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The best way we can help the local economy is by visiting with businesses to help match resources, create productive networks, and discover new opportunities.
"Hold yourself responsible for a higher standard than anybody expects of you. Never excuse yourself." 
 ~Henry Ward Beecher

Foxconn Breaks Ground

On June 28, the president, governor, speaker of the house and many other dignitaries attended the Foxconn ground-breaking ceremony. It was a historic event. Intricate models of the 1,000-acre campus were on display. Company representatives from the major company business units were on hand to discuss their products and technologies. 8K screens were everywhere; the image clarity was almost three-dimensional. One couldn't help but wonder how this development will impact the area that has been given the nickname 'Wisconn Valley.'

On October 23, WCEDA will co-sponsor an event that explores the meaning of this new nickname. The event will feature perspectives on Silicon Valley, workforce, and housing. Mark your calendar for the morning of October 23, and watch for updates in future communications.

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Dr. Spitzer Donates Personal and Professional Papers

On July 12, the Wisconsin Historical Society celebrated the contribution of Dr. Robert Spitzer's personal and professional papers to the Society. Nearly 100 people gathered in the beautiful Reading Room at the Society's home on the campus of UW Madison. The work that he has done over the years has had a major impact in so many areas. Dr. Spitzer wants his ideas to do good for the human race. In a personal statement at the celebration, he concluded by saying that his life's work has been guided by two major goals:  ending world hunger and promoting world peace. Those who take the time to research his papers and learn about his life will see the important influences he has made in these noble areas. WCEDA, too, is grateful to Dr. Spitzer, because he was a founding member of this organization, representing Kikkoman Foods which continues to be a major corporate supporter.

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Central Wisconsin Labor Region Labor Availability Analysis – 2018 With Emphasis on Manufacturing Employment

The Jefferson County Economic Development Consortium recently contracted the Docking Institute of Public Affairs to conduct a labor availability analysis of 10 counties including Walworth County. This effort emphasized the manufacturing sector and focused much of its work on Jefferson and Dodge counties. Even so, it is still a useful analysis that can be applied to the general area. There were a number of interesting insights that this analysis revealed, including the fact that more than three-quarters of the available labor pool is willing to work outside of their primary field of employment for new or different employment opportunities. An estimated 7,012 members (3%) of the Available Labor Pool are interested in a new job at $10 an hour, 29,347 (11%) are interested at $15 an hour, and 71,419 (28%) are interested at $20 an hour, indicating that wages are a major factor. The six most important desired benefits, in order, are good salary or hourly wage, good retirement benefits, good health benefits, good vacation benefits, on-the-job training (OJT) or paid training, and flexible hours or flex-time.

The highlight was the music performed by two 1 man groups.

To obtain a copy of the full Labor Availability Analysis, please send your request to


The Not So Obvious Reasons Your Teams Are Underperforming

From TLNT: Imagine you are sitting in an airport waiting for your flight. The airport is busy and you are at that low ebb in the day where you are looking for any external stimulus to get you through the boredom. You look around in the hope of seeing something entertaining and you notice two pilots walking down the concourse in the general direction of the boarding gates where you are waiting. They walk side by side and stride purposefully. They look straight ahead. This is no time for small talk. Flying a plane is a serious business with serious responsibilities. Their backs are straight and their heads held high.

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Building Improvement Grant Program for Elkhorn

Elkhorn is excited to announce a new building improvement grant program that will be available to all building owners within the city limits. This program will be geared to assist building owners with facade improvements, as well as certain structural improvements like roofs or those related to ADA compliance issues. The city has allocated $50k toward this program each year for three years. It is a reimbursement program that will pay up to 20% of the improvement costs. The Elkhorn Economic Development Alliance (EEDA) will be administering this program in coordination with the city. The EEDA will also walk building owners through the application process, Applications are now being accepted.


Hometown Entrepreneur Loan Program (HELP)

Are you having trouble getting a loan? Are your revenues under $1 million? WCEDA may be able to HELP. We have a loan program through the USDA for small businesses called the Hometown Entrepreneur Loan Program (HELP) that aims to help small business access capital. Many times we can work with banks or other programs like SBA or WHEDA to make a loan work for companies.

Virtual Tenant Program
Virtual Tenant Program Great program for startup businesses, especially those in technology related areas. Whitewater University Technology Park (WUTP) will offer a number of valuable services for virtual tenants who are working from home or in another location. For a nominal monthly fee of $100, virtual tenants To learn more about this opportunity, click here.

WERCBench Labs Accelerator Now Acceping Applications!

Please share this information with start-up businesses, entrepreneurs and students you might know who would be interested. This year's accelerator is offering $40,000 in funding for each start-up business accepted into the program, thanks to support provided by the State of Wisconsin through the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. We are looking for companies working on hardware/software solutions to tough problems in key technology areas

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Growth In the US is Tilting to Smaller Cities

We are often told that America’s future lies in our big cities. That may no longer be entirely true. Some of the strongest job creation and population growth is now occurring in cities of 1 million people or less.

In this year’s edition of our Best Cities For Jobs survey, we found that six of the 10 metropolitan areas with the fastest job growth are either mid-sized (150,000 to 450,000 total nonfarm jobs) or smaller (less than 150,000 nonfarm jobs).

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Elkhorn Community Business Connection

Elkhorn's new networking group is called "Elkhorn Community Business Connection Group." It is a non-competitive group that will meet every 2nd and 4th Wednesday of the month. Meetings start at 8 and are held in the Conference Room of the Elkhorn Chamber. Meetings will last no longer than an hour. For more information, for more information, click here.

How to Create an Inclusive Work Environment

How is diversity reflected in your workplace? For most, it reflects inclusiveness of cultures, orientations and more. Making a conscious effort to embrace inclusiveness and create a workplace in which people of all backgrounds feel safe and welcomed, is not only good for business, but it’s also the law. In celebration of LGBT Pride Month, here are four tips to help you create an inclusive work environment.  Learn More

WCEDA Events

In addition to breakfast receptions featuring expert speakers hosted or co-hosted by WCEDA, we collaborate with the Walworth County Job Center and Gateway Technical College to deliver high-quality career fairs multiple times per year.

Business Training & Events

There are a number of sources for free or inexpensive training on business skills, tips and strategies.

Business Resources

WCEDA is committed to connecting businesses to the right resource. Our goal is to introduce new methods, products, or ideas to help companies diversify and innovate competitively.

Walworth County Business Mentor Network

Walworth County has a network of mentors who are ready and willing to help businesses in their planning process. And, the bonus is that these mentors do not charge for their services. 

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