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Life has Meaning; Find it – Live it. This is the purpose of life.
The search for the meaning of life is a process of self-improvement.
Finding new meaning for your life in 2017.
For some, the beginning of this year moved rapidly into the daily and monthly routine of meeting sales targets, organising meetings, and conducting business as usual. But for others, the New Year symbolised the possibility of new beginnings, or an improvement over what was. The thought that kept popping up is the question; "how do we want to live this year"? Do we want to live, and conduct our daily business, as if activities are an end in itself and never leading to bigger dreams, goals, achievements, or do we live with aspirations in mind? Businesses are faced with the same dilemma – do we merely exist for the sake of survival, and thus have lost our focus and purpose. Can there indeed be a shift from survival (the mechanisms that chase profit as a means to an end), and can we exist to have a significant impact in the world? To most people, a New Year does indeed present an opportunity for the positive expectation that somehow, in some way, a possibility exists that things will be better. And here we are at the end of the first month, and if no steps have been put in place to support your dreams and aspiration, maybe it is time to admit that without assistance to guide the path, or a mentor to facilitate transition and growth, good intentions will be procrastinated and soon drift into slumber.
What if our journey on Earth is a unique opportunity of growth and development, whether spiritual, personal, or communal – what is that one thing that really nags at the heart and regretfully, remained behind. For some it is improving their living environment, for some to achieve an academic qualification that would better empower the task at hand, or open new opportunities for success. What about restoring a neglected relationship? Others desire optimum health, or personal growth in more than one aspects of their lives.
Maybe the nudge that calls at the heart can become more than a drive as means to an end, but an end in itself, a reminder to bring the full attention to how my body moves and how my breath flows equivalent to how my mind behaves, noticing how my perception is filtered by the tasks we do. Now off-course I’m speaking about living mindfully in the present, and beyond awareness, can we live by consciously creating value for myself and others in the activities we engaged with in our daily routines? It is my sincere wish for all, to move beyond the auto-pilot mechanisms of a disengaged life preoccupied with concerns about personal shortage of money, lack of optimum health. So many miss opportunities to be more alive, fully in touch and moving out of the story we created for our own entertainment, and to be present, being fully present in the way you engage with the world. And maybe the smell of fresh roses as a gift to a loved one can be the means to bring us into this moment of a fresh start, a decision to let go of that which does not serve your well-being, and maybe allowing for the fresh fragrance of change. This upcoming year, let’s focus on the things that make you feel strong, connected and aligned with your truth. In doing so, your light shines stronger and inspires others to shine theirs, too.
What opportunities and direction is "Life" presenting to you?
Meta-Life Institute has a unique offering that can guide and empower your journey to be fully engaged with every aspects of your being, whether to integrate values and spiritual aspirations with business goals and objectives, or to develop the capacity to fulfil your aspirations. The Coaching, mentoring services, and educational courses offered by MLi is designed to support every individual on their path of transformation and growth. For example, the MLi Leadership development Incubation programmes on Entrepreneurship and Social Transformation concentration, emphasizes the development of consciousness integrated with leadership capacities & skills essential for change agents. The question is whether you are willing and able to open yourself up to new experiences, growth, and maybe a transition in career. Our Holistic Ministry Incubation concentration is the first of its kind that integrate Personal, Spiritual and Intuitive Development, with academic studies on Transformation of Consciousness, Human Ontology and Metaphysical Sciences. Indeed a full package that enables the novice to become the Professional Holistic Minister you’ve always wanted to be. Should you like to know more, or want to be involved in this offering, please contact us directly. For more info, visit our website (here). 

Visions of Transformation: How do we create a better world to live in? How do I deal with the frustrations of life? A very relevant topic and important principles that can be applied personally and in your work environment. At MLi, our research for Coaching and Training, focusesses on the application of Transformative Learning Strategies that promote Integrative Spiritual Experiences and Social Development. Our intention is to assist a new generation of problem solvers that will become conscious entrepreneurial leaders that want to make a difference to their communities. Dreaming, or doing, is a choice that will mean the difference between failure, and success. And you can make a difference by joining us in Conversations for Transformation. Conversations for Transformation is a new approach to Life-Coaching, Mentoring and Training, that can turn the page and help you to transform your life.
Conversations for Transformation.
There is several ways we can engage in Conversation for Transformation. Transformative Conversations can help you to identify what is missing in your life, the steps that are needed to readjust, and align yourself with your ideal life. Personal development is an opportunity to reclaim your dreams, transform your life, and make a valuable contribution to the world around you. AT the Met-Life Institute, we follow an alternative approach to training and development. Our educational offering incorporate a progressive and transformative approach to learning that does more than the presentation of knowledge, but actually empower the student to be the change they want to see in the world. For more information, please find the article
here (blog). 

So why wait, decide today to make a difference, book your FREE introductory Life-Coaching assessment session by sending us a request on this
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