October 2013 Newsletter
Partners for Conservation

2013 Transferability Workshop Salmon, Idaho

Salmon Valley Stewardship and Lemhi Regional Land Trust hosted the 2013 Results-Oriented Conservation (formerly Community-Based Conservation) Transferability Workshop in Salmon, Idaho October 8-11.  This year’s transferability workshop, focused on the northwestern states, is a follow up to last year’s nationally focused transferability workshop.  Over sixty people from around the northwest, along with a few from outside the region, spent the three days discussing issues related to building and sustaining local collaborations as well as the potential of branding this particular type of conservation work.  Participants split their time between breakout sessions and field trips to learn about the great projects completed by Salmon Valley Stewardship, Lemhi Regional Land Trust and all the local partners. Numerous collaborations were in attendance at the workshop and all are concerned about sustaining support over time.  It is hoped that building a brand name for the approach will be helpful in building support over time.

Partners for Conservation Board Members in Washington DC

PFC Board members Duane Coombs (Nevada), Terry Mansfield (Washington) and Bill Sproul (Kansas) were accompanied by executive director Steve Jester on a trip to Washington DC late in October.  The board members were able to visit twelve congressional offices during the two days in town.  Board members were able to express their support for voluntary, incentive-based conservation programs which provide leverage to federal investments in conservation.  Chief among these programs are the conservation title of the Farm Bill, the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program within the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and funding for purchase of conservation easements from willing landowners. The board members also emphasized the importance of trust and communication in the development of sustainable public-private partnerships.  The board members were well received and many offices expressed genuine interest in the groups approach to conservation.  The group was encouraged to continue outreach and education efforts directed at congressional offices.  They were also able to meet with staff from the Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies, a national group which represents state game and fish agencies from all 50 states.  A number of the states have active private land conservation programs that provide technical and even project assistance for landowners interested in habitat improvement projects.  State fish and game agencies will likely become important partners as PFC works to become a national organization.

PFC Website Launch!

Partners for Conservation launched its website this month at! Visitors are able to sign up for our electronic newsletter and learn more about the organization on the site.  We will be continuing to add content to the website particularly early on so do check back between now and the end of the year. We also hope to include more functionality and opportunities for interaction as time goes by, but if you don't see something that you had hoped to see please let us know.  Thanks to the Communications and Outreach Committee of the PFC Board for moving this important piece of organizational infrastructure forward during the last several months and seeing it through to completion.