food sovereignty can promote culturally appropriate, diverse and healthy food to address global nutritional challenges
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Pre-ICN2 CSO Forum

Civil society organizations and social movements actively engaged during the conference and its preparatory process and organized a two day forum before ICN2 which saw the presence of 200 participants and the confluence of different organizations working in health, food and nutrition and representatives of all main constituencies of social movements. A final declaration  was produced and presented at the closing plenary of ICN2

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