March 2015 Newsletter
Partners for Conservation

Partners for Conservation co-hosts Regional Collaboration Forum in Susanville, California
Partners for Conservation along with the U.S Fish and Wildlife Service Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program, the IntermountainWest Joint Venture and the National Wildlife Refuge Association co-hosted a regional working landscapes collaboration forum in Susanville, California February 24th-25th, 2015. The workshop was planned and delivered through a broad partnership of the co-hosts as well as landowners, University of California Extension and representatives of conservation organizations.  Over the course of the two days, 80 attendees, roughly equally split between landowners and partners, gathered to share local and not-so-local experiences with collaboration as well as discuss opportunities as well as challenges to collaboration in the SONEC (southern Oregon, northeastern California, northwestern Nevada) region.  A copy of the agenda can be found here.  A final report will also be available and linked in the April newsletter.  Thanks to everyone involved and especially all the participants!

Landowners, agency staff and partners gathered at the Elks Lodge, Susanville, California for the Working Landscapes Collaboration Forum - photo by Joe Milmoe, USFWS

A landowner panel at the Working Landscapes Collaboration Forum - photo by Joe Milmoe, USFWS

Partners for Conservation at the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference
In March, Partners for Conservation attended the North American Wildlife and Natural Resources Conference in Omaha, Nebraska. This conference is likely the largest annual gathering of state and federal conservation agency leadership in the country and it is a place where many wildlife issues of regional and national importance are discussed. Partners for Conservation was honored to be able to bring a landowner perspective to a number of the committee meetings convened during the week as well as engage in conversations with state, federal and nongovernmental conservation groups on the potential and importance of landscape-scale sustainability of working landscapes as a mechanism for delivering lasting wildlife conservation results.  Partners for Conservation attended this meeting for the first time last year and given the level of conversations and enthusiasm it will remain an important event on our annual calendar.
Partners for Conservation in Washington DC 

A small group from PFC traveled to Washington DC in late March to meet with leadership within the Department of Interior and Department of Agriculture to explore opportunities to increase the ability to deliver collaborative landscape-scale conservation through public-private partnerships.  Partners for Conservation has been engaged with our federal partners locally and regionally for some time, however this is the organization's first attempt to engage both Departments at the national level with a proposal to work collaboratively towards a vision of landowner-led landscape-scale collaboration as the first choice to address our natural resource challenges.  The initial response was favorable and we hope to be able to report more on this effort in the near future.