Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2)
   27 November 2014

CSO and social movements forum declaration to ICN2

Final declaration to the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) by civil society organizations and social movements
From November 16-18, we, social movements representing peasants, small-scale fishers and fishing communities, pastoralists, urban poor, consumers, women, youth, Indigenous Peoples and agricultural and food workers, came together with the representatives of public interest civil society organizations that have actively engaged in the preparatory process of the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2), to share our values, and aspirations, to join forces in our common vision on how to eradicate malnutrition in all its forms, and to hold governments and intergovernmental organizations to account on their obligations and commitments. Read more
Listen to the CSO statement presentation to the ICN2 plenary by Munkhbolor Gungaa in English,  Josephine Atangana in French,  Flavio Valente in Spanish

Social movements statement to the ICN2

Social Movements around the world are deeply disappointed in the Second International Conference on Nutrition (ICN2) process and outcome documents that fail to address the fundamental causes of nutrition issues. We fear that many of the proposed solutions at ICN2 will create more threats to nutrition, the environment, sustainability and social justice. We, representing social movements around the world including Women, Youth, Indigenous Peoples (our indigenous elderly woman and men, the youth, boys and girls), Peasants, Workers, Urban Poor, Consumers, Small-scale Farmers, Small-scale Fisher-folks and Fishing Communities, Mobile Pastoralists, and the Landless are strongly concerned that ICN2 neither represents nor reflects the interests and needs of our constituents. Read more
CSO Forum
Held on 17-18 November in Rome with more than 200 participants, opened by FAO's Director General Josè Graziano Da Silva. CSOs presented their vision statement  on the challenges of malnutrition in all its forms and the social movements presented the outcomes of their pre-meeting.

Photo gallery and audio reportage featuring Flavio Valente (Fian), Stefano Prato (SID) and Lucy Sullivan (Thousandsdays), members of the FAO-CSO liaison group.
Upcoming issue of Development looks at 'Nutrition'
SID quarterly journal Development Vol. 57.2 explores the relationship between nutrition, food security and sustainable agriculture & how to address its challenges in the post-2015 development discussion.
About ICN2
The Second International Conference on Nutrition was held  on 19-21 November in Rome @FAOKnowledge #ICN2

Outcomes documents
Rome Declaration on nutrition and Framework for Action adopted during the ICN2 and a FAO's Action for Nutrition Trust Fund established.

Preparatory process and Open Ended Working Group here
CSO previous statements # ICN2
CSO Statement on disappointing outcomes of negotiations on nutrition (14 Oct)

CSO statement in preparation for the ICN2 & Joint press release  by the CSO Forum members present at the OEWG meeting on the basis of the oral statements presented (22 Sept).

Joint statement  at the WHO informal meeting with non state actors on ICN2 (11 July).

CSO statement at the FAO informal meeting with non state actors and member states on ICN2 (20 June)

Via Campesina & Urgenci statement

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News update about the CSO Forum on the SID Forum  and Fian website
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