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CUUB News Special Edition

Dear Members and Friends,

To have a successful Ministerial Search campaign, it is important that every member of the community (members, friends, visitors, and staff) participate.

We are off to a slow start with survey responses.  We are extending our survey deadline to Sunday, October 11th in hopes of getting at least 20 more replies.  We are particularly missing the voice of our younger community under the age of 40.  The survey is anonymous.

How can you be sure your voice is heard?

Please share your perspective about our congregation.  We are trying to paint an accurate picture of our congregation to assure the best fit, not simply embellish our merits. The Search Committee needs to understand your perspective, hopes and concerns in order to accurately fill out our “Congregational Record” for prospective candidates to read.

Visit to read about our progress and upcoming events.

If you have questions or need further information, please email directly and the appropriate person will get back with you shortly.  If someone you know is having difficulty accessing the electronic survey, please email the group for them, and we will reach out via phone. 

Thank you,

Lee Anzicek, Dave Beeman, Sue Kelly, Carrie Kempf, Sarah Neidert, Simon Ren, Cait Warner, Erika Warner

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